The CP Brand

Since our inception in the fall of 2007, the website has undergone a few logo and color scheme changes, but the one thing that has remained a mainstay with the website and with our brand is the “CP” logo, which is the first thing that catches your attention when logging onto the site.

The style has certainly evolved over time, but we’re proud that the term “CP” has become synonymous with prep sports coverage in the Tar Heel State.

N.C. Road Sign Logo

As native North Carolinians, we take great pride in promoting our state and being “All North Carolina, All the Time”.  As a unique way to honor our state,  we adopted the North Carolina state highway road sign design when creating our new logo.  It is important to the “CP” brand and mission to travel our home state, and log the miles necessary to cover our sports from the Highlands to the Coast.

You can’t travel more than 20 miles in any direction without seeing a N.C. highway sign, and there isn’t a county in our state that we haven’t visited in order to cover our sports, so when you see a N.C. highway sign, you can associate it with Carolina Preps.

Our road sign logo is complete with our “CP” branding, but we also honor North Carolina with the interlocking “NC” which was featured on our state road signs through the 1960’s.


CP Brand Evolution original banner header in 2007.


Our 2008 logo, and first ever “CP” brand was designed by Deon Cranford.


We adopted this “CP” logo following the 2009 football season.


We adopted this “CP” logo for the 2012 football season.


This “CP” logo went into service in 2013.


This evolution of the “CP” logo was adopted in 2017.