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  1. brevard'04grad

    Congrats ACR 2019 WMAC champs

    Any idea where Patterson is heading next year?
  2. If Shelby is 2A, I think Brevard and Mountain Heritage is capable of beating anyone but them. All comes down to seeding.
  3. +1. Reynolds by 3-4 TD's
  4. brevard'04grad

    Brevard 24, Smoky Mountain 6

    Tough to bring your "A" game every night. Brevard's run defense was great and the guys came up with some big interceptions in the 4th quarter.
  5. brevard'04grad

    Brevard 24, Smoky Mountain 6

    Nice win for Brevard!
  6. brevard'04grad

    Brevard 24, Smoky Mountain 6

    At home and some people are already writing the guys off. I like it!
  7. brevard'04grad

    WNC scores

    Anyone know Brevard vs Blue Ridge score?
  8. brevard'04grad

    Wnc scores

    Wow - that's brutal.
  9. brevard'04grad

    Wnc scores

    I thought Owen had a really good defense. Brevard has to find a WR that can make some plays or it will be tough to win conference. Powell #10 is a sophomore and better passer than Swicegood but it doesn't make a difference with all the dropped passes.
  10. brevard'04grad

    Wnc scores

    Brevard desperately needs to find a WR that can catch the ball.....
  11. brevard'04grad

    Wnc scores

    East Rutherford is going to end up being a double digit seed in the playoffs that no high seed is going to enjoy playing.
  12. brevard'04grad

    Wnc scores

    Anyone know the Pisgah vs ER score?
  13. brevard'04grad

    Wnc scores

    IDK about that. I thought Owen dominated the 1st quarter. Their QB made some nice plays.
  14. brevard'04grad

    Wnc scores

    We've definitely had some opportunities. Hopefully they won't cost us.
  15. brevard'04grad

    Week 3 WNC Scores

    16-14 final. Also - Rosman won over Madison