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  1. We are hosting a jamboree style scrimmage at Avery High School on August 11 at 6pm. Currently we have us, Enka, Patton and Happy Valley(TN) as participants. We are looking to add 1 more team to this. If you are interested, please contact Assistant Coach TC Guyer at tcguyer@averyschools.net. Thanks
  2. Well, I'm taking a stab at this state wide prediction thing. Give me a little slack all you 4A and eastern teams. 4A EAST #4 Cardinal Gibbons (11-2) vs. #6 Scotland (12-2): 27-24 WEST #1 Grimsley (12-1) vs. #2 East Forsyth (11-2): 31-28 4AA EAST #1 Wake Forest (12-1) vs. #2 Leesville Road (12-0): 34-24 WEST #1 Richmond County (13-0) vs. #10 Vance (11-2): 31-28 3A EAST #1 Southern Nash (14-0) vs. #3 Eastern Alamance (14-0): 27-20 WEST #5 Charlotte Catholic (10-3) vs. #10 Kings Mountain (12-2): 28-18 3AA EAST #1 Lee County (14-0) vs. #2 New Hanover (13-1): 24-21 WEST #1 Weddington (14-0) vs. #2 Watauga (13-1): 38-35 2A EAST #1 Clinton (12-1) vs. #3 Northeastern (11-3): 17-14 WEST #2 Reidsville (13-1) vs. #4 West Stokes (11-3): 45-21 2AA EAST #1 Randleman (13-0) vs. #7 Salisbury (12-2): 26-21 WEST #1 Shelby (12-1) vs. #6 Burns (12-2): 30-28 1A EAST #2 North Edgecombe (10-3) vs. #4 Northampton County (10-3): 33-27 WEST #1 Robbinsville (13-0) vs. #3 Thomas Jefferson (12-1): 42-28 1AA EAST #1 Tarboro (13-0) vs. #2 John A. Holmes (12-0): Upset Special : 30-27 WEST #1 East Surry (13-0) vs. #2 Mitchell (12-1): 41-40
  3. 1A WEST No. 4 Murphy (10-2) @ No. 1 Robbinsville (12-0): 31-29 1AA  No. 6 Swain County (11-2) @ No. 2 Mitchell (11-1): 38-36 No. 4 West Stokes (10-4) at No. 1 Mountain Heritage (11-1): 35-20 No. 3 Brevard (11-2) @ No 2 Reidsville (12-1): 28-27 3A No. 10 Kings Mountain (11-2) at No. 3 Reynolds (11-2): 31-30
  4. 1A WEST No. 8 Alleghany (4-8) @ No. 1 Robbinsville (11-0): 38-10 No. 5 Winston Salem Prep (8-4) @ No. 4 Murphy (9-2): 28-17 No. 7 Andrews (6-6) @ Elkin (9-2): 41-20 1AA No. 6 Swain County (9-2) @ No.3 Bessemer City (7-4): 39-24 No. 7 Polk County (9-3) @ No. 2 Mitchell (10-1): 31-14 2A No. 9 Owen (7-4) at No. 1 Mountain Heritage (10-1): 28-26 No. 6 Chase (10-2) at No. 3 Brevard (10-2): 28-27 2AA No. 2 North Lincoln (11-1) at No. 7 Pisgah (9-2): 37-21 3A No. 6 Northeast Guilford (10-2) at No. 3 Reynolds (10-2): 37-23
  5. I have heard all season about how bad Madison was. At the ballgame last night, I witnessed two things I had never seen. 48 points in the first quarter and most importantly a group of young men that never gave up. They fought with all they had all night. To me that says more about those young men than any score could every say. They are winning at life! I hope that they stay together over the next several years and continue to work hard, when those freshmen get to be seniors that will have a football team!
