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Walkertown at Winston-Salem Prep

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Caught these two last Saturday.  

Prep had some trouble with Walkertown that first half.  It was clear that their game plan was to stop/limit Jalen Cone.  However, Cone's teammates did a nice job of picking up the slack.  Score was real close at the break.  

Once the third quarter begins, Walkertown starts to cool off and Prep starts to take control.  Prep gets great play from Zack Austin and Chaz Gwyn. Austin was strong in the post and threw down a couple of nice dunks.    Towards the end of the third, Gwyn hits a couple of deep threes to push Prep's lead upward.  

Prep continues to maintain control until the very end.  Only thing that's keeping Prep from totally running away with it is the spectacular play of Cone. Late in the game, Cone flushes home an ESPN-worthy breakaway.   In the end, Prep wins 94-78.  

Some observations........

I think most teams that play Walkertown are either going to employ one of two strategies.  Either.....concentrate on stopping/slowing down Jalen Cone or......concentrate on stopping his teammates.  Cone is pretty darn good.  He's a good shooter and he can blow by defenders at will.  However, I think that Walkertown's fate will be determined by how much help he gets from his supporting cast.  Despite having someone the level of Cone, I don't think Walkertown can reach the deep end of the pool.  

Winston-Salem Prep is still strong.  They can still make a run at the 1-A title.  However, unlike many years past, the Phoenix actually look mortal this time around.  I can actually see them getting knocked off before the regional final (under the right circumstances).  It's also entirely possible that Prep might not win their conference.  The majority of teams in the Northwest 1-A are capable of pulling the upset.  Also.......future UNCG Spartan Derricko Williams is not playing for Prep.  I don't know where he's gone for his senior year. 

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