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  1. Charlotte Catholic can't overlook this Parkwood team, the Rebels are very good, and also are very BIG up front. Is this business as usual for the Cougars, or does Parkwood knock them off?
  2. 4-4 West Charlotte at 5-3 Hough. Looks like an interesting game. Any thoughts.
  3. Butler is probably the best 5-3 team in NC, and despite the fact that Hickory Ridge lost 52-14 to Myers Park on Friday, they are very strong as well. Both of these squads are physical and well coached, but I may have to give Butler a small edge based on their defense. I think the winner of this game has the inside track on finishing 2nd in the SW4A.
  4. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/high-school/article236403783.html
  5. I seen on one of the Charlotte Observers videos with Chris Hughes, Dale Ross, Langston and Coach Sam Greiner and They were talking about How Harding hasn't got any upgrades and all and Someone mention Using Waddell as a Community Football Venue kinda like they do at Memorial Stadium So well lets debate on that? Could Charlotte use Waddell as a Alternative Venue for Playoffs Games and Big games during the season? Waddell is a Big stadium and also It use to be a HS at one point in time. I doubt Waddell returns to their own HS but I think this could work as Many dont like going to Memorial Stadium. What are your thoughts? Also Another Idea is Build One big stadium and Berry/Harding both use it because Harding n Berry is like 1.2 miles apart. Even Chris said: " When He was in TX coaching , they had a Community Stadium they used and shared with other HS"
  6. West Charlotte is a big underdog but who are their star players? What do they do well to be 4-2?
  7. I will be traveling to Charlotte this weekend, can anybody give me a good game to go watch Friday. Just looking for thoughts and ideas from people more familiar to the area, any will help thanks.
  8. A new high school football all-star game will kick off in Charlotte this year. https://amp.charlotteobserver.com/sports/high-school/article235253322.html?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR1z4NEo6L3TI0HmdVWgAuXKB3aaXy_eDDFs-6I2hKgDk-HVgH-Q2muH9d4 How will this game effect the Shrine Bowl?
  9. WiseOne88


    https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/high-school/article234944902.html Nothing against the school but I just find it odd that Knightdale received a top 10 Vote and they haven’t played a quality team yet with a winning record. Knightdales opponents combined record this season is 1-8. And I’m sure there are a few other teams u guys may notice out of place or not present at all on this list of top 10s
  10. Does anyone know if they are any good?
  11. I knew Delano Little retired at the end of 2018, but I didn't realize that his retirement also meant the Football Friday Night program would also be retired. Nothing else in the area compared when it came to keeping up with local results (and they definitely stretched the boundaries on what was local). I've found myself having to get a new routine for Saturday mornings when I drank coffee and watched this on my DVR. I'm guessing the costs of sending 20 cameras around to various games was the undoing.
  12. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Huss at Vance

    Interesting match. Don't know if Huss QB has returned from an injury. I would Vance will take this one by 21. Any thoughts or predictions.
  13. It has been very one sided since 2012. Butler only winning twice since then. It was MC's first game of the year last year. They jumped out to a big lead and then Butler got back in and made a game of it. Creek ending up winning it by 10. Lot of chatter about the MC-DF game with almost no attention on the fact that Butler beat a pretty solid Hough team in the opener. There used to be a ton of Butler guys on these forums.....most have gone away ( some for a long time). Does Butler have the juice to surprise MC? Butler has never won at MC>>>>
  14. This is an outstanding week-one game between two Meck County powerhouses. I feel that Butler has flown a little under the radar this offseason and has stayed out of the limelight, especially in the transfer wire. Hough has a lot of talent but Butler is not an easy week-one draw for them.
