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  1. Stick82

    Shelby head coaching position open

    Awesome to hear a local coach make it to the next level! Best wishes coach Ware!
  2. Stick82

    East Gaston

    This your 1st qtr prediction??
  3. Stick82

    East Gaston

    Stuart Cramer decimated East Gaston's numbers. Makes zero sense to have kids that live out near Freightliner going to Sc, but that's a different subject all together!!
  4. Stick82

    Larry Dowdy

    He decommitted from Ga Tech today.
  5. Stick82

    Larry Dowdy

    As of now yes he's still going to Ga Tech.
  6. Stick82

    East Gaston

    Haven't heard anything yet
  7. Stick82

    East Gaston

    Can't speak for this year, but in years past Stanley bussed kids in from Gastonia to play. Moe Neal played for Stanley and went to Forestview high school, the talent pool ain't that deep in Stanley. All of their good athletes came out of Gastonia.
  8. Stick82

    2AA West Finals: Shelby 28, Hibriten 21

    Beam and 92 it was great to meet you guys! Sat with some really nice people at the game, and one lady who offered to snuggle and keep me warm!! I have never seen a Shelby team drop more passes than I did last night, they left 14 pts on the field, qb was terrible at times too! Good luck to Shelby next week
  9. Stick82

    2AA West Finals: Shelby 28, Hibriten 21

    I'll be sitting up top on the home side somewhere, I'll be there early. I'll be the only guy wearing a Oregon hoodie so I won't be hard to find. I'm actually pulling for Shelby I guess, same conference so I feel like I should pull for them. Should be a good one. I'm glad you guys allow heaters to be brought in, my dad goes to all the games with me and he's diabetic so he stays cold and the little heater really helps!!
  10. Stick82

    2AA West Finals: Shelby 28, Hibriten 21

    If both teams could lose that's what I would want, but since it's not possible I hope it's a good game and injury free! I'll be on the home side, feel free to stop and say hello. I look exactly like the guy in my avatar!
  11. Stick82

    2AA West: Shelby 35, North Lincoln 7

    Is 25 really the best punter y'all have? I think one of his punts only covered 12 or 13 yards when we played you guys.
  12. Stick82

    2AA West: Shelby 35, North Lincoln 7

    Not a chance Hibriten holds Shelby to just 7!! Special teams will be a key in this game, and Hibritens kicking game resembles that of a mediocre middle school! Why the heck have y'all not begged a dang soccer player to kick??
  13. Stick82

    2AA West: Shelby 35, North Lincoln 7

    Shelby is a different kind of beast this time of year! Gonna be a good one next Friday in Lenoir
  14. Stick82

    2AA West: Shelby 35, North Lincoln 7

    This made me laugh! Thank you sir
  15. Stick82

    2AA West: Shelby 35, North Lincoln 7

    We'll just slap some people around and take some seats on the home side!! No worries