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  1. Rick Harrington

    Very EARLY 2019 IMECK CONFERENCE Predictions

    I see the naysayers are out in full force and the season is just over two months of its completion. Can't say this is surprising for the simple reason some of these poster can not see the trees for the forest or the glass is half empty. Those who profess so much knowledge lack the ability sit back and let things develop. Evidently you guys are seeking instant gratification and you just are not willing to sit back and let it develop. In other words, you are a grandstand coach with football knowledge far surpassing that of the professionals, so you think. Patience is the key word here. Look it up in Webster's Dictionary, commit its meaning to memory, perform an analysis of the situation before speaking and then do so, carefully. FYI: This response is been has been in the works for about 3 - 4 days before responding. The Mooresville coaching staff has one thing that has been lacking for many years. It has the ability to adapt This showed in year one. If you can't see this, well.,you are blinder than I am. Take a ready, aim, fire attitude; not a ready, fire, aim attitude. I see many good things in the future. Enjoy it. There are things for more important that football: Remember, it's only a game.
  2. Rick Harrington

    Ardrey Kell/Catholic series to end

    Someone had a major brain fart to lose that gate. Catholic is one of the few teams in Charlotte that fills seats at opposing stadiums.
  3. Rick Harrington

    2019 Bold Predictions

    This coach dances to a different drummer. He designs his offence around his personnel and adapts it to his available talent. If SPRedraider can figure Thad Wells out. he's in the wrong business - He should be a DC.
  4. Rick Harrington

    2019 Bold Predictions

    I think you are wrong here. More like 18 seniors and not all were starters. We played a lot of young kids.
  5. Rick Harrington

    Charlotte Catholic's Derek Miller

    Derek has decided t leave his position at WCNC (Channel 36) in Charlotte to enter the teaching profession at Charlotte Catholic High School where, this year, he served at a volunteer coach. Kudos to Derek for making this decision. Catholic has a rich history of turning out outstanding students that are well prepared for the rigors of college life. I'm sure he will enjoy this new phase of his life. Derek, if you ever need any guidance or assistance, this old history major will gladly will gladly impart some ancient wisdom into your brain. Good luck my friend.
  6. Rick Harrington

    Mooresville's Thad Wells - 2018

    Just a glass half- empty kind of guy.
  7. Rick Harrington

    Mooresville's Thad Wells - 2018

    The 9 - 4 record complied by the Blue Devils this year exceeded expectations of most of the fans in Mooresville. The kids bought into the philosophy of Coach Wells and finally played like a 4A team. It was a pleasure watching them on Friday nights. Do we have areas that need improvement? Sure, but that is to be expected. One glaring area that needs work is depth. We were pretty thin this year and it showed. While improvements in the offensive line were noted over the past years, work still needs to be done. That, too, will improve. Defensively, things look a lot better. The defensive coaches made great strides in teaching the basics. The kids cuts out a bunch of careless mistakes and bad habits that previously were allowed. They also learned to tackle, especially in the secondary. As time goes by and everyone gets to know each other better, good things will continue. I know this, for sure: Mooresville will not slip up on anyone in 2019. This is due to Thad Wells and the staff he has put together. Great job Coach.
  8. Rick Harrington

    3A State Finals: Charlotte Catholic vs. Jacksonville

    With that much re-sodding, the new sod never had a chance to take hold. T he playing surfaces at Duke and NCSU were much better.
  9. Rick Harrington

    Rain Friday & Saturday

    Rain on Friday! What's new about that.
  10. Rick Harrington

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Let's see if Mack can put some asses in those new seats UNC just installed. The product he will put on the field can not be any worse than what they had. With the speed in which this happened, this change must have been in the works for quite some time. Moves of this nature do not happen overnight, making me think discussions have been going on for some time.
  11. Rick Harrington

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    What you are saying here is what I have been say for quite some time. Just how committed is the UNC Administration to a top tier football program? Honestly, I don't think they are. Lately, football has been a sport designed to kill time until the basketballs are rolled out. I do not see UNC changing this and for the life of me, I'm having trouble understanding it. Chapel Hill has a lot to sell to a recruit, yet they can't seem to consistently recruit to caliber players. Some will say academics. That dog don't hunt. Look at what David Cutcliffe is doing at Duke. UNC facilities are top notch, yet Clemson, South Carolina , Georgia, Tennessee cross the border and get their choice of recruits. What is UNC not doing?
  12. Rick Harrington

    Bye Weeks

    Just thinking, a bye this time of year does more damage than playing.
  13. Rick Harrington

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    He forgot to buy boxing glovres.
  14. Rick Harrington

    3A West: Kings Mountain 35, Statesville 21

    You're delusional. KM has too many horses and playoff experience.
  15. Rick Harrington

    4AA West: Hough 19, Mallard Creek 7

    They've done it to themselves.