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  1. I have finished my brackets and have picked these champions . I know on any given night any team can win ,but I feel these teams have proven to be ready for the ring .. What are your thoughts . Let's see how correct I am .. 1A Robbinsville 1AA J.A. Holmes 2A Reidsville 2AA Shelby 3A So. Nash 3AA Weddington 4A Scotland County 4AA Richmond County
  2. Well it looks like I was the only one to pick Pinecrest in the win .. Richmond is awesome this year .. Great win tonight , now on to play a tough 71st team next Friday .. We will be ready on Nov. 8th ... Go Raiders
  3. Well Pinecrest is 3-39 now .. Great game for my Raiders ...
  4. Both Wake Forest and UNC play this Friday night . I reckon money talks ... What are your thoughts ? As for me I'll be pulling for The Richmond. Raiders and listening for other high school scores ... Friday night is meant for high school football..
  5. Bigraider6

    Richmond @ Anson

    54 to 0
  6. Bigraider6

    Hunter Jenks out at Clayton HS

    Wow sorry to hear this
  7. Bigraider6

    Sandhills 4A Week 1

    Richmond Scotand Pinecrest Terry Sanford Southern Lee South View Pine Forest 71st
  8. This Richmond Raider fan. Is so happy for Chris and the PInecrest team ! Congratulations
  9. Richmond 48 Lumberton 6 Jack Britt 28 Hoke 14 Pinecrest 28 Scotland 7 71st 30 Purnell Swett 7
  10. Daryl Barnes by far the best at Richmond
  11. Yes I have the same 4 seats ..I will be there and probably leave around halftime to head to Charlotte ...Look forward to seeing you and your family ...Go Apps AND gO rAIDERS!!!!

  12. You in the same seats at APP this year? Figure you won't be there Sat though since you guys will hopefully be kicking the snot out of Butler.

  13. Junior, I will be there. If you make it give me a call (704-640-8539) and we can get up. Might be the best game of all the ones going on Sat. Just glad its the early one so I won't miss any of the APP/Montana game!