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If you're sitting there wondering "Who in the Sam Hill are those schools"........don't worry.  Before last Saturday,  I didn't even know these two schools existed either.  

This is a perfect indication on how much I love high school basketball. 

I was looking for games to watch on Monday.  I pulled up MaxPreps and saw that the offerings were very limited.  I did notice that something called the Triad Math and Science Academy was hosting a game. Thought to myself, "Hey, that might be nearby."  Sure enough, TMSA happened to be located in the south end of Greensboro.  They also had a record of 19-3....which also peaked my curiosity.  So, I looked up who they had played.  One of their losses was to The Burlington School by 13 points.  Now, I've seen/am familiar with TBS.  If they can play TBS to within 13,  they're not bad.  At all. 

Turns out.....TMSA's not too shabby.  They jumped on the North Carolina Leadership Academy and never let up.  TMSA doesn't have much size.  However, they are deep, fairly athletic, and play well together.  Their defensive pressure gave NCLA a world of problems.  They cruised to a 70-40 win. 

IMO, the most impressive players for TMSA were Jihad Muhammed, Darrius Davis, and Michael Smallwood.  For NCLA, I was impressed with point guard Noah Herbert.  He's competitive and deceptively athletic.  NCLA is also coached by former Ragsdale head man Craig Shoemaker.  

If you're wondering, both of these schools play in the CAASC classification.  I believe this is made up of independent schools.  Other notable schools in the CAASC are Quality Education Academy and Piedmont Classical.  You can breathe a sigh of relief......they don't play in 1A.  

In the girls game, NCLA cruised to a 40 point win.  To quote the great Rasheed Wallace, "Both teams played hard."

TMSA might have the tiniest gym I've ever been in.  There's also an abnormally high number of volleyballs stuck in the rafters. 

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