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  1. Is Sportsplex in Matthews hosting a high school football game this year like they did last year ?
  2. Disgusting behavior that should be punished.......students are not only fans they are part of the school and the team....
  3. https://www.carolinasportsphotography.com/p88689145
  4. https://www.carolinasportsphotography.com/p774299110
  5. https://www.carolinasportsphotography.com/p888337470
  6. Remember Indy for total dominance
  7. https://www.carolinasportsphotography.com/p844155703
  8. https://www.carolinasportsphotography.com/p977611580
  9. https://www.carolinasportsphotography.com/p696552653
  10. https://www.carolinasportsphotograp.../p20962107
  11. Randy

    Brynes vs Gaffney

    I’ve only been 2x but I loved watching a game at Byrnes, great field, crowd and wow on the scoreboard.
  12. https://www.carolinasportsphotography.com/p313114023