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  1. Sportsfan9

    Non conference schedule

    Hoke Co. non conference schedule August 21 vs SOUTHERN LEE August 28 @ EE Smith September 4 vs WESTOVER September 11 @ Lee County
  2. So who will be the next list of candidates for this job?
  3. Sportsfan9

    E.E. Smith coaching job open

    So who are some of the candidates for this job Chris?
  4. Sportsfan9

    2019 schedules

    Most schedules are done. Some schools have to fill some holes but most schools will not post their schedule until the end of spring.
  5. Sportsfan9

    2018-19 Coaching Moving Van

    South Robeson is open too
  6. Sportsfan9


    What's going on?
  7. Congrats to Coach Kyle Hutchinson
  8. Sportsfan9

    East Montgomery

    Great hire. Congrats to Coach Spencer great guy and good friend.
  9. Sportsfan9

    East Montgomery

    Very interesting job but the problem is that its for 1 or 2 years max. Could be used as a stepping stone for another job. Think they will go outside to hire the head coach for the new high school.
  10. Sportsfan9

    Lee Co. Coaching Search

    Must be a top secret hire because its been VERY QUIET
  11. Has anybody heard anything about the coaching search? Candidates, interviews, finalist? With Spring ball right around the corner I'm sure the Yellow Jackets are ready to get things going on the gridiron.
  12. Sportsfan9


  13. Sportsfan9


    Heard the same thing today
  14. Congrats to Cory. He will do a great job there at Clinton.
  15. Looking for an offensive line coach or a running backs coach. Teaching positions TBD. Contact HC Maurice Huey at 910-646-4094 ext 33413 or 910-476-0739. Email your resume to mhuey@columbus.k12.nc.us