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  1. Dawg Dynasty

    Eastern Carolina 3A/4A

    Being from Wayne County (born, raised and still living there) as well as being a former player and former coach in Wayne County I am quite aware of the issues the Wayne County schools face. When it comes to the 3A schools they have suffered immensely being in the current league. Their participation numbers are down and revenue from gates is down. Facts are football gates and basketball gates help fund all athletic programs. When you are losing money on Tuesday night basketball games that is not good. No one is traveling from New bern to Southern Wayne on a Tuesday night. The realignment can not come fast enough for these 3 schools. If the realignment model had stayed the same Eastern wayne would have dropped to the 2A classification. With the changes coming hopefully they and the other Wayne County schools will be able to separate from Pitt county and New Bern. Spring Creek is the school that is in the worst situation of any of the Wayne County Schools. They are going independent in football this year just to try and keep football going. As a 1A school they did not have a lot of success and it has only gotten worse once they got moved up to 2A. If going independent does not help them in football then I see them possibly not fielding a team in the future as a 2A program. There was talk of Wayne and Lenoir possibly becoming a 2A/3A combined league but that is still up in the air with the unknown realignment model to be uses
  2. Dawg Dynasty

    Point System

    Not one bit..LOL What ever the point differential is for running clock to start should be the maximum points allowed. I can’t remember if it is 40 or 42 I. Football. If other states like Ohio can figure out a points system without max preps rankings then why can nC do the same...🤔🤔🤔
  3. Dawg Dynasty

    Point System

    Keeping the margin of victory should still be a part of the equation. With that said it should be a set criteria set and a cap on the margin of victory. I have no idea how many points are awarded for wins in the margin of victory part of the max prep rankings but we should use something like this... 1-10 point win-1 point 11-20 point win—2 points 21-30 point win- 3 points 31-40 point win-4 points 40+ point win-5 point the reason I like the margin of victory factor if team A wins beats Team B by 3 points and Team C beats Team B by 35 points why would we look at this victories as equal?
  4. I know I am the minority with this thinking but split leagues are not bad in theory. What makes split leagues bad is how teams qualify for the playoffs. Split leagues, under our current format do not get equal representation when it comes to playoff qualifications. For those that are unaware here is how it is done. Let's take 1A/2A split league that has 4 1A's and 4 2A's. There will be 1 automatic qualifier for each of the classifications which will be seeded with the 1 seeds no matter how you finish as a whole. The only exception to this is if 2 schools in the same classification finish 1-2 overall in the league then the 2nd place team gets seeded with the 2's seed in the state playoffs. Same goes if the break out if 5 1A's and 3 2A's or 6 1A's and 2 2A's. What is strange is if you go and read the state handbook it has a break down of how many automatic births a conference gets based of the number of teams. 1-4=1; 5-8=2; 9+=3..This rule should apply to split leagues but it DOES NOT. Change that and split leagues are ok. To give you a visual I will put 2 leagues up here 2A League; 5 teams 2 automatic births Bartlett Yancey Carrboro Cummings Graham Reidsville 3A/4A league with 7 teams total but 5 of them are 3A; 1 autobirth per classification unless teams of the same classification finish 1-2 overall 3A Charles B Aycock 3A Conley 3A Eastern Wayne 3A Rose 3A Southern Wayne 4A New Bern 4A South Central Both leagues have the same number of 2A teams total but are do not follow the same guidelines for state playoffs. If the state allows 2 automatic bids if you have 5 or more teams from the same classification in a split as they would a 5 team league with everyone in the same classification I think splits could be a good compromise for those schools who are geographically disadvantage.
  5. There are SO many variables that factor into that and would be tough to figure
  6. Based off of this year’s ADMs I have constructed what this 5 classification model would look like. 1A 104-509 (48 schools) 2A 515-860 (94 schools) 3A 861-1211 (94 schools) 4A 1233-1889 (94 schools) 5A 1891-3513 (48 schools) In this model you would have to subdivide 2A-4A for playoff purposes. In my opinion these are the pros of this model 1. Roughly the same percentage of teams get into the playoffs in each classification. (66.7% in 1A and 5A; 68% in 2A-4A) 2. You keep 8 state champions in football which is what football coaches have been used to for almost 2 decades. 3. Even though there is a large gap from the smallest 5A to the biggest 5A, (Not much you can do with that honestly) I doubt you would see as many split leagues as most of these schools are located in metropolitan areas in our state. In my opinion these are the cons 1. 28 current 1A schools would bump up to 2A in this model thus possible leading to more 1A/2A split leagues unless the NCHSAA changes the minimum number of teams allowed in a conference. Most of the smaller schools in our state are in rural areas, Far East or far west. This is the opposite of the 5A schools which are more tightly packed geographically. 2. 1A and 5A playoffs are 1 week shorter since you have less teams. They would have to finish a week earlier or start a week later. I think the pros most definitely out weigh the cons. This is prob not perfect but there will never be a perfect situation when it comes to things like this. This would work and be a great model if the state chose to do this in my opinion.
  7. In my opinion for the 1A and 5A state titles you only have 32 teams in the bracket. In the 2A-4A brackets you have 64 teams per classification than subdivide the 64 playoff teams into 2 32 team brackets (A/AA) like we have done in the past. You would have 8 state championship brackets with 32 teams in each bracket. Mathematically speaking you would have each classification represented by an equal number of teams percentage wise. Equality is something that I could see being appealing to the NCHSAA. As of this past season you have 378 football playing schools. Your breakdowns would be 48 teams in 1A and 5A and 94 in 2A-4A.
  8. In my opinion, I do not see the state going from 8 state champions in football to 5. 2 reasons... 1. They do not want their pocket books taking a hit from the reduction of playoff game gates. 2. If they go 20% across the board they are already subdividing 1A and 4A who are at 20% so why would they not continue to do that if all classifications 20%. I for one do not want to see 10 state champions. Keep it at 8 and the 12.5/25/25/25/12.5 model for the classification model. 2A-4A have subdivided playoffs. They opened Pandora’s box when they went to 8 and there is no turning back now.
  9. Dawg Dynasty