  15. https://www.highschoolot.com/wake-forest-myers-park-lead-preseason-highschoolot-polls/18563221/
  16. Any thoughts or info about the 3 programs? Hopewell- What is going to take for Hopewell to win? They are 1-33 for the past 3 seasons. The Location is Huntersville is a high volume area were people from all over the Country, Especially Northerners like move to. Hopewell enrolls nearly 2000 students. I am sure this program has to have some good athletes to help this program wins some games. I am predicting they will finish 3-8 or 2-9. North Mecklenburg- I have yet to watch a North Meck game. They will probably finish in the Middle of the I Meck. I might go watch them play at West Forsyth. Rocky River- Don't know anything about them. Be interesting to see how they open up vs Hunter Huss.
  17. Is Sportsplex in Matthews hosting a high school football game this year like they did last year ?
  18. Big time programs play big time opponents on big time stages... Congrats to both schools on getting this done. Please no lightning https://www.thestate.com/sports/high-school/prep-football/article229613929.html
  19. Daren Hart has stepped down as the head coach of West Charlotte High School effective immediately. He has already notified his team and the school administration. I was able to confirm this information with him today. This is really unfortunate because I've seen first hand the hard work he's done in trying to build a foundation of an already fragile program. From trying to raise money for a washing machine to spending his own money to take young men on recruiting trips and getting players into colleges, he's done a stand up job. Being a former college coach, he knew what it took to get kids prepared for the next level and I thought he was doing the best he could do given the circumstances he had to face. I think the community wanted a winner but didn't want to wait the time it took to build up a program and solid foundation. I certainly hope West Charlotte can find some stability, this is too proud of a program to fall into mediocrity. Hart went 2-14 in his season and a half leading the Lions. Since veteran head coach Pete Gilchrist left the team after a state runner-up season in 2006, the Lions have had merry-go-round of coaches including a few one-year only head coaches. Things have really gone down hill for West Charlotte since the alleged recruiting scandal in 2007 that saw veteran head coach Maurice Flowers fired after one season when he led the Lions on a 13-2 record. He was forced out by the NCHSAA and went down to Chester, S.C. where he competed for multiple state championships.
  20. I knew coming into this season that Porter Ridge would be a better team, but wasn't exactly sure how improved, especially with the offseason coaching change. Obviously the Pirates had a few tough hurdles to deal with in previous seasons, but I feel that former head coach, Zach Bevilacqua did the program a solid with his development of some really good looking young athletes that new head coach Mike Hertz has benefited from. Coming into this week's game against Olympic, the Pirates (2-1) have played some good football and could easily be undefeated as they took the tough Sun Valley squad down to the wire and made them earn it. Sophomore quarterback Grayson McCall, who started some as a Freshman as well has improved a lot and is starting to look more and more like a leader. At 6-foot-2, I think he'll continue to grow and expand his frame and I feel he'll certainly get a few looks from some big colleges, but he's still young and has a long way to go. I also have liked what I've seen from their workhorse, Mason Mills. I though he looked really good last year as a junior and he's packed on a few pounds and has been able to gain the tough yards rushing for about 109 yards per game. I also like Jared VanderVoort who just seems to be an all around leader and someone who can be plugged into about any position and perform well. The defensive improvement though is what I think the Pirates are going to be able to hang their hats on moving forward. Obviously Mike Hertz is one of the better defensive coaches around and I think this scrappy bunch will make some noise in the SW4A. I think in the coming years, the sky is the limit and I feel this team could go from 1-10 to 7-4 this season.
  21. What are your thoughts on this final non-conference matchup for the Mavericks? I applaud head coach Mike Palmieri for having the guts to go out and schedule the best teams he could. South Pointe is a program that has only lost 30 games in its 10-year existence. I think Mallard Creek is probably significantly better than the Stallions, at least talent wise, but I still think this could be a closer game, at least for a while, and one the Mavs will have to earn and play hard down the stretch to seal it. I've seen this bunch play good NC teams in the past and put a thumping on a few. I remember the 2009 game where Indy struggled to get out of there alive. They always have a great home field advantage and its a really good environment for football. FOR THE RECORD: Mallard Creek (3-0) 2016 Results: at Dillon SC 7-3 W Butler 35-20 W Byrnes SC 21-14 W South Pointe (3-1) 2016 Results: at Northwestern 30-23 W Nation Ford 24-10 W Rock Hill 30-23 W St. Francis MD 23-28 L SIDE NOTE: Mallard Creek head coach Mike Palmieri will be going for his 100th official win as the head coach for the Mavericks. (Although he actually has 108 with forfeits.)
