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Maxprep adjusted rankings

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13 minutes ago, Glenn said:

That is a tough question to answer.  I will have to look at the numbers and give it some thought. Do you like the way SC does it?

SC works with five classes.  NC would not work so well.  

The SCHSL was sued by a few of the schools over new alignment and setup.  SCHSL gets as much hate and complaints as the NCHSAA.  Always something going on but I think SC is a bit more renegade state where sports often trumps education.

NC needs to really look st all options again on alignment.  They did last time but the schools did not want to change.  Each option had heavy criticism.  A common theme was just stick with what we have.  Football coaches do not seem to want more classes as they thinknthere will be less champions and teams in the playoffs.  Common question on the five class option was would football still subdivide.


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I posted somewhere that one solution would be at the end of the year list all schools in order of their ADM numbers. Then pick out the qualifying schools (nobody qualifies if they do not have a .500 season)  and from this number of schools split them into 8 classes. It does not matter what division they played in during the season. The end of year ADM numbers determines which class you fit into. You could be a 3A team during the 4 year alignment period but you may be in the 2AA or 4A division for the playoffs. This would fix the common problem of schools getting larger or smaller during that 4 year period of time. Even this solution is not without faults but it is a better solution than what we now have. 

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