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Hopewell 14, West Charlotte 10

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BIG Game here as Playoff hopes are in the balance. 

Hopewell is 3-7 (1-5): For Hopewell: Idk if they make Playoffs with a WIN but Hopewell has shown improvement this year and have a TON of talent this year. Hopewell has some good size, has some good speed and QB but They have to EXECUTE the play as I think thats been a issue. Hopewell had some good play vs Mooresville but had some big Drops as well but They played hard in a 28-8 lost. Hopewell has execute the play and get the drives going if that want to win here. Sustain drives is KEY!

West Charlotte: 4-6 (1-5): This is a BIG Game for WC - If they win There more than likely in Playoffs and If they lose they prob. aren't in playoffs. West Charlotte is  probably the best 4-6 team in NC. West Charlotte has a great staff but again they lack in some areas. Keys for WC to win is Give your QB enough time to pass the ball to Playmarkers. WC has some good players both sides and I think they have limit mistakes, penalties, turnovers to win here on the road.

This one is a TOSS up for me but Ill go with: WC 26 Hopewell 21

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