  6. Friday, Oct. 25 Another decent week of football to look forward to. Polk County suffered a rare loss to Owena nd now looks to bounce back against a tough Avery team. Swain and Robbinsville square off at Big Oaks to further muddle the water in the ever tough SMC. This game will be huge in the grand scheme of things. Game Of The Week: Smoky Mountain at Brevard: 31-27 Can the Mustangs continue beating good teams? This season is shaping up to be the best regular season since 1992. The Mustangs face a very battle-tested Brevard who only have one loss (22-13 @ Heritage). Can the Blue Devils slow down the rushing attack of Smoky and win? Rosman at Murphy: 56-7 Enka at Erwin: 31-8 Reynolds at North Buncombe: 42-21 Owen at Mountain Heritage: 28-20 North Henderson at Roberson: 30-3 Pisgah at Hendersonville: 21-19 Tuscola at West Henderson: 41-14 Madison at Mitchell: 53-3 Copper Basin at Andrews: 28-13 Smoky Mountain at Brevard: 31-27 Cherokee at Hayesville: 38-10 Polk County at Avery: Polk 28-26 East Henderson at Franklin: 28-18 McDowell at Watauga: 49-10 Swain at Robbinsville: 31-27
  7. Mitchell county mountie

    WHC week 8

    Everyone has wrapped up their non conference schedule, and the conference has looked much stronger top to bottom than in years past. 2 teams enter undefeated, and 3 more above .500. Mitchell (6-0)(0-0) @ Owen (3-2)(0-0) Mitchell has dominated their first 6 opponents, scoring big, and held up by a crippling defense. The starting d has amassed 45 tackles for loss, a staggering 24 sacks, 9 interceptions, and only allowed 1 touchdown. Owen had high hopes entering 2019, but after a rocky start, they are fortunate to be sitting above .500. All being said, they are still a scrappy squad with a good o line, and a smart QB. Home field will give the Warhorses a boost, but look for Mitchell to be firing on all cylinders against their first formidable opponent. Mitchell-42 Owen-14 Madison (0-6)(0-0) @ Polk (6-0)(0-0) Polk has shade it thru their non conference unscathed, looking like a 1aa contender in the process. The offense has been a steady machine, while the defense has been stifling. Madison has been a mess of disfuction this season. They have only mustered 26 points, and have been shutout 4 times. Polk gets a needed easy one for homecoming after a tough stretch. Polk-49 Madison-0 Mountain Heritage (4-1)(0-0) @ Avery (4-2)(0-0) Mountain Heritage was looking like the dominant force they have been, building steam right up until Pisgah handed the Cougars their first shutout defeat in 8 years. Still, a stifling defense has been the highlight of this team, and that defense had only allowed 31 points. Avery has been the biggest surprise of the the season so far, winning the most games since 2014. Troy Hoilman can sling against anyone, and has the receivers to get it to. Although the Viks are putting up huge numbers, their defense has be anywhere from lackluster to nonexistent. Obviously a shootout favors Avery, but they will need to get some stops to compete with the top 3 heavy hitters in conference. Mountain Heritage-30 Avery-21
