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Iredell co 2019 Baseball Preview

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Lets take a In-Depth look at the Iredell teams for the 2019 Baseball season! 

Mooresville: The Blue Devils are coming a 13-14 (8-6) season from the previous season. They fell to the Reagan Raiders in the first rounds last season.
Mooresville is lead by Head Baseball coach in Mr. Jeff Burchett who is entering his 21st season! 

Key Returners for the Blue Devils: Cameron Clonch - Blake Burchett - Andrew Martin - Jackson Reid 

Things to Work/Focus on: Clean up Errors - Last season Mooresville had 46 Errors. Also Mooresville lack in Base runners last season so that will be a KEY focus to help improve this season. Pitching will be solid but could be limited in depth. Mooresville JV wasnt that strong last yr so will see how those JV players will do on the Varsity Level. Mooresville will have hit the ball better as some game last season they struggled. 

Overall: Mooresville will be a strong team but has to clean up some things to be even better! Mooresville has a very solid program and they should have another good season n they shouldn't finish no worse than 3rd or 4th place in the IMECK Conference! 

Lake Norman: The Wildcats last season went 24-4 overall and 13-1 in conference a season ago! They lost to Audrey Kell in the 2nd rounds last season! 
Lake Norman is lead by Mr. Ty Wigginton  

Key Returns: LKN lost bout  6 SR from a season go but do return a SOLID core : Zack Zarybnicky - Vance Anderson - Gage Smith and Arnold Brother are just some returning to the team! LKN JV was Solid last season! 

Things to Work/Focus on: TBH LKN doesnt have work on much as they were very solid in every aspect in stolen bases or ERA or whatever : I think they will have focus on filling those spots they lost and teaching these younger players how do well on the Varsity level n maybe the little things . 

Overall: Lake Norman will be again one of the Favorites to win the IMECK conference. LKN is a very tough and good baseball team and LKN will once again should have another solid season under TY Wigginton. LAKE NORMAN should finish no worse than 3rd! LKN is a top notch program in recent years. 

Statesville: Last season The Greyhounds finished their season with a 2-18 overall record and a 1-9 conference record. Statesville did not make playoffs.
Statesville is lead by: NEW 1st year HC in Mr. Mark Owens (*Former Long time assistant at Mooresville*)

Key Returns: Only lost 1 SR. -- Dorreco Davis -- JW Taylor -- Jacob Lentz -- Juan Hernandez -- Daquan Shepherd 

Things to work / Focus On : The Greyhounds were not as bad as their record showed last season but Errors and Lack of depth of pitching hurt them. The Hounds will have to Complete a FULL game to win more this season n Pitching has to be BETTER at hitting their spots. Hounds has to play better on the Defense of side n Not let EASY OUT turn into RUNS/Errors. 

Overall: New Leadership could help Improve the Hounds around but a lot will be needed. I think Statesville could be slightly better this season but i expect maybe only a 3-5 or so wins for the hounds. Statesville is in a very top heavy conference with the Rowan co schools who have dominated this baseball conference the past few years. 

South Iredell: Last season South Iredell went 6-16 with a 2-8 record in conference. Did not make Playoffs.
South Iredell is lead by Wesley Whitaker 

Key Returns: Only lost 5 SRs from last yr -- They a solid core of JRs/ So's 

Things to work/ Focus on: South Iredell has work on the pitching as they gave up 3.13 ERA last season. Also they hit pretty solid last yr but they got only 60 runs in from their 102 Hits 

Overall: South Iredell has been in a Slump as of last but I think they have the talent to get better but Pitching has limit the ERA and also they gotta More RUNS in. They can hit well as a team! I think SI could finish 4th at the worst if they get better. 

North Iredell: The Raiders last season went 10-12 overall and 4-6 in conference of play! 
NI is lead by Mr. Derrick Wishon 

Key Returns: NI only lost 1 SR! NI returns a Good core of last season team! 

Things to Work / Focus on: The Raiders committed 54 Errors a season ago! NI Pitchers gave up 2.94 ERA and only 67 run with 127 hits.  

Overall: As seen Above - U know what the Raiders need to work on but I think NI could have a solid year if they clean up the things they need to. Pitching has to do well this year but NI needs to get men in to scoring position and GETTING them in. NI needs to hit the ball when it is needed! NI could finish 4th once again this season! 

West Iredell: Last season the Warriors went 9-15 overall and 5-7 in conference 
WI is lead by Mr. Randy Martin 

Key Returns: WI lost 5 seniors-- Kitchen Brothers - Garrett Huss - Colin Hammonds 

Things to work/Focus on: They will be slightly young team but they gotten some experience and Pitching will have do well but WI may lack there. Hitting has to do well and I think  as noted on most clean up the errors and hit well n all that. 

Overall: Somewhat a young team will have to over come that. I think they can improve on their record and They in a decent Baseball conference but they have winnable games. I think could finish 5th or so in conference. 

Pine Lake Prep: PLP went 15-7 overall and 10-2 in conference of play last season 
PLP is lead by New HC in DJ Ferguson

Key Returns: lost 4 seniors: They will return a team with mix of So's , Jrs and SRs 

Things to work/Focus on: *Unknown as not much of stats are on maxpreps* but Looks like they hit the ball well last season. 

Langtree Charter: *Note 2nd season ever* ( According to Maxpreps)* : Last season they went 9-5 overall and 4-1 in conference. 

Key Returns: EVERYONE is coming back as SO's/Jrs (Note: No Seniors) 

Things to work / Focus on: *Unknown* but they hit the ball well last season! 


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