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  1. Rick Harrington

    West Caldwell

    You guys have been beating this horse since November. Is it not time to put it to bed?
  2. Rick Harrington

    Longer play clock

    Just something else for inept HS officials to screw up.
  3. Rick Harrington

    Signing Day

    It all boils down to one fact. If a player has D1 talent, he will play D1 football, if the work ethic is there. All of the talent in the world means nothing if the player does not utilize it.
  4. Rick Harrington

    Signing Day

    Speak the truth brother.
  5. Rick Harrington

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    Depending on the amount of excavation needed, it takes 4 - 5 weeks to put a turn field in.
  6. Rick Harrington

    Hal Capps

    Congratulations Hal.
  7. Rick Harrington

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    Hope so. When the grass is good at Memorial, it's a great playing surface. Drainage has always been a real problem there.
  8. Rick Harrington

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    "Typical teenage stuff" happens everywhere and as a rule it is just that. Antics like Lake Norman pulled against Mallard Creek's volleyball team would not be tolerated at Charlotte Catholic.
  9. Rick Harrington

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    It's quite evident that some posters no nothing about Catholic schools and education. If I'm not mistaken, the4 Jesuit order are traditionally teachers within the Catholic faith and education falls under their guidance. Btango is right in his assessment of the "private" schools in the Charlotte area. Catholic will fall at the bottom of the socio-economic spectrum. Parents who start the kids in Catholic schools tend to keep them there for two simple reasons: 1. The kids receive religious and moral training. 2. The academic education is second to none. The public schools only wish they were as successful. I will say this for the students of Charlotte Catholic and some other private schools on Charlotte. They are extremely well mannered. Punkish behavior is not a part of their culture. The publics could take note of this.
  10. Rick Harrington

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    That dog don't hunt. Catholic has been a NCHSAA member longer than South Point. People that get beat by then always go back to that rationale. Windsor Eagle from Salisbury tried it and failed. They say they recruit. So just why does CC win with average athletes? Solid fundamentals, above average intelligence and great coaching. Just look on the field. There are not a bunch of prima donnas out there, just a bunch of good HS athletes doing their jobs without a lot of flash. They take pride in what they do. Yes, I'm a Charlotte Catholic fan. They do things the right way. They also have the best concession stand in Meck. County (not counting the fish sandwiches at West Charlotte).
  11. Rick Harrington

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    Catholic does a hell-of-a-lot with a hell-of-a-lot less than others. Their booster raise most of the money they get. The Charlotte Diocese is none too free with the dollars for athletics. Catholic is a good one to have on your schedule. Their fans support is as good as it gets. A home team playing Catholic will have a good gate. Brings to mind a quote by Ric Flair. "To be the best you have to eat the best". This one gets with Catholic.
  12. Rick Harrington

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    This is the same argument I hear from all of my friends who are CC haters. Just show just how close minded they are.
  13. Rick Harrington

    Very EARLY 2019 IMECK CONFERENCE Predictions

    I see the naysayers are out in full force and the season is just over two months of its completion. Can't say this is surprising for the simple reason some of these poster can not see the trees for the forest or the glass is half empty. Those who profess so much knowledge lack the ability sit back and let things develop. Evidently you guys are seeking instant gratification and you just are not willing to sit back and let it develop. In other words, you are a grandstand coach with football knowledge far surpassing that of the professionals, so you think. Patience is the key word here. Look it up in Webster's Dictionary, commit its meaning to memory, perform an analysis of the situation before speaking and then do so, carefully. FYI: This response is been has been in the works for about 3 - 4 days before responding. The Mooresville coaching staff has one thing that has been lacking for many years. It has the ability to adapt This showed in year one. If you can't see this, well.,you are blinder than I am. Take a ready, aim, fire attitude; not a ready, fire, aim attitude. I see many good things in the future. Enjoy it. There are things for more important that football: Remember, it's only a game.
  14. Rick Harrington

    Ardrey Kell/Catholic series to end

    Someone had a major brain fart to lose that gate. Catholic is one of the few teams in Charlotte that fills seats at opposing stadiums.
  15. Rick Harrington

    2019 Bold Predictions

    This coach dances to a different drummer. He designs his offence around his personnel and adapts it to his available talent. If SPRedraider can figure Thad Wells out. he's in the wrong business - He should be a DC.