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  1. RD28327

    Montgomery Central Timberwolves

    I am hearing August 12 @ Salisbury and August 16 @ High Point Central. Don't know the times of these scrimmages.
  2. RD28327

    South Robeson HS closing

    Here we go again ... Board retreats, votes again to close South Robeson High
  3. RD28327

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    North Rowan and South Stanly ahead of North Stanly ... Interesting ...🤔
  4. Who is scrimmaging whom, when and where???
  5. RD28327

    My Realignment Proposal

    It wouldn't surprise me if it stays at four classifications. I just like to see the different scenarios out there. Larry Randolph put in a lot of effort in this undertaking. I would like to see other ideas from other folks.
  6. RD28327

    My Realignment Proposal

    I am still thinking the NCHSAA would go with five conferences. I am not sure what the split would be. 12.5-25-25-25-12.5 or what, and this is for football only (drop in the non-football schools wherever they belong)? I think it it is interesting to see various scenarios presented. Would like to see how your conferences turn out. You can combine East Montgomery and West Montgomery's #s and call Montgomery Central at 1101, which puts them in 3A in the scenario you displayed. South Garner just recently opened and will be much larger than the 718 students you have listed.
  7. RD28327

    South Davidson

    Tim Hill selected as head football coach
  8. RD28327

    Montgomery Central Timberwolves

    2A or 3A, I am sure Head Coach Benjie Brown will have his dad helping him out. The Timberwolves will be well prepared. The season opener at Union Pines could be a pretty good test for the Vikings.
  9. RD28327

    Could these 1A Schools be sleepers

    Now, where does any Yadkin Valley Conference schools fit in this equation? Or, will this be a down year for the YVC?
  10. RD28327

    South Davidson

    Will South Davidson even field a team this season???
  11. RD28327

    South Robeson HS closing

    South Robeson closure sends programs scrambling
  12. RD28327

    Northwest Halifax

    So close to the beginning of the season, and looking for a head football coach ...
  13. RD28327

    Albemarle closing?

    As Albemarle High struggles, mayor calls for consolidation ...
  14. RD28327

    South Robeson HS closing

    South Robeson closing ...
  15. RD28327

    Uwharrie Charter.......

    UCA’s baseball coach Hurley put on administrative leave