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  1. Wrigley

    South Meck Football Coach....forced out..

    I have played and been around coaches that were obsessed with winning and only winning and it was the basis for many bad decisions that got made. That said, I swear I would prefer that to a coach who is quoted as saying " Wins and losses were never communicated to me as a big time objective" If it was a poor response to a question from the media after a real hard couple of days I get it. I just cant imagine a guy who has spent his life around big time athletics responding with that kind of answer. How about" I truly believe we did the best job of competing we could do while balancing that with maintaining other priorities. In the end we all get judged by the results we produce and mine were perceived to be lacking. I hate that I will no longer be on the sidelines coaching SM. I wish the program the very best" I hate the default excuse of we didnt win but we developed young men because it implies that guys like Knotts, Palmieri, Brodwicz, Brand etc,etc substituted development and integrity for winning. It doesnt make Rocky White a bad guy or poor role model but yes, life comes with a scoreboard. Those are just facts.
  2. Wrigley

    South Meck Football Coach....forced out..

    I am sure that is exactly what played out. Much easier and less blow back.
  3. Wrigley

    South Meck Football Coach....forced out..

    Dont know the man but I have been told by people I do respect that he is a class act. I find the " I didnt think winning was the objective" to be laughable. Thats just being honest. I mean....what is that big thing with the numbers on it that sits in the endzone for?? There is a reason they keep score. Reality is that in 12 seasons at two Meck County high schools Mr.White has won exactly zero playoff games. He comes off very bad in that article especially the last portion when he mentions the transfers . Its possible he was misquoted or some of the stuff was taken out of context but you just cant be a head football coach at any level and say that wins and losses were not a big time objective. Failure sucks and I hate to see anyone lose a job especially at 58 years of age but at least in the world I live in results matter and I am reminded of the scoreboard daily. For the record I wouldnt have it any other way.
  4. Agree 1000% with everything in this post.
  5. Wrigley

    Muhsin Muhammad narrows list down to 8

    It sort of feels like Mack has a inside track on many of these in state big names. Just a gut feeling but if he lands him alot of others could fall as well.
  6. Wrigley

    The Creek and Dutch Fork on ESPN 2

    If they get it played on a Thursday then I think it has a chance to be a very big crowd. They will have the night to themselves and either location would be a pretty easy drive for many people to make. They do it Friday and its big but not huge. Too many people invested in their own schools. If I had my choice it would be in this order- - UNCC - DF -BOA
  7. Wrigley

    The Creek and Dutch Fork on ESPN 2

    Not crazy about the BOA venue either. Especially if televised as I think it cuts into attendance even further. Personally I like when the go on road for opener. They have always played better on the road in my opinion.
  8. Big time programs play big time opponents on big time stages... Congrats to both schools on getting this done. Please no lightning https://www.thestate.com/sports/high-school/prep-football/article229613929.html
  9. Wrigley

    Top 4A teams

    Trenton is a OLB and simply a freakish athlete. Like last year I think you will see him get some touches in the backfield as well. Lotta of things you can do with Holmes. Catches the ball extremely well and Hellams loves to get the ball out quick so I suspect he will be a big part of the offense. Rrmember...Holmes is a special defensive player as well. He might be a bettee SS.
  10. Wrigley

    Top 4A teams

  11. Bet the Brynes guys are pissed. How much you wanna bet me my main man Rahiem doesnt finish his HS career as a Yellow Jacket....come on BET ME.
  12. Wrigley

    Mallard Creek OC

    I guess we will see. Lot of excitement about the hire to be sure. Hard for me to imagine Mike going all Hal Mumme on us but I think based on results you need a fresh take. I think DJ was a big upgrade from the previous OC. Doesnt take a Tony Romo analysis to have recognized that. However, your always gonna be judged by your playoff performance at MC and over their last 4 playoff games MC has averaged a grand total of 9 pts per game. Not easy to do with the kind of talent MC has year in and year out. Injuries, turnovers certainly play a part but anyone who watched the 2nd half of the Hough playoff game last year and was paying attention knows something was amiss on the sidelines. Hellams certainly has the resume especially with regards to QB's which for me has been the biggest struggle the last 3 years.2010-2015 MC could steamroll most teams with size and strength but the landscape has changed especially in the Imeck. Strength and conditioning programs have begun to close the gap and I think Mike understands that if he can maintain the dominate defense and get just a little better with scheme, situational play calling and most importantly QB development they have a great shot at #4. Beyond that lets not kid ourselves, the OC hire has as much to do with off field considerations as on. Highly respected OC draws attention from all over the place especially at MC. A pedigree for developing D1 QB's is like a bullhorn across the southeast. Hire him and they will come....LOL
  13. Wrigley

    Mallard Creek OC

    While he has a reputation for throwing it around and has coached some talented QBs he has also run the ball a decent amount when the player talent called for it. With the best RB combo in the state and 4 of 5 Oline back I wouldnt look for Air Raid offense just yet.
  14. Wrigley

    Who’s Who among 3A

    Imagine my surprise. Cornelius, NC....Land of opportunity. Bring me your tired, cold and weary masses. Bring me your 3 star QBs from Eastern NC, your 3 star WRs from SC and you MLBs from Mooresville. Toguchi better hope Trump never shuts down the Meck county border. He wouldnt be able to field a 7 on 7 team.
  15. Wrigley

    Who’s Who among 3A

    Yes..couple months ago along with several kids from Rock Hill including a Tenn committ at WR. I believe they have junior day this weekend on campus so stay tuned.