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Paul Graham

WNC conference picks

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Well it's that time again. Football is finally here so lets get started with some conference picks.

Smoky Mountain Conference  1A

The SMC title is Murphy's lose. Everyone else is playing for second. I really think the SMC will be far more competitive than the last several years, and about time.

1) Murphy 

2) Swain

3) Robbinsville

4) Andrews

5) Hayesville

6) Cherokee

7) Rosman


Western Highlands Conference 1A/2A

The prohibitive favorite is Mountain Heritage, but, they better ready for Mitchell this year. Owen and Polk can be dark horses this year if teams stumble.  

1) Heritage

2) Mitchell

3) Polk

4) Owen

5) Avery

6) Madison


Mountain Six 2A

The MTN6 will be a slugfest this year. Smoky is making things interesting for the regular contenders, Pisgah and Franklin. Hendo will be good as will Brevard.

1) Pisgah

2) Smokey

3) Hendersonville

4) Brevard

5) Franklin

6) East Henderson


The Western Mountain Conference 3A

Reynolds should win the WMC this season, but Asheville better not be overlooked. West or Tuscola could slip in as high as second.

1) ACR

2) Asheville) 

3) West Henderson

4) Erwin

5) Tuscola

6) TC Roberson


8) North Henderson

9) North Buncombe


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I hope to do weekly Northwestern 4A/3A picks like I have done the past few years and will try to get in on the WNC action as well.

My conference picks:


1. Murphy

2. Robbinsville

3. Swain

4. Andrew's

5. Cherokee

6. Hayesville

7. Rosman



1. Mitchell 

2. Heritage

3. Owen

4. Polk

5. Avery

6. Madison 


Mountain 6

1. Smoky Mtn

2. Pisgah

3. Hendersonville

4. Brevard

5. Franklin 

6. East Henderson



1. Reynolds

2. Asheville

3. Tuscola 

4. Erwin

5. West Henderson 

6. TC Roberson 

7. North Buncombe 

8. Enka 

9. North Henderson 




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