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  1. Pine Lake Prep (1A) is looking for for a Week 3 or Week 6 game for 2020. The game needs to be a home game for Pine Lake Prep. Contact head football coach Austin Trotter at Austin.Trotter@pinelakeprep.org.
  2. Can he break the SMC rushing record. Anderson Wk 1. (21-100) Wk 2. (20-128) Wk 3 (22-150) Wk 4 (17-180) Wk 5 (12-186) Wk 6 (12-151) , (645-5,025) (7.8) Wk 7 (11-127) (656-5,152) Wk 8 Open. T.McCraken 5,219yds Wk 9 (10-190) (666-5,342) (8.02) Wk 10 (22-108) (688-5,450) 153yds to break it. Wk 11 (25-164) (713- 5,614) Old record 5,602 Wk 12 (14-58) (727-5,672) Playoffs Wk 1 Bye WK 2 Out WK 3 (22-108) (749-5,780) WK 4 (31-208) (780-5,988) WK 5 (33-171) (813-6,159) NEW SMC RUSHING RECORD
  3. For the second straight year Tarboro and East Surry will clash in the 1aa state championship game. Many have said these two teams have been on a collision course all year but I was hesitant to guarantee that especially with the tough regional matchups they had. This East Surry offense is led by Jefferson boaz who has thrown for over 4000 yards and 58 touchdowns. His leading receivers are Steven gosnell, Landon Stevens, and Dillion Mosley all three have been hard to stop all year. Then there is the Tarboro Vikings who have the best defense east Surry will face all season, a defense that has had 8 shutouts this year and gets after the quarterback. The offense has playmakers all over the place and can score points in a hurry. I predict a close game on Saturday, Tarboro will try to control the clock to keep the East Surry offense on the sideline. My final score for this one is Tarboro 28 East Surry 24
  4. Swain might lose to Andrew's and Hayesville now.
  5. Over the last few years I've heard from many people that Tarboro doesn't play anybody. I'll be the first to admit we play in a weak conference, heck even the players hate that. However I've always wanted to have a powerhouse opponent on our non conference schedule. This past year 3a powerhouse Rocky Mount returned to the schedule for the first time since 2004, but if you had to add JUST one team to Tarboros non conference schedule who would it be?
  6. Just throwing this topic out there because it is interesting to me and I assume many others on this board. The NCHSAA is strongly considering going to five classifications starting in 2021 and that creates some interesting conference ideas. Simmons has done a great job of projecting possible conferences for the realignment with split conferences included. One conference that sticks out to me, maybe because it'd involve us is the Catholic conference with some interesting players in it. Large travel times would be the name of the game in it. http://simmonsratings.com/realignment.htm Thoughts?
  7. It hasn't really been widely publicized, but I've confirmed that Rosman HS has parted ways with head football coach Dan Essenberg. He was only on the job for one season, coming out of retirement to accept it, following a long stint at Brevard. I'm told that the school possibly won't even open the position, and may opt to hire from within. I highly doubt that there would be many takers looking to go there either, given their small size, and recent lack of success. I still think that closing the school and consolidating with Brevard could be the best avenue for success of that community, and would give those students access to more resources. The school hasn't posted a winning season in five years, and hasn't seen back-to-back winning marks since the 1990's.
  8. East Columbus HS (1A) needs a game for either Week 1 or Week 2 for 2020. Contact head football coach James Hobbs at jhobbs@columbus.k12.nc.us.
  9. Can you all list any athletes that are from the Western part of the state that has made it to the pros? For example, I know that Step Curry is from Charlotte, but who else?
  10. Hey Bigpoppy since you are a die hard Holmes fan I would like to know whether you have any relationship with their football coaching staff? The reason i'm asking is because I know that the Aces had to drop the team from Richmond this season nd are they planning to replace them with a high profile team from NC. or VA. that would be great for the fans of the Aces whom I heard are hoping they does since they are trying to get where Northeastern is already at by playing anybody regardless of classification. The Aces have the talent and a good booster club that if necessary can contribute if a team from out of state need a little financial help with traveling or a share of the gate. Thanks.