  8. Hey Guys, sorry for last week its been a real hoot at work and the new wife and more work and so on. Lets get caught back up this week with a new number one in the rankings and several teams changing spots. 1. AC Reynolds 5-2, 4-0 2. W. Henderson 6-0, 3-0 3. Mitchell 6-0 3. Robbinsville 7-0, 2-0 5. Christ School 4-1 6. Murphy 5-1, 1-0 7. Polk 6-0 8. Heritage 4-1 9. Brevard 5-1 10. Swain 6-0, 2-0 11. Pisgah 4-1 12. N. Buncombe 5-2, 2-2 13. Smoky Mtn 4-2 14. Avery 4-2 15. Rabun Gap 5-2, 2-0 16. Hendersonville 3-3 17. Owen 3-2 18. Erwin 2-5, 2-2 19. Hayesville 4-2, 0-1 20. Tuscola 2-4, 2-1 21. Asheville 2-4, 1-2 22. Andrews 2-4, 0-2 23. TC Roberson 1-5, 1-2 24. Cherokee 2-5, 1-1 25. Asheville School 2-5, 1-1 26. Enka 1-6, 0-4 27. McDowell 1-5, 0-2 28. Asheville School 1-4 29. E. Henderson 1-5 30. Rosman 1-6, 0-2 31. N. Henderson 0-6, 0-3 32. Franklin 0-6 33. Madison 0-6
  9. Friday, Sept. 27 - Week 6 An epic showdown in Milltown this week. The undefeated Cougars roll into Canton to face one loss Pisgah. Two of the best 2A programs in WNC meet to seetle who is best. Pisgah leads the series 3-0 but those wins were back in the day. get there early if you want a good seat. Mountain Heritage at Pisgah, 28-17 Murphy at Andrews, 38-21 High Point Christian Academy at Asheville School, 36-10 Erwin at North Buncombe, 44-14 Enka at Asheville, 35-8 Franklin at Owen, 21-16 North Henderson at Reynolds, 42-7 Roberson at West Henderson, 41-10 Madison at Chase, 49-9 Hendersonville at Polk County, 22-20 Cherokee at Swain, 49-10 East Henderson at Mitchell, 53-6 Tuscola at Smoky Mountain, 28-24 Hickory at McDowell, 38-10 Robbinsville at Rosman, 63-0 Avery at Cloudland, 31-21
  10. We some things this week here in WNC. Erwin can win! Heritage just keeps getting better while Mitchell showed another stout defensive effort. Hayesville, Smoky and newcomer Rabun gap continue to improve, and i Hayesville's case, overcome adversity to win. 1. Christ School 3-0 2. Heritage 4-0 3. AC Reynolds 3-2 4. Mitchell 5-0 5. W. Henderson 4-0 6. Robbinsville 5-0 7. Murphy 4-1 8. Polk 4-0 9. Brevard 4-1 10. Swain 4-0 11. Pisgah 3-1 12. N. Buncombe 4-1 13. Hendersonville 3-2 14. Smoky Mtn 3-2 15. Hayesville 4-1 16. Rabun Gap 3-2 17. Owen 2-2 18. Avery 3-2 19. Tuscola 2-2 20. Andrews 2-2 21. Erwin 1-4 22. E. Henderson 1-4 23. Asheville 1-4 24. TC Roberson 1-4 25. Franklin 0-5 26. N. Henderson 0-4 27. McDowell 1-3 28. Cherokee 1-4 29. Enka 1-4 30. Asheville School 1-4 31. Rosman 1-4 32. Madison 0-5
  11. The pickings are slim this week in WNC. The top game by a stretch is Heritage at Hendersonville. The Cougars are looking to remain undefeated while the Bearcats need this signature win before MTN6 play begins. Flash versus brawn in this one. Two more games of note this week are Mitchell @ Franklin and Pisgah at East Rutherford. Mitchell, despite being undefeated, need another tough game before WHC play and Pisgah needs an offensive explosion against a good team as well. Game of the Week: Mountain Heritage at Hendersonville: 27-24 Life Christian Academy at Murphy: 49-7 Asheville School at Southlake Christian: 27-14 Asheville at Erwin: 31-27 Reynolds at Enka: 42-7 North Buncombe at Roberson 21-20 Owen at Brevard: 24-20 Tuscola at North Henderson: 31-17 Pisgah at East Rutherford: 28-24 Madison at Smoky Mountain: 42-3 Rabun Gap-Nacoochee at Andrews: 47-26 North Georgia at Hayesville: 42-20 Trinity Academy at Cherokee: 31-12 Mitchell at Franklin: 28-7 East Henderson at Polk County: 34-10 Georgia Force at Robbinsville: 49-7 Chase at Rosman: 28-3 Avery County at Draughn: 28-18
  12. Mitchell scores twice in first. The score was of a sustained drive. The second was a 74-yard sprint . It certainly looks like this will be a tough row to hoe for Franklin.
