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  1. Not familiar with this so I will plead ignorance....How many HS refs do that gig for $$. Especially in a smoking hot economy. I doubt there are that many looking to get to Taco Bell 30 minutes earlier on a Friday night.
  2. I think AK wins and finishes 10-1. Might be the quietest 10-1 in Meck County history. Surprised Sam Griener hasnt labeled them the " best ever".
  3. Wrigley

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    I am 100% here for your entertainment!! Tipping not required but always appreciated.
  4. Wrigley

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    Let me add working fund raisers for your team, buying groceries for kids who havent eaten that day or honest to god.....mowing the field. Nothing wrong with being a fan.............nothing wrong with getting mad when your team doesnt do well. Passion is important and its what we all love about the game. More important than passion is perspective. My guess is there is nobody who lives and dies with the wins and losses more than Mike Newsome. You dont coach at his level without being an Alpha competitor. and almost all of them are like that. Its HS football and its great to play, coach and watch as a fan. I love it......but the second I find myself screaming at Mike Palmieri about coaching decisions ( and there are plenty that do) is the moment I need to reevaluate some things.
  5. Wrigley

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    You convincing me or yourself?? Doesnt matter....good luck to your god daughters team. Competitive is good, wanting too win is good. Doesnt always have to be about just W's. Sports teaches alot of things. Winning and losing can teach alot.
  6. Wrigley

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    Good for you....Old School!! Walk it and Talk it. Man size brass ones!! Just curious though......in your sad little world do you ever stop to think your bad ass self is talking about a game that teenagers play? Why not turn all that passion and machismo on something that you know....matters? Dude...its HS football. Go have some fun, watch the game, cheer for the home team. Stop letting a loss to Central Cabarrus make you feel bad about yourself. It will be alright. Maybe go join the Glee Club?
  7. Wrigley

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    Lol...my man. Feeling himself tonight. I have seen multiple games in Ktown but frankly it really has nothing to do with the great AL Brown program. Ya see, just about every program has a couple of you guys running around. Jumping up and down and screaming about coaches and play calling. Then they jump on sites like this and piss and moan about not winning games and how its " their job". Even talking about " small guys" that are afraid to look at you because your so intimidating. Let's be real. Your own identity and self worth is totally wrapped up in the wins and losses of some HS football team. So much that you are actually wanting some hard working teacher and coach fired from his job. Here is reality.....If Michael Newsome walked up to you right now you would throw your 1992 Lettermans jacket on and beg him to take a selfie with you so you could post it on your Facebook and show your 2 friends how " connected " you are. Every program has one of you guys.
  8. Wrigley

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    He is not happy about Mike Newsome's job performance. He is the guy in the bleachers that has the right play call after the play is over..... I love those guys. Unemployed Lincoln Riley
  9. Wrigley

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    Same guy pissing and moaning about the guy who coaches football at his HS....LMAO
  10. Wrigley

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    Nope. Treasurer......I dont like to talk about it.
  11. Wrigley

    West Forsyth at East Forsyth

    You cant take Urban. It's like selling your soul to the devil.
  12. Wrigley

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    Not to worry. Wonderfan has it all worked out. He has this jet sweep plan that is going to bring them back to glory!!! Someone call Nick Maddux!!
  13. Wrigley

    West Forsyth at East Forsyth

    Nah, we are starting to get used to beating the Trojans....we even win in Socal now. You thinking they fire Helton after the Zona loss?
  14. Wrigley

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    There ya go!! You got it all figured out....I am stunned Mr. Dellisanti hasnt hired you yet. Maybe you should show him the jet sweep play.