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  1. Lots of things dont make sense but the entire world is now doing things that didnt make sense 8 weeks ago. I dont think you will play with no people in the stands. I do think it will be restricted and you will have stickers set up 6 feet apart where people can sit no more than 2 people in one spot. Educators will need to adapt just like everywhere else.
  2. I think there is a real possibility that we will be driving to SC to watch HS Football
  3. Please god.....someone put him out if his misery. Its difficult to watch at this point. UPDATED: 11/26/18 Mack Brown to be named as the new head coach at UNC.
  4. Wow, my guy Hughes coming out of retirement and betting big on Ardrey Kell. Must be the " New Normal" I keep hearing about.
  5. Well, to be fair I think most MC fans felt like 2017 we struggled to get any offense going. 2018 they brought in Mcfadden and it got better but self destructed against Hough. They brlng in Hellams and at times they looked unstoppable. First Vance game Metcalf beat Lowery on one play and it was the difference. 2nd game Grier made about 3 great plays on that last series and that was the ballgame. Vance and MC were by far the best two teams in the state. One or two plays was the difference.
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    Mallard Creek

    Nobody knows that better than the folks on IBM drive. 5 years ago nobody was transferring to VAnce. Now its a population explosion.
  7. I will defend Chadwick as it is very hard to design an offense around maybe the best pure HS arm in the country and then try and also be physical as well. We found out that the hard way at MC last year. Once we went pure Air Raid we just never could flip back and run power. I believe its a mentality and its tough to get HS Olineman who pass block 70% of the time to then turn and start moving people. Two different skill sets.
  8. Myers Park is missing one thing. Physicality. Butler- Mallard Creek- Wake Forest-Vance all played the game with a tougher edge. Its the one thing MP is missing. I believe some of that has been due to the weaker schedule. Some of that is the design of the offense, 70-30 pass. I also think it is a cultural thing as well.
  9. Wrigley

    Mallard Creek

    Job is filled but we could always use an asst up in that area.
  10. Is UNC part of this " Deep State" thing you guys keep whining about?
  11. Lets welcome that sexy bald guy back!!! This is the only good news that has come out of this pandemic!!
  12. With all the huge match ups that are going on in the non-conf this year both with out of state competition and some great in state ones its a shame a top tier team like this doesnt participate in them.- Weddington- Vance Vance- Dutch Fork Myers Park- South Pointe Mallard Creek- Gaffney Charlotte Catholic- Bergen Catholic Charlotte Catholic- Rummel Charlotte Catholic- Blessed Trinity Richmond County- Jones HS Hough- Brynes Mallard Creek-Atlantic High Myers PArk- Trinity Christian Shelby owns 2a in this state- WOuld love to see one game outside of the comfort zone.
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    They did not let him go. The decision to leave Mallard Creek was entirely his.
  14. Predictions have changed over the past 30 days and I think its very fair to say that you have varying trouble spots across the country ( though that is changing as well). There are certain numbers that will resonate and I think 100K will be that number. Even conservative estimates have us at that number pretty easily by June 1. If the pace is still steady and we crack 100K I think school in the fall for many states is going to be a no go. That really sucks for alot of kids.
  15. Really think it comes down to the next 30 days and I am becoming more pessimistic as the numbers really dont show this thing slowing down and that is with unprecedented mitigation efforts in place. Numbers matter and we are steaming toward a 100K dead by end of May early June. Hard to imagine school or football ramping up in August if we are avg 1500 dead a day.
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    I would start a petition. Maybe even make up a story about the NCHSAA and then post it.
  17. Yup, the Gaston County " re-open" statement is what I think they like to refer to as fake news.
  18. Have any governors canceled school for the fall?? If its a conspiracy then why wait?? By the way, how many cases do they have in Wyoming?? Are schools still closed there?
  19. Maybe he was just being sarcastic.
  20. If my memory is correct there are 27 Republican Governors. Of those 27 states how many are currently playing HS sports?
  21. Just so I am clear. The reason why the country is currently 98% shut down and sports of any kind are not being played is because governors of a particular political affiliation are involved in a conspiracy because they dont feel their presidential candidate is strong enough on his own to compete in the general election in November. Accurate?
  22. Lets keep in mind that right now the Republican National Convention is still scheduled as well.
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    Very big losses and I am sure they will do well at Vance and Butler. However, if there not happy where they are then it really doesn't matter. Kennedy Tinsley is assembling a very good staff. Transfers are a part of the landscape now. Gotta control what you can control......Winning solves alot of problems. Nobody knew that more than Palmieri.
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    It was always gonna have to play out like this regardless of who they hired as the HC. Too many egos, everyone wants to sit in the captains chair. Truly think its better this way. These guys were used to one way of doing things and it would have been very hard to adapt. Better off moving forward than waiting for the first bad loss. Then the fingerpointing comes along side the subliminal back stabbing social media posts. Tinsley needs to make it his program now with his staff. Guys that buy what he is selling. Palmieri 's guys were NEVER gonna drink any kool aid that wasnt coming out of his cup.Thats just life. Its time for Tripp, LJ and the rest to go build their careers. Both great dudes.