  13. Here are this weeks rankings for WNC. Christ School left little doubt who is number 1 this week. Don't let the local channel 13 coverage of how they destroyed Murphy fool you. They should have with all the recruits they have, but could only win by 20? I have a few surprise teams here and there in the rankings. Polk County for example, jumps into the top 10 and could very well stay there. Brevard just keeps improving while Andrews and Hayesville move up this week. Erwin and Asheville keep falling. I put my working model up by mistake, sorry. 1. Christ School 3-0 2. Heritage 3-0 3. Mitchell 4-0 4. AC Reynolds 2-2 5. W. Henderson 4-0 6. Robbinsville 4-0 7. Murphy 3-1 8. Swain 4-0 9. Hendersonville 3-1 10. Polk 3-0 11. Brevard 3-1 12. N. Buncombe 3-1 13. Pisgah 2-1 14. Avery 3-1 15. Smoky Mtn 2-2 16. Owen 2-1 17. Hayesville 3-1 18. Tuscola 1-2 19. Asheville 1-3 20. Andrews 2-1 21. E. Henderson 1-2 22. Franklin 0-4 23. TC Roberson 1-3 24. Erwin 0-4 25. N. Henderson 0-3 26. Cherokee 1-3 27. McDowell 1-3 28. Enka 1-3 29. Asheville School 1-3 30. Rosman 1-3 31. Madison 0-4
  14. After a poor showing last I'm trying this again. Several good games this highlight some of the surprises this season. West at North Buncombe and Owen at North Henderson for example. Robbinsville looks to continue rolling by hosting surprising Rabun Gap. Is this the week Enka gets a rare WMC win? I think so. Game of the Week: Christ School at Murphy, 24-23 Can the Greenies knock off the defending 1A champs or will the Bulldogs keep rolling along. If Murphy can stop the air attack of Christ School and find a way to move ball against a tough defense it will be a good game. Camden Military Academy at Asheville School, 24-17 Erwin at Reynolds, 35-10 Enka at Tuscola, 21-20 Upset Special West Henderson at North Buncombe, 35-32 Owen at North Henderson, 38-8 Roberson at Asheville, 41-20 Brevard at Madison, 38-7 Newton Conover at Hendersonville, 31-30 Mountain Heritage at Stuart Cramer, 24-21 Andrews at North Georgia, 21-17 Asheville Gladiators at Cherokee, 28-14 Hayesville at Lookout Valley, 14-12 Mitchell at McDowell, 38-10 Swain at Franklin, 28-20 Rabun Gap-Nacoochee at Robbinsville, 28-27 East Henderson at Chase, 24-10 Rosman at Smoky Mountain, 42-10 North Wilkes at Avery, 38-14
  15. Friday, Sept. 6 - Week 3 After a good week 2 we jump right into the big game. Pisgah at Tuscola (or the 50/50 Showdown) happens this week in Hazelwood. Can Tuscola get off the snide and break Pisgah's 6-game winning streak? Can Pisgah continue to be the face of the MTN6? Will the Big T club beat Pisgah's 50/50 record this season? It should be a dandy. Pisgah leads the all-time series 28-26-1. Game Of The Week: Pisgah at Tuscola Pisgah 31-20 AS for the rest of the weeks games, there are some good ones. Perhaps the best game in WNC will be in Weaverville as Avery County makes the trip from the High Country to face the red hot Black Hawks. Avery is averaging 52 points per game while North Buncombe is putting up a brisk 61. The Viking are allowing 19.50 and North is giving up only 10. This very well could be a massive shoot out. Another interesting game is Erwin at Robbinsville. The Black Knights are undefeated and coming off a controversial game, while Erwin is chomping at the bit for a win. Here are the weeks games, pick em and lets see how you fare. Murphy at Georgia Force: 49-7 Asheville Saints at Asheville School: 38-6 Swain at Enka: 36-10 Avery County at North Buncombe: 42-38 Reynolds at Owen 42-24 Roberson at Kings Mountain: 36-14 West Henderson at East Henderson: 38-7 Rosman at Madison: 10-8 Hendersonville at Asheville: 31-30 Brevard at East Rutherford: 28-12 Smoky Mountain at Cherokee: 40-3 Trinity Academy at Mitchell: 56-7 RS Central at Polk County: 24-6 Rabun Gap-Nacoochee at Franklin: 18-15 McDowell at Patton: 31-20 Hayesville at Tellico Plains: 28-17 Robbinsville at Erwin: 36-27
  16. I figured I get this one started being that the season is less than 2 months away, I haven’t heard anything new but I’m going to guess how each team finishes based on their schedules 1. Heritage 9-1, 5-0: Honestly with Heritages non conference schedule it’s hard to pick out a garunteed win, but with what we return and knowing how hard these kids play I say we go 4-1 against non conference opponents, I say we slip up somewhere maybe Erwin or @ Pisgah but win the rest, in conference play I really don’t see anyone challenging us except Mitchell and luckily we’ve got them at home, we’re going for 5 straight in case you Mitchell fans have lost count 2. Mitchell 9-2, 4-1: Their non conference we’ll be a bit easier they’ve got 4 games that they should win by at least 3 or 4 scores but they do have two really tough games @Franklin and @ Erwin I say they lose one of those two, in conference they’re in the same boat as Heritage the winner of the Mitchell-Heritage game will win conference. 