    Havelock Head Coaching Job

  10. Dawg Dynasty

    Havelock Head Coaching Job

    From my research, Craven HFC gets anywhere from $5000-$10000 for coaching supplement (based on years of experience) Onslow between $3832-$5557 (based on years of experience). Craven teaching supplement is 7% while Onslow is 10%. So for someone making 45,000 that would be a difference of $1350 a year. There is no additional moneys in Craven county but the school does have the option to pay the HFC, or who ever they so chose, the cash value of an 11th month. I do not exactly know for sure what “cash value is” unless it is what an 11th month would be for someone after taxes are paid. If someone knows or can explain it better please let me know. I do know that the 11th month option was faught hard for by the HFCs in Craven and the were able to get this cause they were having to mow the fields in the Summer. Far as I know that is it for Craven. What is a tremendous perk in Onslow is that the HFC gets a true .5 month from the county. They also have 3 $2300 weight lifting supplements available (one per semester) That is a nice chunk of change. Basically 1 wt lifting supplement plus the .5 months gives the HFC 11 months or close to is. The 2nd wt lifting supplement could put them well over 11 months. This is what I was told from HFC in each county which puts there total package well over 10K just to be a HFC (I am counting their teaching supplement too) Again to put this in comparison, A HFC’s package in Wayne, Greene, Lenoir, Pitt, or Jones would be lower the 10K and in some of those counties they can coach a 2nd sport and not make 10K. Onslow is slightly ahead of Craven but not by much
  11. Dawg Dynasty

    Havelock Head Coaching Job

    I look at it from a “total package” situation. I count coaching supplement and teaching supplement when looking at how one county compares to the other in terms of pay. Craven and Onslow are comparable. Duplin well too. I was also told pamlico county is pretty close to Craven but I have not done any research on that personally. After those three it take a considerable drop in the east until you get back to Nash, Wilson and Johnston ( I 95 area). I am unsure of the cost of living but I wouldn’t think it would be much different compared to other counties near the coast. I do not think the cost of living would be a $3000-$5000 a year difference from one neighboring county to the other like supplement packages are.
  12. Dawg Dynasty

    Havelock Head Coaching Job

    I have done some research on the pay aspect of things in the east. Even with the cuts, Craven county still pays better then most of the counties in the east. Before the cuts they were the cats meow, but now not as much now but still better then most counties east of 95
  13. Dawg Dynasty

    Wilson Hunt

    This as one time was on of the best if not the best jobs in the east. I think there is potential to get Hunt back if they get the right coach and administration will support the program.
  14. Dawg Dynasty

    East Gaston

    Derrick Minor...Princeton, Rockingham County, Foard...
  15. How can you be so sure they don't want 8 IF there are 8 classifications? The baseball and softball coaches have already been sent questionaries to gain their feedback to see if they would like split classification championships like football does. That tells me that there are sports that are asking about it and putting a little heat to them. Regardless of how the coaches want to do it, if the NCHSAA wants to they will. Before the 20/30/30/20 model was put into place the NCHSAA wanted feed back from the AD's and the regional meetings. My region, region 2, was OPPOSED to the idea but we see what happened. The state sees it as a money maker for state playoffs gates and let me assure you they did not get 36 MILLION in the endowment by not trying to find ways to make money. Will we go 8 for the next realignment...NO. I will be happy with 25% for all classifications. I just am very passionate when it comes to making things better even if it means rocking the boat on some issues.