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  1. Shelby Lion

    Favorite HS bands

    I stayed and watched the Reidsville/ Northeastern game and me and fellow from Reidsville were talking about how good that Northeastern Band was on the other side... I swear it looked like they had maybe 20 members but they were loud and proud and sounded great The young lady from Northeastern sang the National Anthem and was amazing also
  2. Funny you say that last part78 I made it a point very first practice to meet with my parents and i always said the following I am here to teach your kid how to play the game, I am not worrying about winning and losing at this age, I am here to teach them fundamentals, how to block how to tackle, how to play positions every single child is going to play in every single game regardless of the score.... Every single child will get the same treatment from me, I will do everything I can to help them grasp the game and teach them what they will need to know when they reach the middle and high school level, but for here and this age group we are going to have fun while doing it.... There are zero college scholarships being given out during this season, so support your child, support your team and lets let these kids have fun... any other reason for being here then this is probably not the place for you, same for my coaches too.... Its amazing how you can get a kid to learn the game when you make it fun and cater it to their age level.... Screaming at a 2nd 3rd or 4th grader does nothing, nor does just finding the fastest kid and sending him to the edge to outrun the other kids... Sure you may win some games like that, but at what cost? No one knows how to play the game properly... Just my thoughts.... seems to work though PS: That first meeting with Coach D at Burns he said the following " I want these kids to learn the Burns way at a young age, why do you think teams like South Point are so successful" and I couldn't agree more... He is great for that community in Lawndale.... Wanting buy in from elementary age up is what it is all about.. and he gets it...
  3. All great points: In Cleveland County all the above apply... Ill touch on the youth leagues and their support in Cleveland County since I have first hand knowledge of it I was on the Executive Board in the Cleveland County Youth Football league for about 9 or 10 years.. I was over "If you will" the Upper Cleveland portion of the league The league is successful because we have buy in from all the schools and even the School admin supports the league. Recently they took on the Shelby City Park as well as a team from Rutherford County to join the league... The league feeds Shelby, Burns and Crest... The executive league works together and focuses on the kids first, and making sure the league is successful and making the kids ready for the next level... Our job is to have fun and TEACH the game at this age level and PREPARE them for the next level which is middle school and then high Just an example from my side during my ten or so years there, we taught the kids the game, we taught them blocking, tackling , plays etc... We did not just pick the fastest kid hand him the ball and tell him to outrun the defense to the edge... Example: When David Devine took over at Burns he wanted Upper Cleveland and Union (Both Burns feeders) to Play at Burns high, He wanted the kids to attend camps in the summer, he wanted the coaches to attend coaches clinics etc.... back in 2016 I had the pee wees.... We ran modified versions of the Burns offense, and defense... So when the kids saw Burns running the 43 giant on friday nights, they were doing the same thing on Saturday... We taught pulling the guards and tackles, blocking down, double teams, getting to the next level all the stuff (for their age group) that they would be learning in middle and high school, defensively we taught them technique, HOW to tackle properly how to read plays you know as much as a kid in youth leagues can understand.. We modified what they will learn in middle school and high school to cater to their age and understanding and it works..... That makes a difference in my eyes and that is what ALL youth leagues should be doing So in essence and to make a long story short, most of the folks in this CCYFL league are all about the kids, preparing them for middle and high school teaching them the game not worrying about winning and losing in the youth leagues but focusing more on teaching them how to play the game before handing them off to the middle schools...Is there some daddy ball? In spots but for the most part its serious coaching and TEACHING and that is what I noticed much more in that league the entire time I was with them.... A lot of my kids are now middle school and high school players and to see them successful on the field but more importantly in the classroom and off the field makes this old man happy...
  4. Shelby Lion

