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  1. Stick82

    Worst Stadiums

    Hibritens visitors side x5!!!!!!! It can't get much worse than that abortion they call a visitors side!
  2. Stick82

    East Gaston?

    Good luck to coach Postell! I wish him the best at East!
  3. Stick82

    Ashbrook High School

    Congratulations to coach James and I wish him nothing but success at the Brook!
  4. Stick82

    Busy day in Cleveland County

    That's awesome!
  5. Carver 2002 playoffs. Had to plow the snow off the field on a Sunday to play and it was the mudbowl! South point current HC Adam Hodge played on that SP team.
  6. Stick82

    East Gaston?

    This had nothing to do with football........ All I'm gonna say.
  7. Stick82

    Ashbrook High School

    Jerenie Boyd
  8. Stick82

    Ashbrook High School

    I can tell you this for a fact, the last 3 years the best football players at ashbrook didn't play. For one reason or another. Drugs, missing too much school, hell one kid was made to get a full time job by his mom if he actually wanted clothes that fit!
  9. Stick82

    Ashbrook High School

    Ashbrook is deep with talent,they just need the right guy at the helm. This could be a really good spot for the right guy.
  10. Stick82

    East Gaston?

    Nope, not sure why though.
  11. Stick82

    East Gaston?

    From what I'm being told it wasn't his choice to leave......... Some people just make bad decisions.
  12. Stick82

    East Gaston?

    Not sure why exactly but yes they will be looking for a new coach.
  13. The officiating in this game has been worse than horrible!