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Chris Hughes

1AA East Regional: Tarboro 48, Holmes 7

1AA East Regional: #1 Tarboro (13-0) vs. #3 Holmes (12-1)   

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  1. 1. Will will advance to the finals?

    • Tarboro
    • Holmes

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7 hours ago, Nit2winIt said:

they didn’t last week. Just saying. Not taking nothing from them. They are a well oiled machine, but I have to voice an opinion and say, I think the state championship was played last week in Tarboro. The will beat ES the same way. Running clock in 3rd qrt. Just an opinion!! 

You know how to bring me back to this board? Watching you spout your nonsense. Your opinion, much like it has been all season, can be taken with a grain of salt. Your high powered recruited offense left you with what? A third round exit. Just as everyone knew the coaching staff was ill prepared for Tarboro. With all those D1 players and seniors on the team you mustered 5 first downs. I hope you enjoyed your two playoff victories this season. They may very well be the last ones you get. You see, North Stanly hasn't ever been a program and will never be a program. They were an assembled team of me first players. You saw that in the game when they were yelling at one another on the sidelines in Tarboro. And before you ask, yes, I was there. I went with a few folks that wanted to see the "hype." Well, we saw it. We heard first hand in the stands of all the discord and drama inside that locker room. On another thread a poster mentioned how dirty the North Stanly players were on the field against Tarboro. They were correct 100%. I applaud the Tarboro coaching staff on the discipline their team showed, especially later in the game when North Stanly's lack of preparation became evident and they resorted to dirty tactics during and after plays. Again, that is very indicative of a poorly coached team. Congratulations to Tarboro on another State Championship. A very well organized, disciplined and professional program you have down there. Nitwit, enjoy your return to the bottom of 1A football where you have been for 55 out of 57 years. 

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North Stanly have always been a 2A team until the 2013 season. Since being moved down there record has been 54-21. So long as there playing in 1A they will continue to have an above .500 record.

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