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I have to say I'm a little surprised to see them at 15-0 right now.  I'll admit I was not looking for them at all coming into this season.  But....here they are.  Their most recent wins are a blowout of Mount Airy and a 15 point vic over East Surry.  Impressive. 

I'm going to head over to Bishop tonight to see what they've got.  I think it will be a stern test for the Vikes.  Bishop's a solid team.  

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What a game last night!

North Stokes and Bishop went toe-to-toe.  

First half was about even.  Bishop guard Jake Ledbetter caught fire early.  He was hitting threes from High Point.  Cam Caroway was also knocking down threes.  

North Stokes was able to keep in the game due to the spectacular play of point guard Zach Chesnet.  Chesnet would often take his man off the dribble and set up his teammates for threes/easy buckets.  

In the third quarter, Bishop makes a run and it's looking like they'll put this one away.  Ledbetter catches fire yet again.  He's hitting threes from darn near everywhere.  Ledbetter also hits a crossover that left Chesnet  in another dimension.  Caroway also continues his stellar play.  He shoots threes over the top of his defenders and has a couple of nice drives to the cup.  Towards the end of the third, Bishop has pushed its lead to around 15.

North Stokes just will not die though.  Chesnet single-handedly wills the Vikings back into the game.  Chesnet's doing everything: breaking down defenders, grabbing loose balls, getting rebounds, playing great defense, and setting up a sweet table for his teammates.  North Stokes erases that big deficit and eventually takes a two-point lead.  NS fans are going crazy (nice turnout by those guys, btw). 

However, around that time, Jake Ledbetter starts to take over.  He has a couple of key defensive plays and hits people for easy buckets.  Not to mention he's still hitting threes like no one's business.  This guy has a beautiful shooting form.  Bishop slowly starts to pull away and ends up winning 79-67.

I'm thinking hard about making the trip to Danbury to see the rematch.  North Stokes is no joke.  I can't say enough about the play of Zach Chesnet.  This guy is a great competitor.  He showed off a nice all-around game.  Chesnet honestly reminds me of a basketball version of Josh Ladowski.  He plays like his life depends on it.  Gotta see this dude in action again.

Chesnet also has some tough, capable complementary players surrounding him.  Namely a couple of good shooters and an athletic post man.  

Too much Ledbetter and Caroway though for NS.  NS had no answer for those guys.  Between the two, they probably hit at least 10 threes.  I think Bishop is a state contender right now.  They've got a good mix of size and skill.  


The girls game was closer than expected.  BM held on 48-41.  North Stokes put up a nice fight.  Didn't hurt that Bishop missed a boatload of threes also.  I did like watching Bishop's Elizabeth Knox play.  She's got a good motor.  One thing's for sure however.......this isn't your older sister's BM.  They might win one/two games in the state tourney......but that's about it.  

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