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  1. Rick Harrington

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    Final score?
  2. Rick Harrington

    Hough 2-3 at Mooresville 3-2

    The winner here is the team that shows up. I have no idea as to which one will.
  3. Rick Harrington

    Mallard Creek vs Lake Norman

    Just to remind everyone, Mallard Creek's volleyball team went to LKN last year and ad was verbally abused by the spoiled brats at LKN. Did the ISS administration do anything? I think not. This has not been forgotten by the folks at Mallard Creek. What happens this Friday remains to be seen, It could get ugly.
  4. Rick Harrington

    AL Brown vs Mooresville

    Some people are so blind that they can not see what is happening within their own community. I saw this coming quite a few years back and pointed it out; yet no one believed what I was saying. Wonderfan, it ain't your coach. Kannapolis has been caught by the competition and in some cases, passed by. You need to learn to deal with it. The Green and White no longer strikes fear in your opponents eyes. Respect, yes, but fear, no.
  5. Rick Harrington

    AL Brown vs Mooresville

    Didn't see this coming - speaking of a shut-out.
  6. Rick Harrington

    West Forsyth has swept Iredell County

    After seeing them, I can tell you one thing: They are damn good, not Mallard Creek good, but they can hold their own against most I-Meck teams. Big, strong and fast.
  7. Rick Harrington

    West Forsyth (1-0) at Mooresville (1-0)

    Wrigley, they are the real deal. Not quite Mallard Creek good, but not far from it.
  8. Rick Harrington

    Ashbrook @ Kannapolis

    Better question: What about the RB situation?
  9. Rick Harrington

    Ashbrook @ Kannapolis

    Kannapolis baptizes the new playing surfaces this week,. Best of luck to AL Brown.
  10. Rick Harrington

    West Forsyth (1-0) at Mooresville (1-0)

    Just where in the hell have you been Kyle? No conference in the state is more physical than the I-Meck. West Forsyth is physical, but nowhere close to what we have to play each Friday.
  11. Rick Harrington

    Lake Norman vs Statesville

    Personally, I hope Statesville kicks their ass.
  12. Rick Harrington

    Stadium Size

    Not quite a dump, just a lot of old character (To put it nicely). A rich target for many stories. Mooresville use to play Catholic on a regular basis. Catholic has some of the nicest fan I have ever met. Those folks support their team. I will say this however, I did not know the Footsoldier until after we quit playing Catholic. He probably would have changed my opinion. Just kidding Footie!
  13. Rick Harrington

    Stadium Size

    A good kicker had a real advantage on the downhill kicks. Yeah, Park Road came into play. Lots of good stories about that place. Post-game beers and sandwiches at The Rhineland Haus were not too bad either. God, I miss that watering hole.
  14. Rick Harrington

    Stadium Size

    Classic Oddo. I remember one Friday many moons back Mooresville and Catholic were scrimmaging at the old Park Road Campus and a thunderstorm halted the proceedings at the half. While waiting the storm out, a Sister (who I think was the principal) came up to Jim, really worried about the weather, telling him to cancel the event. His reply was classic Oddo: "Don't worry Sister, I won't put you in this half.":
  15. Yesterday, Chris Hughes and I had the pleasure of visiting and getting a close-up view of the improvements being made to Kannapolis Memorial Stadium (KMS). As always, these upgrades are top notch. KMS is in it's seventh decade of service to AL Brown High School and it has established itself as the benchmark of what a high school athletic facility should be. The artificial playing surface looks great and the school and community will benefit from it's installation. Parts of the facility are, however, beginning to show its age after sixty plus years of service. Bringing the stadium up compliance with the American Disabilities Act needs some attention as does the drainage water issue in the bowl end of the stadium. These improvements will not come cheaply and the school system will have to formulate a plan to make these improvements. I'm sure these plans are already in the works. The installation of the turf playing surface is step one in this multi-step process. Kannapolis City Schools continues to provide top notch facilities for it's students and the community and what they have at AL Brown is something other school systems only wish they had. KUDOS to Kannapolis City Schools for a job Well Done!