  22. I've been around high school football in North Carolina for a long time. During that span, I've seen teams come and go and I've seen regions have runs of dominance over the competition. I think back to the runs the Southeastern 4A has had with Richmond County winning numerous 4A titles, and of course we all remember the ME-CA and Southwestern 4A conferences that ran roughshod over everyone back in the Independence and Butler dynasties, but have we ever seen a conference as stacked as MeCka? The recent dominance from this league is something I've not seen a while. A conference so stacked that its top-five teams could probably all compete for and possibly win in multiple other top 4A conferences. We should all relish in what we've seen, and will see for one final year in this terrific league. Obviously it doesn't take an expert to say that Mallard Creek is going to win the league. Baring an unforeseen disaster, or maybe insane Charlotte traffic keeping the Mavericks from reaching an opponents field, they will win this league. Last year it was pretty close, Hough played their A+ game for most of the season and took the Mavs to the brink and defeated them in the regular season only to be humiliated by them later on in the postseason. This year should be different however, Mallard Creek not only brings back a wealth of experience from their most recent state championship team, they have size and speed to go along with it and should pretty much overwhelm the opposition. Of course that's not to say that the Mavericks will go 15-0, the schedule is as ambitious as any I've seen from a North Carolina squad. Road trips to Dillon, S.C. and Rock Hill South Pointe will test their mettle, and hosting national power Byrnes at home gives this team ample opportunities to stub their toe, but something tells me that this year will be different. I've seen a different look in the eye of the assistant coaches, I've heard a different rumble coming from this squad, and a very quiet, steely eyed approach from veteran head coach Mike Palmieri. There isn't the chest pounding you may expect from a 3-Peat team, they have a bring your lunchpail to work mentality that scares me and truthfully should scare the competition, and furthermore, they have that same quiet determination that I saw from the Tom Knotts Independence Patriots teams, and we all know what kind of success they had. I would love to start naming names of the movers and shakers on this team, but honestly, where do you start? They are so loaded with playmakers, that 75% of the roster probably should be mentioned. Lets start with Ryan Jones, this 4-star receiver is huge at 6'2/219, and he has the best body control I've seen out of a receiver in NC since Northern Guilford's Keenan Allen. He is an amazing deep threat, inside threat, and can block well. He has committed to UNC. How about the pounders up front, Eric Douglas, T.J. Moore, and Monte Livesy that anchor that dominating offensive line. Or what about Darnell Walker who is a great offensive athletes, or Jaquez Taylor at receiver, or Chancery Caldwell at QB? On defense they will be scary up front, when you have linemen like Grant Gibson who's 6'1/288, Gerald Bass who's 6'0/225, and youngsters like Jordan Davis who is 6'6/318, that gives you a lot of options, or other veterans like Angel Rivera. Of course I still haven't mentioned the college bound linebackers like Larry Matkins, Kalen Allen, or Cam Lowery. The point is, this is one loaded team, quite possibly the most talented team I've seen and I feel bad for the kids I didn't mention. But we can sit here and talk about Mallard Creek until we're blue in the face, they're not the entire story of this amazing conference. Look at the squad Aaron Brand has going for him at Vance. The Cougars may have the most talented quarterback in the state in Kingsley Ifedi. At 6'4/220, he is a beast and a true talent that will get major opportunities at the next level (Verbal to ECU), and with targets like Nate Jones and Jeremiah Hall, the Cougars will be explosive on offense. Hough still will be a force as well. One thing I've learned about head coach Miles Aldridge, is that his teams are always well prepared, very disciplined, and play exceptional football. While he lost an amazing playmaker to graduation in Marquill Osborne who's headed to Tennessee, they will still have some dangerous playmakers left. Jackson Gibbs, the grandson of NFL Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs is a very mistake free QB with a good arm. I expect junior Jarrett Nagy