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Northeastern week 2 and week 4 home games

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4 hours ago, Mr.Blue&Gray said:

Anybody that would know it would be Chris Hughes. Might want to message him. PS what does Tarboro have coming up from the JV and how are the Middle School programs that feed Tarboro?

Will do! Our JV team was good last season, although we got beat pretty bad by Northern Nash's JV team. But that loss woke them up and they went undefeated the rest of the season. They have a running back from JV that was called train. Craddock was really looking forward to coaching them, and when he's that excited about an upcoming team look out lol. The middle Schools do a great job getting the players ready for varsity. They teach the offense how to run the 'Tarboro T' and other things. The middle school gets them ready for JV and then when they move up to varsity they already know how to play Tarboro Football because of what they have been taught in middle School. 

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3 hours ago, Panther2018 said:

i dont know if richmond got a opening for week 2

Richmond still has a week 2 opening.

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