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  1. Parent charged after tackling student during wrestling tournament
  2. Stephen Roberson approved as Purnell Swett head coach
  3. RD28327

    Northeastern week 2 and week 4 home games

    Richmond still has a week 2 opening.
  4. Clayton to announce next football coach on Tuesday afternoon
  5. St Pauls won't be the same next year as their star, RB, Marquiese Coleman will graduate ...
  6. RD28327

    St. Pauls needs Week 5

    Carolina Forest, SC???
  7. RD28327

    Richmond Week 2

    Northeastern also has an opening for a week #2 ... Tough crowd in here ... 🙄 Heck, try East Columbus! LOL 🤣
  8. RD28327

    Richmond Week 2

    Call Northeastern.
  9. RD28327

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!!! 🎅🎄
  10. I remember conferences with five teams back in the 90s ...
  11. The one thing that SC has been doing that NC needs to do is realign every two years. How the folks in SC are doing things do seem interesting, especially establishing 1A and 5A first, then setting up the other classifications. SC realignment parameters SC 2020-2022 realignment
  12. Does it seem like North Carolina is the only state that has to deal with split conferences and do other states have to deal with the same issue?