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Chris Hughes

Scott Young needs our help!

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If you will think back to last spring, things were not looking up for Scott Young.  He was bed ridden at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte and had to have a heart pump device implanted in his chest that would add a few more miles to his heart while he was placed on a transplant list.  


Also, if you think back, both he and his wife were out of work for a prolonged amount of time.  Obviously we know why he was out, but his loving wife Dianne's priorities were to her husband and family, and she missed an extended amount of time away from teaching.


During that time, the medical bills pilled up, as did their living expenses.  It was at that time that New Bern head coach Bobby Curlings and myself decided to pull all the coaches together and help them raise some money.  Little did we know that fans across the state would pitch in and help raise over $10,000 for their family.


Fast forward to today and of course we all know the news that Scott received a new heart this past weekend.  It's wonderful news and we couldn't be happier for him and his family.  However, it's a new calendar year and deductibles haven't been met, and the costs for a heart transplant is out of this world.


The family is a very proud and strong family and wouldn't dare ask for money, but I am going to do it for them because I know the struggles they've gone through, and most certainly will go through in the coming months.


I'm reposting the link to the Go Fund Me page that I started last spring.  I don't ask you to give a lot, but if all of you could find a few extra dollars to spare, I know the family would greatly appreciate it.  Coach Young has touched a lot of young men over his lifetime, and thankfully now, it looks like he'll be able to continue on his profession and touch countless other young men in the future.  


Thanks again for this and please do what you can for the Coach.  


Link: Go Fund Me - Scott Young



(Photo credit: Charlotte Observer)

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