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  1. Rick Harrington

    Joe Ferrebee

    NC American Legion Baseball and Pfeifer University former head baseball coach Joe Ferebee passed earlier this week at the age of 101. A great man and superb baseball coach he was. North Carolina has lost a legend,.
  2. Rick Harrington

    Mooresville HC Change?

    It seems there is much conjecture regarding this whole matter and the topic should not be broached until an announcement is made.
  3. This is about the dumbest damned thread of all time. By the time football season starts, the media will have something else dreamed up.
  4. Is there any proof he has de-committed from Bama? UNC is the better fir for him. One redshirt year and into the rotation, depending on what happens with Howell.
  5. Anything is possible. Go to UNC and play, go to Bama and sit on the bench. Not a hard decision to make.
  6. Rick Harrington

    Mooresville HC Change?

    All I know is Blue Devils Biggest Fan no longer posts on this site
  7. Rick Harrington


    Proactive - The NCHSAA is not when it comes to officiating. Whoever is in charge of officiating needs to get off of his ass.
  8. Congratulations to Vance on a great win. Way to go guys. One throwback, and I don't like bringing this up, but, just where in the hell did they find that officiating crew? Absolutely horrible. Nit-picking calls have no place in a championship game. Maybe the NCHSAA finally saw what everyone has to live with each and every Friday night. For God's sake, please do something!
  9. This one should be really good!
  10. Still beating the hell out of that drum.
  11. Rick Harrington

    I see you Cleveland County

    I've said this for a long time. The best football being played in NC is in Cleveland County. There are some posters on this board who think differently. They just can't see the forest for the trees. The only reason that I can attribute this success in the Bar-B-Que at Red Bridges. What do you guys feed those hogs?
  12. Rick Harrington

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    Is that really something to brag on?
  13. Rick Harrington

    4A West Bracket Discussion

    Porter Ridge - 24 Lake Norman - 14
  14. Rick Harrington

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    This guy is delusional.
  15. Rick Harrington

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    I'll say it again, be careful what you ask for. Also, don't forget about Charlotte Catholic.