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Declining participation

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I’m curious if others have observed what I am about to describe and I wonder if there is a trend emerging.  Freedom is a decent sized 3A school with a good athletic tradition.  And yet there seem to be fewer and fewer kids out for sports.  Earlier this year the Hickory paper had a story about the surprising number of schools that are not fielding a JV girls basketball team this year, which included 4A South Caldwell among half a dozen or so in this area.  We all know about football, but I see signs that fewer and fewer kids are interested in sports.  I am told that FHS is having trouble getting enough kids out for Lacrosse (in fairness we don’t have a strong tradition in that sport), but we only had eight kids out for wrestling this year and there were two state champions on that squad.  This morning the paper said there were only 12 kids on the varsity baseball roster.  Has anyone seen anything similar at their school?

edit-here is the link to the Hickory Daily Record story: https://www.hickoryrecord.com/sports/high_school/fewer-girls-are-playing-high-school-basketball-these-days-some/article_8cd6d1c6-9576-5c5c-b41b-a6dc04181e0f.html?fbclid=IwAR3U4OKYUMjydIigd8huyV272lYkELtzwGwKoahKhU9GKJCkneIgqv76DWY

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