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  1. They pretty much had to move the JV up to varsity because they're so banged up right now.
  2. We're sitting at 2-4, we being South Point, and people are acting like it's a huge win to beat us. Maybe in years past it was, but not this year. I see Shelby beating Burns this year. 8 from Burns goes down and that team is in serious trouble, oh by the way we didn't have our starting fullback for 3 qtrs he hurt his shoulder.
  3. Stick82

    South Point at Burns

    #8 beat SP by himself. Burns wins 30-28
  4. Stick82

    South Point at Burns

    28-27 SP up with 2:59 left in the game
  5. Stick82

    South Point at Burns

    21-21 with 7 minutes left in the game
  6. Stick82

    South Point at Burns

    14-14 at the half!
  7. Stick82

    South Point at Burns

    The rib special starts at 5 so I'll be there at 4:45!
  8. Stick82

    South Point at Burns

    Go to The Honey Hog and eat before the game!! Good Lord that place has good food!
  9. In all seriousness I fully believe we'll turn things around tonight. Go big red!!
  10. You had to do it didn't you Cagle?? We're 5-0 all time against the storm and I fully expect it to be 6-0 after this game! South Point wins 3-2 🤔🤔
  11. Thanks Heritage but this year is a little different, we've been bitten by the injury bug a lot and we're young. I don't see us winning but maybe 5 or 6 games honestly.
  12. South point should not be on this list right now. We're 1-3
  13. Stick82

    South Point Red Raiders

    I don't think anyone is giving up on them, but schematically some things need to change. We're doing certain things that we typically don't do and it's not working. They'll get it figured out.
  14. Stick82

    South Point Red Raiders

    After losing the way they did last night I'm in agreement with this statement!
  15. Stick82

    South Point Red Raiders

    I wasn't talking about anyone on this board, just the knuckleheads at the game!