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  1. Game is set for 3pm Saturday, Kenan stadium.
  2. Just throwing this topic out there because it is interesting to me and I assume many others on this board. The NCHSAA is strongly considering going to five classifications starting in 2021 and that creates some interesting conference ideas. Simmons has done a great job of projecting possible conferences for the realignment with split conferences included. One conference that sticks out to me, maybe because it'd involve us is the Catholic conference with some interesting players in it. Large travel times would be the name of the game in it. http://simmonsratings.com/realignment.htm Thoughts?
  3. Can you all list any athletes that are from the Western part of the state that has made it to the pros? For example, I know that Step Curry is from Charlotte, but who else?
  4. It seems like there are alot of open coaching positions around the state for this early in the off season. Are there any updates for potential candidates for some of these jobs?
  5. I watched Vance totally dominate West Forsyth in last night game. Vance scored on the 1st play of the game 70 yard touchdown pass. They didn't have much of answer to stop Vance offense especially their passing game. And Vance defense held West Forsyth offense to 175 yards. Richmond defeated Myers Park 35-32. Any thoughts? Richmond 24-21 Vance
  6. Kickoff is at 11a.m. at Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill.
  7. Interesting with the thoughts on this game. Both teams played early in the season and East Forsyth pulled it out over Grimsley 21-20. Can we see another type of game between the two.
  8. Can the Scots go to Raleigh and do it again? Gibbons is looking for redemption from last year and the Scots are looking to get back to the SHIP, I think we can do it again. Thoughts???
  9. I am curious if this has come up. Obviously the flashing lights are cool and coupled with the sound system and the crowd make for a unreal atmosphere. I noticed after RC scored last night and decided to go for two the strobes continued while MP was trying to signal a defense in. Is there a rule here that prohibits that?? It would seem like there has to be a point after a score when those have to get shut off.
  10. Well, I'm taking a stab at this state wide prediction thing. Give me a little slack all you 4A and eastern teams. 4A EAST #4 Cardinal Gibbons (11-2) vs. #6 Scotland (12-2): 27-24 WEST #1 Grimsley (12-1) vs. #2 East Forsyth (11-2): 31-28 4AA EAST #1 Wake Forest (12-1) vs. #2 Leesville Road (12-0): 34-24 WEST #1 Richmond County (13-0) vs. #10 Vance (11-2): 31-28 3A EAST #1 Southern Nash (14-0) vs. #3 Eastern Alamance (14-0): 27-20 WEST #5 Charlotte Catholic (10-3) vs. #10 Kings Mountain (12-2): 28-18 3AA EAST #1 Lee County (14-0) vs. #2 New Hanover (13-1): 24-21 WEST #1 Weddington (14-0) vs. #2 Watauga (13-1): 38-35 2A EAST #1 Clinton (12-1) vs. #3 Northeastern (11-3): 17-14 WEST #2 Reidsville (13-1) vs. #4 West Stokes (11-3): 45-21 2AA EAST #1 Randleman (13-0) vs. #7 Salisbury (12-2): 26-21 WEST #1 Shelby (12-1) vs. #6 Burns (12-2): 30-28 1A EAST #2 North Edgecombe (10-3) vs. #4 Northampton County (10-3): 33-27 WEST #1 Robbinsville (13-0) vs. #3 Thomas Jefferson (12-1): 42-28 1AA EAST #1 Tarboro (13-0) vs. #2 John A. Holmes (12-0): Upset Special : 30-27 WEST #1 East Surry (13-0) vs. #2 Mitchell (12-1): 41-40
  11. Last week I went 6-2 for the predictions. The 2 was picking against Richmond and Vance last week. Well, I'll be picking against one of them this week. For the year I'm at 228-38-1 or 86% for the season. The predictions are below. 4A East Cardinal Gibbons 38 Scotland 24 4A West East Forsyth 35 Grimsley 29 4AA East Wake Forest 28 Leesville Road 20 4AA West Richmond 28 Vance 19
  12. Scotland has the Jumbotron, Richmond has the big disco lights and sound show. Can anyone else top that??? Heaven help those folks with the power bill!!! 🏈😲🤨
