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  1. Rick Harrington

    12 McDowell at 5 Mooresville

    Blue Devil 62 wants everything like it use to be. Evidently, he know nothing of the game. This team is far superior towhat we have had in the recent years and that is due to superior coaching. I don't think he has the vision to see that. Coaching has gotten this team to 8 - 3. We have some talent, but nothing compared to Mallard Creek or Vance. We'll get there with patience. To Blue Devil 62: If you want the status quo, take your allegiance to Lake Norman. They will fulfill your needs and desires.
  2. Rick Harrington

    Former Mooresville Coach

    No one knows the politics that were and are being played in Seneca County. Hal may have found himself in an unwinnable situation. Only he knows. I know this: Hal Capps is a classy human being and he will never get into a pissing contest with the administration.
  3. Rick Harrington

    Former Mooresville Coach

    Hal Capps is a great coach and an even better person. He will land on his feet and some school will reep the benefits. We're with you brother.
  4. Rick Harrington

    #15 Kannapolis @ #2 A.C. Reynolds

    Many are saying that Kannapolis must eliminate the stupid mistakes. That has been said all season, yet they are still making them. If a frog had wings, he would not bump his ass. I know Mike Newsome is pulling what remains of his hair out over this very thing. A lot of potential on this team being wasted. As much as I would like to see Kannapolis do well against ACR, Shane Laws (a Mooresville native) will have the Rockets primed.
  5. Rick Harrington

    Vance Playoff game moved to West Meck

    I'll believe it when I see it. Just where will he $ come from?
  6. Rick Harrington

    12 McDowell at 5 Mooresville

    Whether you want to believe this or not, our pass D is much better than in previous years. This bunch can tackle and plays their lanes very well. Most completions this year have be as a result of great passes and great catches. This secondary has done a good job and will only get better. Better yet, compare our pass D to that of LKN. You see where we were and where we now are.
  7. Rick Harrington

    12 McDowell at 5 Mooresville

    Think not.
  8. Rick Harrington

    12 McDowell at 5 Mooresville

    For a Mallard Creek fan, Wrigley is a good guy. He has been very kind to our Blue Devils this year. he saw where we were last year and has gone out of his way to point out how much we have improved. BTW, he is not being sarcastic.
  9. Rick Harrington

    12 McDowell at 5 Mooresville

    For you non-traveling fans, Marion is a neat little community sitting at the foot of the Black Mountains. Was the home of a real Italian Rest (Little Sienna), which, I think, is now closed. NC 226 will take you to Spruce Pine and US 221 will take you to Newland. Nice day trip. FYI, 226 is not for the faint at heart, it's a snake winding up the mountain and there are no passing lanes.
  10. Rick Harrington

    Conference opponents

    I agree with you.
  11. Rick Harrington

    #10 Lake Norman at #7 West Charlotte

    West Charlotte is a good football team and quite possibly couldmake some noise. Their 9th grade QB is special.
  12. Rick Harrington

    Simmons Ratings - Bracket Projections

    Many stick there noses into matters they know nothing about. The top tier 3A football teams come close to the caliber of ball being played in 4A. close being the operative word. Teams like Mallard Creek, Wake Forest , Vance, to name a few, are just plain scary. El Campion thinks his proposed conference would be a good 4A conference. No way in hell. The quality competition is not there.
  13. Rick Harrington

    Simmons Ratings - Bracket Projections

    Statesville people need to stay out of this mix. Quite honestly, we don't want or need your input/opinion.
  14. Rick Harrington

    LKN- Student Section Harrasment

    If ISS has not done anything about this by now, they will do nothing. They feel LKN is the fair-haired child and it is their showcase school. Just my opinion, but the students there are nothing but a bunch of punks.
  15. Rick Harrington

    Simmons Ratings - Bracket Projections

    Don't want to be offensive, but we've been through this before and one can see how things turned out when we were in the NPC. To quote Ric Flair: "To be the best, you have to beat the best." That will not happen with Iredell County schools in the mix.