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Salisbury at West Davidson

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Wanted to check out both Salisbury teams so I headed down to Tyro last night. 

Well, the girls game wasn't very competitive*.  Salisbury raced out to a 28-13 lead and cruised 80-59.  Their full-court pressure really bothered WD.  The other thing that hurt WD was that they only had seven players dressed out.  Judging by this performance, I'm going to guess that the players that weren't dressed out were their main guards.  The Dragons had a lot of trouble bringing the ball up.

Another thing that slayed the Dragons was Salisbury's one-two punch of Breanna Troutman and Rachel McCullough.  Troutman hurt WD in a myriad of ways (especially on the inside).  I really loved the way Salisbury used her to attack WD's zone.  McCullough was deadly from beyond the arc.  She also played some pretty good defense.  

WD fought hard though.  They're not the quickest team in the world.  However, they do have good size and good shooters.  I really enjoyed the play of forward Haley Lowe.  She's very versatile and competitive.  She fought through a lot of contact last night.  A lot of contact.   

I need a second look at Salisbury.  I'm not quite sold on them being a state contender.  


The guys game, however, was awesome.  WD jumped out to a good-sized lead in the first quarter.  Salisbury battled back and closed the distance going into the break.  Second half was toe-to-toe all the way.  In the end, West couldn't get some shots to fall and Salisbury escaped with a 78-70 victory. 

Three things doomed West:  They missed a ton of easy bunnies inside......didn't rebound all that well......and gave up some easy buckets off turnovers.  

I do, however, have to say that I was surprised with how West played.  I figured Salisbury would run them out of the gym.  West ain't too bad though.  They had a strong guard named Drew Wright who was a pretty good rebounder and was very crafty at scoring in the paint.  They also had a decent ballhandler and a pretty good three-point shooter. 

As the Salisbury boys.....I also need a second look with them.  They had a tall kid that wasn't dressed out.  I don't know how important he is to Salisbury's success.  

Typical Salisbury team though.  Quick guards, will try to push the pace, play tough.  They are a little smaller than usual.  


*From a score perspective, it wasn't close. However, intensity-wise, it was very competitive.  The West fans were not at all happy with the officiating last night and they let them know it.  In this particular case, I can't blame them. 

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