    Shelby Thoughts for 2018

    I will say, they very well could have... We had the ball deep in their territory and turned it over on downs, we had a field goal blocked, we under throw a wide open receiver streaking down the sidelines that would have been a sure touchdown but turned into an interception... We left 17 points out there on those drives... The first half was complete dominance for our defense..-1 or -2 yards and one first down for freedom on a penalty against us. At the half Coach Little absolutely adjusted and put those kids in a better position.. They began hitting the quick passes, worked the middle of the field and made a run at it.. I thought our defense looked tired and worn out in the third quarter, but stepped up big when they had too. Freedom started getting after us on both sides of the ball which shows a very well coached team, they didnt fold under pressure from being behind and made their run, then we buckled down when we needed to to secure the win We have a long way to go and I believe before this year is up, we will be a tough out... May take a lump here and there, but will be dangerous come playoff time.. . for a first game, I thought overall they did some great things, and then some not so great things as can be expected Sky is the ceiling for Bess.. . First varsity start 28-36 370 Yards 2 td's passing and one rushing... Pretty phenomenal for a first time out.... And dont sleep on Freedom that team is going to be really good, they have some great athletes on both sides of the ball and will be hard to handle as well looking forward to what the rest of the season holds for these Lions,
  5. 2006 Semi-final game between Pisgah and Shelby in Canton.... their PA announcer was a good fella and called me right after the game, estimated between 13-15 thousand there....He was a good man, miss him !That was the most folks I had personally seen at a ball game.... Standing room only....Amazing atmosphere up there that night..
  6. My thoughts on Coach Pack... Someone above mentioned how much the kids enjoy playing for him and his tireless work ethic... Absolute truths there... A little story I was on the Executive Board for the Cleveland County Youth Football league for the last 7 years... Our kids go on to play at Shelby, Crest and Burns.... I coached at Upper Cleveland as well for those 7 years and our kids all eventually end up playing at Burns. Until 2016 when Coach Devine took over at Burns we never had any commitment from the Burns coaches (Beam and Senseney) to help with the youth leagues. We weren't even allowed to use the Burns stadium to take pictures.... Well the kids werent allowed to step on the field whilst taking pictures for fear it would "mess up the field" I can count on two fingers between the former two coaches how many times either showed up to support our kids (TWICE) Once by Beam and Once by Senseney.... in 2016 Devine reached out to us and Union (The other burns feeder school) and had us meet with him and his coaching staff.. We met with Devine, Pack who was OC and Cogdill the DC... They put together a Coaches clinic, speed camps for the kids and invited us to come any time to practice. They wanted our future Burns kids to play on the Burns high field on Saturdays and they have been able to ever since. Coach Pack personally printed off his playbook, numbering system, drills etc for us and it was stated they want the kids to learn the systems now which I couldnt be more in agreement with... Start them young, grow them now in what they will be doing in several years.... The kids couldnt have been more excited.... It worked so well that my Pee Wee team went 11-1 and won the championship that season, and Unions Midget team went 12-0 and won their championship. Both teams with about 14-17 players each. We ran the Burns Offense (To a degree) averaged 30ppg )and ran their 4-2-5 defense (Allowed 8 per game) ..... The kids bought in, they were excited to play on the Burns field and even the Burns announcer announced their games... The point to all this rambling is that Coach Pack was all in for the youth levels being a part of the Burns High system, he spent time with coaches, with kids, to help them get ready.... HOurs and hours of work, offered coaches in our league to come meet with him anytime, attend any practice, watch little league games etc.... Coach Pack is all about the kids, he will be involved in the youth programs to have everyone on the same page... I remember someone telling me there was zero interest from the previous staff in the development of anything other than the Varsity team at NC, well this will not be the case in my opinion with Coach Pack. Wishing Coach Pack nothing but success...he will no doubt give it all he has.... That I am sure of
  7. Shelby Lion

    Shelby at Mount Pleasant

    Congrats on a great season Mount..... Tough kids down there...I tip my hat to them.... Very good team always plays us tough If you wanted a great defensive game between two very good defenses, look no further than Mount Pleasant tonight Best of luck gang.....
  8. Shelby Lion

    Shelby at Mount Pleasant

    Shelby with a 3rd and 7 with about 3:10 to go Need a first down Brooks breaks it for a first down.....following his lead blocker Dax Hollifield 1st down Shelby 3:02 left 1st down: Brooks again for about 2 1/2 yards Time Out Tigers 2nd down: Brooks again another couple yards another time out tigers 3rd and 6: Brooks hit for a loss FLAGS down.. Chop block on the defense... WHAT??????????????????????????? 10 yard penalty and a first down.. 1st down: Brooks down to the 22..... 2nd down: 1:36 to go..... first down and its over.... 2nd down:Brooks over the right side... movement on Shelby.... 5 yarder 2nd down AGAIN: 1:03 left....9 yards for a first....Shelby time out Finally 2nd down: Brooks for four Mt Pleasant time out.... PENALTY.... Mount Pleasant player with a dead ball unsportsmanlike conduct and he was ejected.... it gave Shelby a first down which effectively ENDED the game...... that will do it...... FINAL 7-0 Great defensive ball game... Mt Pleasant was a very good team, but fall to 0-5 all time against us... Always play us tough......
  9. Shelby Lion

    Shelby at Mount Pleasant

    7-0 Shelby 10 to go fourth... Much respect these Tigers came to absolutely play...Very good defense We've handled their rush pretty good so far, but their passing game is on point.....
  10. Shelby Lion

    Shelby at Mount Pleasant

    Nothing wrong with the Mount fans predicting a big win against Shelby.....I like the confidence Ill put this as simple as I can.... I dont think Mount Pleasant can beat Shelby.... Prove me wrong, Ill be here and say way to go and good luck.... I just dont think it will happen Mount has always played us tough, I imagine they will again, I just don't think they can beat Shelby.... The Golden Lions are coming..... see you friday
  11. Bless him he did GDG he said Wallace Rose Hill was going to beat Shelby... sadly they won’t get chance they are 2a we are 2aa Glad to see him back though he had a health scare ...
  12. Shelby Lion

    South Point vs Shelby Round 2

    No way this game should have taken place in the second round ... what a great game South Point is just tough hard nosed football it was a slug fest the entire game and both teams left it all on the field Outstanding game the fans are the lucky ones
  13. Shelby Lion

    Shelby vs. Newton Conover

    Good to see you GDG always fun hanging out at a game with you ... Good win Shelby next week much tougher
  14. Shelby Lion

    Shelby vs. Newton Conover

    Yea I see this, but hello Pot this is kettle guess what? Last year after our game, you all left both boards in droves, all but gave up on the Red Raiders, Seadog wasnt seen again until late playoffs, Coonie was calling for Coaches heads because they were playing Daddy Ball.. All the sudden yall are fans again? Sounds about right
  15. Shelby Lion


    Glad someone caught that! Ha ha man I was proud of my plastic cleated cugas back in 7th grade .... nearly 33 years ago ha Of course I didn’t realize how sad it was I had them until I slid across that gym floor like a rocket and got horse laughed