3. Owen 5-5, 3-2: Really only two games I see them winning in their non conference schedule and I’m giving them both East and North Henderson, in conference I say they beat Polk in a close one and beat Avery and Madison by 3 or more scores then Heritage and Mitchell beats them beating by 3 or more, they’ll be improved even if it’s a slight improvement. 4. Polk 5-6, 2-3: I think Polk could potentially win their first 4 games @Cherokee, @ North Gaston, RS Central, East Henderson, but I say they slip up in at least one of those, I really don’t think they have enough fire power to compete with Hendo or East Rutherford either, in conference I think they are in the same boat as Owen, win by 3 scores or more against Avery and Madison and lose by 3 or more scores to Mitchell and Heritage, and in their game with Owen I give Owen the slight edge since it’s at Owen, so not much better this year but who know maybe they’ve got another deep playoff run in them. 5. Madison 2-9, 1-4: Really these last two are just guesses, the only game I see Madison winning for sure is against Rosman, Chase could potentially be a close one, but I’ve got them beating Avery at home to avoid finishing last 6. Avery 2-9, 0-5: From what I’m hearing Avery could be improved this year but by how much I’m not sure, I think their games with Ashe and Cloudland will be a bit closer this year which would be an improvement and I think NB will beat them by 2-3 scores, they’ve got 3 winable games against West Wilkes, North Wilkes and @ Draughn, I think they win 2 of the 3, and then I think they lose to Madison making the third time in 3 years they finish with only 2 wins and the 4th time in the last 5 seasons that they’ve finished last in the WHC.
  17. A nice schedule this week for all you fanatics and the casual fan. Several teams looking to bounce back with wins and they should get them. No real surprises this week other than West upsetting Hendersonville. The Annual Battle of Nations will go to the home this year as Cherokee has fallen off. I am curious to see if Avery and Hayesville continue last weeks success. Both of those teams winning makes their conferences better. Post your picks and good luck guys. Friday, Aug. 30 - Week 2 Murphy at Franklin 31-17 Asheville School at Oakbrook Prep 31-14 Erwin at Mountain Heritage 34-20 Enka at Pisgah 41-17 North Buncombe at Madison 49-7 Reynolds at Shelby 28-24 Game of the Week Crest at Roberson 38-10 East Henderson at North Henderson 24-17 Hendersonville at West Henderson 28-26 Upset Alert Asheville at Burns 18-14 Carolina Gladiators at Andrews 28-10 Rosman at Brevard 42-10 Cherokee at Choctaw Central 21-7 Cannon at Mitchell 49-14 Polk County at North Gaston 24-21 Tuscola at Rhea County 31-14 East Burke at McDowell 18-14 Robbinsville at Life Christian 28-7 Smoky Mountain at Swain 24-22 West Wilkes at Avery 42-24 Cooper Basin at Hayesville 28-27
  18. Mitchell county mountie

    WHC week 2 (August 30th)

    The WHC went a surprising 5-1 the opening week, with the lone (and expected) loss belonging to Madison. Avery surprised everyone by hanging 53 on Ashe, and pulling the starters. Mitchell and Heritage both had good victories against regional powers, and Owen and Polk got off on the right track with big wins. West Wilkes (0-1) @ Avery (1-0) The Vikings came out swinging last week, and never let up, demolishing Ashe 53-33. Another NWNC team rolls into newland this week, and bet that Avery will be ready. Troy Hoilman is a mobile gunslinger, and has the receivers to get it to. West Wilkes should be a little tougher up front than Ashe, but Avery should roll at home. Avery 35 West Wilkes 20 North Buncombe (1-0) @ Madison (0-1) The Blackhawks looked strong in their season opener, and Madison couldn't handle a down Carver. The juice jug will likely stay with North Buncombe this year. North Buncombe 42 Madison 14 Cabarrus Co-Op (0-1) @ Mitchell (1-0) The Mountaineers overcame some 1st half woes, and took down 3a Erwin on the road last week. This week they welcome Brad Hoover's Co-op to Memorial stadium. The Co-op will have a few athletes, but Mitchell's strength up front, and dynamic skills players will be too much. Expect a much better 1st half this week. Mitchell 42 Co-op 14 Erwin (0-1) @ Mountain Heritage (1-0) Heritage fought off a tough Brevard late Friday night to claim victory. Erwin, on the other hand, gave up 17 4th quarter points, falling to Mitchell. Expect better games from both teams, with heritage's defense being the deciding factor. Mountain Heritage 28 Erwin 24 Polk (1-0) @ North Gaston (1-0) Polk flew by Cherokee last week, looking much more like their old selves under Bruce Ollis. This week they travel to North Gaston, who just downed county-rival East Gaston. Polk should win this game, pulling away late. Polk 35 North Gaston 20 Owen (1-0) is idle this week.
