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  1. Is there anyway I can keep my account + username and password, and still be able to create an account on the merger website you created with NCPreps?

  2. Charlotte Catholic has 10 consecutive Regional finals which only one other team in this state has accomplish and their a Public School. I think Catholic will win the next 10 Regional finals. You would think Public teams would prepare for Catholic the same way College level teams prepare for Georgia Tech. I don't have any ill will against Catholic but it's getting pretty old to continue seeing them win titles, host titles, and run to multiple regional finals at almost every classification except 4AA. Catholic can beat 99% of the teams in North Carolina. Yes, there is that 1% that could stick to them, but I'm sure they wouldn't beat CC every single time.
  3. I think the real problem many individuals may have about CC is the fact that they have been winning consistently without any scary size team. A few have said it already that Catholic doesn't scare most teams, but they end up in the Regional finals or State Championship every year. I used to be one of the many haters that thought Recruiting was the issue, but seeing this team up front the past six years, I know that can't be the case. The ONLY suspicion I have is the fact that because they don't have all of these all around 5 star athletes, is how can they continue to win & beat almost every team in their path annually? The answer that I received after asking that question was great coaching & most of these kids playing with each other since youth ball days. So I got to thinking about the answer I received and begin drawing up my own conclusions. The program that CC has doesn't start or end with them alone; meaning they have several schools & teams all the way down to youth ball running the same program or similar. That means that if there is anything that is working so well for Catholic, it's the fact that who ever the leaders of football are in that community, they have set up a program that would benefit Catholic for many years to come. I call this Program a Flowing Interconnected Age Program (FIAP) where most of the kids started playing with each other from seven years old all the way up to senior year in High School Football. And Yes I made that up but it makes sense when you think about it. The Majority of the football programs in North Carolina don't have a program like that set up, & this is why CC will continue to dominate meanwhile at the same time may never get genuine respect or recognition from individuals who represent other football teams around the state. They just don't have the FIAP that Catholic have.
  4. I heard Carver & Parkland were pretty good in the early 2000s, but I'm not sure neither team was undefeated.
  5. So let me get this straight. Private schools are poorer than public schools even with a parking deck that I have yet to sight from public schools. I don't care about the ongoing argument that has transpired on here about whether Charlotte Catholic should or should not play with public schools. However, I find it hard to believe that the kids at Catholic are middle class, but the teachers are poor & suffer from low income.
  6. Yeah & it also helps HPC because you guys are a powerhouse & a very good measuring stick for us. Southern G & Cummings are down, & don't really provide much with competition, but Reidsville is a totally different beast. I may make the trip for that one depending on where it is next year.
  7. If that is true it definitely helps with the SOS.
  8. High Point Central ran the ball well that year, and was known to be a dominant power run team. Even if you put eight in the box, it was still hard to stop that triple option and I formation. Those were HPC glory days and when much of the triad area had respect for them back then.
  9. Congrats to East Forsyth for bringing home the Title to Forsyth County & to virtually the Triad area. The Eagles finally got over the hump & it was well worth all the blood, sweat, & tears for their coaching staff, the student athletes, & the community. I think this win will spark the beginning of a new era in Forsyth County.
  10. It's airing on NFHSNetwork and regular tv on channel 45-1
  11. I went to NFHS Network & says the game will come on shortly which makes no sense since NCHSAA has this game at 7pm
  12. Good because I'm getting ready to renew my subscription on that site.
  13. Will NFHS cover some of the games this year like it did last season?