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Williams at Eastern Alamance

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Made my way over to EA last night to watch a pair of heavyweights go it.  EA was 14-0 coming into this one while Williams was 14-1 (only loss to EA).

Let me tell you......this game did not disappoint.  Williams had early leads of both 12-4 and 23-15.  However, EA didn't flinch and erased both of those deficits.  Second half looked like a Ward-Gotti fight.  Straight back/forth....toe-to-toe.  

Down 61-58, Williams had the ball with around eight seconds left.  Williams guard Kennedy Miles tried to make on move on Jaden Hester on the right side of the court.  However, Hester D'd him up and forced a turnover.  EA went the length of the court, tried to get a bucket, but the ball was knocked out with .3 seconds left.  The EA players celebrated....but it was premature, as Williams called a timeout a few seconds before.  As a result, two seconds were added back on the clock.  

Williams had to go the length of the floor.  They get it in the hands of star guard Nassir Johnson.  Johnson's got some room on the left side to step and heave.  Johnson lets one fly but it ends up hitting one of the beams overhead.  As the ball hits the floor, the EA fans storm the court. 

It was my first time seeing both squads.  EA's alright.  They've got a few athletic, versatile guards.  They also have a few capable shooters and some leapers who look to hit the boards hard.  Biggest thing that stood out (no pun intended) was 6-5 center Na'Zae Baltimore.  The strong widebody was a problem down low for the Bulldogs.  Wouldn't surprise me a bit if he's getting recruited for football.  Jaden Hester was fun to watch.  His game reminded me of a cross between Lonzo Ball and Steph Curry. 

Williams has a nice backcourt.  I knew about Johnson coming in.  I didn't know about Miles.  Miles actually impressed me a little more.  To say Miles has a healthy dose of confidence would be an understatement.  Whether it be shooting or driving, Miles did it fearlessly.  He's also a pretty good leaper.  

If EA can stay undefeated and get homecourt advantage, it could be interesting.  EA's gym is hot and tiny.  I'll say that again....EA's gym is hot and tiny.  You know it's serious when there's a sign on the front of the gym that says, "Re-entry is not guaranteed".  People were packed in there like sardines.  Crowd right on top of the players in some instances. 


The girls game was just as competitive.  Williams pulled that one out 39-36.  Talea Whitehead scored a layup off an inbounds pass for the deciding points.  I was very impressed with Whitehead.  She sped by EA quite a few times to convert easy layups.  She also gave EA problems with her quick hands on defense.

Two words accurately describe her.........fast and intense.  She has both of those attributes in spades.  She's also got a nice feel for the game.  Will definitely be watching her again.  




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