  19. Mitchell county mountie

    WHC Season Opener (Aug 23rd)

    Welp, it's been 8 long months, but its finally football time again in the high country. The 2019 season should see the conference still top-heavy, but also stronger top to bottom. So without further ado, let's dive in. Ashe @ Avery The Vikings enter the 2019 season with nothing to lose. Coming off a 2-9 season under first year coach Mac Bryant, the Vikes look to improve. Returning 10 starters, with decent skill, Bryant should have his system moving in the right direction. Look for Avery to be a pass first team, and if the smallish line can give Hoilman enough time to pass, he can do such with great accuracy. They open up against Ashe, who is coming off a 10-3 season, an MVC title, and a 2nd round appearance. Ashe returns alot of skill, but the line is on the small side, and fairly green. Nonetheless, look for Ashe to take control by halftime. Ashe-35 Avery-14 East Henderson @ Owen Owen won more games last season than the previous 3 combined. The Warhorses are hungry, and after a taste of the playoffs, they want some more. With a fair amount returning, a good sized, and experienced line, and decent skill, anything less than >.500 will be a disappointment. Owen opens up against East Henderson, who are coming off a good rebuilding year themselves. This should be a good matchup, and test for both teams, but home field should be the deciding factor. Owen-27 East-21 Madison @ Carver Madison is, is, *sigh*, Madison. They have no depth, no size, and no skill. I hate to be so demoralizing, but there's no motivation in Marshall, and the whole stadium issue seems to have defeated them already. On the plus side, the once proud and dominant Carver is coming off their worst season in recent memory, and things don't look any better for 2019. Expect a pretty even matchup, with a nod to the home team. Madison will be defending their basement fort again this year. Carver-14 Madison-12 Mitchell @ Erwin Mitchell went home a little too early last year, and those 16 returning starters still have a bad taste in their mouths. The Mountaineers bring tons of skill, a fast and large line, the best special teams in conference, and the 2018 WHC athlete of the year. Look out everyone. Erwin, meanwhile, is coming off a dandy season of their own, but graduation and transfers have not been kind to the Warriors. Still, this is a small 1a team playing at a 3aa team. Expect a fairly close game, with the Mountaineers pulling away late. Mitchell-35 Erwin-20 Brevard @ Mountain Heritage Heritage is still engineering the WHC train, winning their 4th straight conference title last year. With good team speed, a strong run game, and the returning lineman of the year, the Coogs are poised to have another dandy season. They open up with Brevard, who last year, lost to heritage on opening night, but went one round deeper, going toe to toe with Reidsville before falling just short. Heritage returns more than Brevard, but both should be strong again this year. Heritage's returning talent should out muscle Brevards up and comers. Mountain Heritage-30 Brevard-21 Cherokee @ Polk Bruce Ollis and Co. made a surprise run to the 3rd round of the playoffs last year, and the players want to go back. Polk returns more than anyone else in the conference, 17, and have picked up some key transfers in the off season. With a 200 win coach, and some pretty good skill, Polk could be a dark horse to sneak into second place or even force a tie on top. Line size is a little small, so that could be a factor late in a close game down the line. Opening up with Cherokee, the Braves have a new coach, and honestly, not much else to mention. Look for Polk to strike early and often, giving the 2nd string some valuable playing time in the 4th quarter. Polk-42 Cherokee-7