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Friendly Bracket Picking Contest

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Well, see that's what makes it interesting.....most people on here only see their team, who their team plays, maybe film from who the teams you played have played, maybe an occasional game you went to watch when your team wasn't playing, and highlights from others in your area on the local news....other than that, we have very little to go on, other than things published online

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Results & Winners (No real prizes other than the satisfaction of knowing that you won)...Thanks for all who filled out a bracket; be sure to congratulate the winners if you recognize somebody 
1-marsGreen  47
2-tarheelg  46
3-4th & Goal  44
4-JB Cobb III  44
5-Quick Snap  43
1-Steven Graham 53
2-Joey Austin 49
3-Ohio Tarheels 49
4-Quick Snap 49
5-Christopher McDonald 48
6-Charles Graham 48
1-heater32  57
2-tarheelg  54
3-Fletch  54
4-Funaholic  46
5-LTownWolvesFan  42
1-dhoyle 63
2-LTownWolvesFan  63
3-Fletch  62
4-MHSBlueDevilsAre#1  60
5-Braveheart  60
1-drewd1313  74
2-Bigdawg_33  73
3-J.brooks9922  62
4-Cgrimm5434  59
5-Ohio Tarheels 58
1-jward28  69
2-Funaholic  67
3-Fletch  64
4-marsGreen  64
5-G-man  63
1-Trevei Z Foreman  54
3-Wayne/fnffan  52
4-Fletch  50
5-Ohio Tarheels  50
1-tarheelg  68
2-Fletch  65
3-Wayne/fnffan  64
4-AaronCody83  64
5-Ohio Tarheels  62
Overall (for those who completed all 8 brackets)
1-Fletch    427  (Top 5 in 5 of the 8 brackets; 2nd straight year as overall winner)
2-tarheelg    372
3-Funaholic    370
4-drewd1313    366
5-LTownWolvesFan    366
6-slugger88   360
7-Ohio Tarheels    351
8-Kevin L Bowers    347
9-AaronCody83   340
10-Wayne/fnffan   335
11-prg2079    317
12-maloneyp168    314
13-heater32    310
14-mikejameswcu66    297
15-Trevei Z Foreman    294
16-TVILLEDAWG    288
17-currinzack    286
18-dhoyle    285
19-JB Cobb III    279
20-Bigraider    278
21-REDOKTOBER27    261
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