will help carry some of the load on offense as well as Rashad Williams who gives the Huskies plenty of punch on the ground. Speaking of ground game, don't sleep on North Mecklenburg. The Vikings may be poised to have their best seasons since the Glen Padgett era, and head coach Brad Baker has really established these guys as true hard-nosed contenders. Junior running back Emanuel Wilson is a true talent and will be a chore to tackle. At 6'0/215, he is a beast at the high school level. If they can shore up some inexperience on the offensive line, they will be a threat to win nearly every Friday. The other top team worth mentioning is the Wonders at A.L. Brown in Kannapolis. It goes without saying that they've been a solid team for a long time, and while they lost a ton of talent (93% of last years offensive production), head coach Mike Newsome has been very excited about this years team and the potential they have. While it may be tough for the Wonders to match last year's 10-win record, it would not surprise me in the least to see them fight hard and potentially finish as high as second in this league. The other surprise team that won't really be a surprise to me is West Charlotte. I think a lot of fans have written them off in recent years, but don't sleep on them, or their head coach Daren Hart who has really brought some life, and much needed organization to this once proud program. It would not surprise me at all to see them play giant-killers and knock off one of the top, unsuspecting programs. The relative unknown could be Hopewell. With a new coach coming down from the prep-school ranks, it's hard to speculate what we'll see, but Brian Hurlocker has a strong background coaching at one time under legendary coach Russell Stone, so we'll give him a chance to build the Titans back up. Ranking the Coaches of the MeCka (By wins): 1. Mike Newsome (A.L. Brown): 138-37 (Shrine Bowl '09) 2. Mike Palmieri (Mallard Creek): 96-28 3. Aaron Brand (Vance): 26-14 4. Miles Aldridge (Hough): 22-6 (Multiple wins in SC) 5. Brad Baker (North Meck): 16-28 6. Daren Hart (West Charlotte): 2-9 7. Brian Hurlocker (Hopewell): New Coach in NC Previous Conference Winners: 2015: Hough 2014: Mallard Creek 2013: Mallard Creek 2012: Mallard Creek 2011: Mallard Creek 2010: Mallard Creek 2009: Mallard Creek My Projections: 1. Mallard Creek 2. Vance 3. A.L. Brown 4. Hough 5. North Meck 6. West Charlotte 7. Hopewell
  23. There is a 7on7 tomorrow (6/28) at Jay M. Robinson beginning at 10am. Not sure what teams will be in attendance.
  24. Who are the college prospects in the Charlotte area for 3A and 4A?
  25. If you will think back to last spring, things were not looking up for Scott Young. He was bed ridden at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte and had to have a heart pump device implanted in his chest that would add a few more miles to his heart while he was placed on a transplant list. Also, if you think back, both he and his wife were out of work for a prolonged amount of time. Obviously we know why he was out, but his loving wife Dianne's priorities were to her husband and family, and she missed an extended amount of time away from teaching. During that time, the medical bills pilled up, as did their living expenses. It was at that time that New Bern head coach Bobby Curlings and myself decided to pull all the coaches together and help them raise some money. Little did we know that fans across the state would pitch in and help raise over $10,000 for their family. Fast forward to today and of course we all know the news that Scott received a new heart this past weekend. It's wonderful news and we couldn't be happier for him and his family. However, it's a new calendar year and deductibles haven't been met, and the costs for a heart transplant is out of this world. The family is a very proud and strong family and wouldn't dare ask for money, but I am going to do it for them because I know the struggles they've gone through, and most certainly will go through in the coming months. I'm reposting the link to the Go Fund Me page that I started last spring. I don't ask you to give a lot, but if all of you could find a few extra dollars to spare, I know the family would greatly appreciate it. Coach Young has touched a lot of young men over his lifetime, and thankfully now, it looks like he'll be able to continue on his profession and touch countless other young men in the future. Thanks again for this and please do what you can for the Coach. Link: Go Fund Me - Scott Young (Photo credit: Charlotte Observer)