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  1. North Wilkes picks former Rose coach David Wojtecki to lead football program
  2. Three schools that come to mind are Whiteville, Wallace-Rose Hill, and Lake View, SC ... Any other schools that play football games in a baseball stadium or on a baseball field?
  3. RD28327

    Worst Stadiums

    Come down to Union Pines or better yet, check out the Jumbotron at Scotland!
  4. RD28327

    Worst Stadiums

    East Montgomery (I hope Montgomery Central's stadium will be a huge improvement!) Jordan-Matthews (In dire need of an upgrade.) Southwest Randolph (Field was probably once a cow pasture once upon a time.) Southern Lee (Don't like the visitor's side. Everything else is fine.) Lee County (Stadium is showing it's age. It needs a makeover!) Western Harnett (Just dumpy looking and out in the middle of nowhere.) If the center of the visitors' stands, home stands, press box, etc., doesn't line up with the 50-yard line, then there's problems. I just like things that are symmetrical.
  5. Former North Moore OC Greg Fowler is the new head football coach at Charlotte Garinger. He recently was an assistant coach at St. Andrews University and UNC-Pembroke. Before coming to NC in 2016, Fowler has had previous head coaching experience in Florida. Garinger High taps former college assistant as its 11th head football coach since 2000
  6. RD28327

    2021 schedule

    I have a feeling Clayton and Cleveland will move up from 3A to 4A.
  7. RD28327

    2021 schedule

    Gotta get this next realignment going and get conferences put together.
  8. OK, now you have me looking at Nick's numbers in a different way. Even Nick's original plan met the bylaws and gave you six champions. But, this really makes me look at 15/15/20/20/15/15 much different. I think you might see some 1A/1AA as well as 4A/4AA conferences out of these scenarios.
  9. I could possibly see this (which I base somewhat on 30/20/20/30) ... 4A: 1426 & up 3A: 1001 - 1425 2A: 751 - 1000 1A: 750 & less Right now, this is all one huge crap shoot ...
  10. Send 30/20/20/30 to Nick and see what he thinks ...
  11. Will there be a coaches clinic in Greensboro this summer? Still not sure how all this coronavirus craziness will affect high school football. 🏈
  12. With schools being closed through mid-May, will schools have any kind of "spring practice?" Might as well call it off, and pick back up in August. Not sure exactly how all this coronavirus craziness will affect football.
  13. Depends on who is the 1771 and who is the 3500 ... Scotland has 1509 and they wouldn't be afraid ...
  14. The Stevens' plan ... Other models concocted by Nick Stevens: 15/15/20/20/15/15 20/20/20/20/20 20/30/30/20 25/25/25/25 OK, Mr. Randolph, what you've got?
  15. OK, Genius, how is it really dumb??? Explain to us with all your infinite knowledge and wisdom ...