  11. After watching TJ last night the future for 1A ball will be just like BM girls basket ball, am I wrong.
  12. For the third consecutive year the Edenton aces will travel to Tarboro to battle the Vikings in the 1aa Eastern regional final. The last two years Tarboro has blown out Edenton with scores of 50-7 and 48-7 respectively. However word on the street is this Edenton team could defeat Tarboro this year some have even said by 10 points or more. However the Vikings defense will have something to say about that, Tarboro has given up just 35 points all year and produced a staggering 8 shutouts ­čś«. Who y'all got? I have Tarboro 35-14
  13. Well, I'm taking a stab at this state wide prediction thing. Give me a little slack all you 4A and eastern teams. 4A EAST #4 Cardinal Gibbons (11-2) vs. #6 Scotland (12-2): 27-24 WEST #1 Grimsley (12-1) vs. #2 East Forsyth (11-2): 31-28 4AA EAST #1 Wake Forest (12-1) vs. #2 Leesville Road (12-0): 34-24 WEST #1 Richmond County (13-0) vs. #10 Vance (11-2): 31-28 3A EAST #1 Southern Nash (14-0) vs. #3 Eastern Alamance (14-0): 27-20 WEST #5 Charlotte Catholic (10-3) vs. #10 Kings Mountain (12-2): 28-18 3AA EAST #1 Lee County (14-0) vs. #2 New Hanover (13-1): 24-21 WEST #1 Weddington (14-0) vs. #2 Watauga (13-1): 38-35 2A EAST #1 Clinton (12-1) vs. #3 Northeastern (11-3): 17-14 WEST #2 Reidsville (13-1) vs. #4 West Stokes (11-3): 45-21 2AA EAST #1 Randleman (13-0) vs. #7 Salisbury (12-2): 26-21 WEST #1 Shelby (12-1) vs. #6 Burns (12-2): 30-28 1A EAST #2 North Edgecombe (10-3) vs. #4 Northampton County (10-3): 33-27 WEST #1 Robbinsville (13-0) vs. #3 Thomas Jefferson (12-1): 42-28 1AA EAST #1 Tarboro (13-0) vs. #2 John A. Holmes (12-0): Upset Special : 30-27 WEST #1 East Surry (13-0) vs. #2 Mitchell (12-1): 41-40
  14. Tarboro vs Holmes Mitchell vs East Surry
  15. We all know what Robbinsville and TJ are bringing what about N Hampton and N Edge?
  16. Not sure why no one is talking about this game. Swain could have beat Murphy. Both teams have play makers. This could be a good game. How many times has Mitchell and Swain played in the playoffs. Anyone know?
  17. I remember North Edgecombe Edgecombe winning State Titles from the mid to late 90s. Other than that i Don't know anything about either program. Any thoughts?
  18. 1A´╗┐ W´╗┐EST No. 4 Murphy (10-2) @ No. 1 Robbinsville (12-0): 31-29 1AA ´╗┐ No. 6 Swain County (11-2) @ No. 2 Mitch´╗┐ell (11-1): 38-36 No. 4 West Stokes (10-4) at No. 1 Mountain Heritage (11-1): 35-20 No. 3 Brevard (11-2) @ No 2 Reidsville (12-1): 28-27 3A No. 10 Kings Mountain (11-2) at No. 3 Reynolds (11-2): 31-30
  19. 12-1 Thomas Jefferson at 13-0 Robbinsville. TJs played one of the easiest schedule in 1a Robbinsville played one of the toughest schedule in 1a Should be a good one.
  20. ( I've Heard The NWC Called Weak To Many Times) Only the bottom teams that are getting better in the next few years. ... South Stokes, North Stokes, and WSPrep are getting better. Watch out, the NWC may dominate in a year or so. Keep in mind I am saying just a good chance Mark my word, Mount Airy will be a force to deal with next year and back on top by the next year. It is a tradition at Mount Airy to be a Football School and they have been for off and on over 100 years. Sure they have not won as many State Championships as some, but they have dominated the conference and won more playoff games than all the conference members through all the conference realignments. Some of us have been keeping up for more years than a lot have been alive. Never count Mount Airy out......... More Conference championships even when the conference was tougher. You want to call it a week conference then after East Surry makes the State Champions game this year, it will make 3 years the (Weak) NWC has played for the State Championship and won the west. So call the NWC weak but you all are weaker ! ! The NWC plays it pretty smart like say the SMC in playing a tough non-conference along with 1 or 2 strong conference games, then uses the weaker bottom teams to glide through the season getting ready for our best representative to go deep in the playoffs. Mount Airy took out the SMC in 2017 & 2018 and MA made the State finals in 2017 and East Surry did it in 2018 and probably this year. So you can only call the bottom of the NWC weak and the top 2 greater than most teams in the last few years. Everyone else is just playing catchup so far.
  21. Instead of having a lot of spread out discussions (With the exception of big games with a lot of interest), let's try to keep some of our playoff discussions consolidated to these bracket threads. WEST #1 Robbinsville (11-0), BYE #8 Alleghany (3-8) vs. #9 Union (4-7) #5 Winston-Salem Prep (7-4) vs. #12 West Columbus (1-10) #4 Murphy (9-2), BYE #3 Thomas Jefferson (10-1), BYE #6 Hayesville (7-4) vs. #11 Albemarle (4-7) #7 Andrews (5-6) vs. #10 Cherokee (2-9) #2 Elkin (9-2), BYE