  13. Biggest game in NC this week. Some people have even said to me that this is the state championship game.
  14. Laneys HFC has stepped down...any big names willing to go coach at the beach, Wilmington is a beautiful place!
  15. This is a big game of interest. Might go this game next week. Any thoughts ?
  16. These 2 teams have met before in the playoff 2 times in the early 2000s - 2000 3rd Round: Ragsdale won 48-7 ; 2002 2nd round: Mooresville won 27-21 Idk much bout Ragsdale but IMO i feel like they will be similar in some ways to Page - I believe they have played some quality teams and better than maybe the record shows at 5-6. If Ragsdale can make plays and have a solid QB and solid WRs , I think it will be a pretty close game like how the Page game did. Mooresville: 4 turnovers vs Page so We know what we will have to work on this week. I don't believe Mooresville had any injuries so that is good coming in healthy into the 2nd round. Mooresville has to be smarter and make plays this round as we had many big pass drops vs Page. Mooresville D played Very very well vs Page and Mooresville D helped to get that win 27-15 over Page. I think Mooresville Kicking game is very beneficial to Mooresville because it makes teams drive the whole field. Good learning experience vs Page but Now its onto Ragsdale! **Note:The Crowd was not that big this past friday on both sides** Thoughts/Opinions
  17. I said at the beginning, it's often more difficult to make predictions in the playoffs. That held true last week, I was 10-5 for the round; 3-1 in 4A East and 4AA West, 2-1 in 4AA East but 2-2 in 4A West. For the season I'm at 222-36-1. We have some very interesting matchups this week, as we see who'll head to the regional finals. In 4AA West, we could be looking for a shootout in one game and a defensive slugfest in the other. The predictions are below. 4A East Cardinal Gibbons 42 New Bern 20 Scotland 30 South View 24 4A West Grimsley 28 Glenn 20 East Forsyth 42 Ragsdale 14 4AA East Wake Forest 41 Hoggard 7 Leesville Road 38 Garner 14 4AA West Myers Park 34 Richmond 30 West Forsyth 19 Vance 14
  18. Head Football Coach is vacant according to the post on Maxpreps.
  19. Instead of having a lot of spread out discussions (With the exception of big games with a lot of interest), let's try to keep some of our playoff discussions consolidated to these bracket threads. WEST #1 Richmond County (11-0), BYE #8 Hough (7-4) vs. #9 Olympic (8-3) #5 Ardrey Kell (10-1) vs. #12 Independence (6-5) #4 Myers Park (11-0), BYE #3 West Forsyth (10-1), BYE #6 Pinecrest (9-2) vs. #11 Reagan (8-3) #7 Butler (8-3) vs. #10 Vance (8-2) #2 Mallard Creek (10-0-1), BYE
  20. Glenn some what has made a suprising this year with mostly Sophmores and Juniors. Will they have enough to compete with Grimsley? Any thoughts?
  21. Imagine thinking Scotland is coming out of the east and then Boom they get upset! I have no dog in the fight but it wouldn’t surprise me if South View gets the Win this Friday
  22. Last week for round 1, I went 13-3. For the season, I'm standing at 212-31-1. Each week now is going to be more of a challenge. Some great games coming up. The predictions for round 2 are below. 4A East Seventy-First 28 New Bern 21 Cardinal Gibbons 41 Heritage 20 Scotland 38 Jordan 14 South View 24 Jack Britt 19 4A West Grimsley 38 Porter Ridge 27 Hickory Ridge 26 Glenn 21 Mooresville 28 Ragsdale 16 East Forsyth 47 Davie County 28 4AA East Wake Forest 42 Rolesville 28 Apex Friendship 17 Hoggard 14 Leesville Road 23 Hoke County 14 4AA West Richmond 41 Hough 20 Myers Park 45 Ardrey Kell 17 West Forsyth 34 Reagan 21 Mallard Creek 25 Vance 14
  23. Ardrey Kell has had a record year for the school with eleven wins. Great year but it looks like the season may come to an end Friday as the Knights travel to MP for round 2 of the 4AA playoff and winner gets a date with Richmond Co. or Hough. Do the Knights have enough athletes on offense to outscore MP and can the Knights defense figure out a way to make MP one dimensional but I guess pick your poison. I'd like to see some comments from those who may have seen both teams play this year.
  24. Instead of having a lot of spread out discussions (With the exception of big games with a lot of interest), let's try to keep some of our playoff discussions consolidated to these bracket threads. WEST #1 Grimsley (10-1), BYE #8 Lake Norman (6-5) vs. #9 Porter Ridge (6-5) #5 Glenn (7-4) vs. #12 South Caldwell (4-7) #4 Hickory Ridge (8-3), BYE #3 Ragsdale (5-6), BYE #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8) #7 Davie (6-5) vs. #10 West Mecklenburg (6-4) #2 East Forsyth (9-2), BYE
  25. KoKie34


    Beat Mallard Creek 13-7 to advance to the next round