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  1. When someone can articulate what pass interference is to me and show me what it is not then I will judge the calls but in just about every football game I have watched in the last 5 years there have been both calls and non-calls that make me scratch my head. Even with slow down replay that cant define it.
  2. Silly to criticize Refs on PI calls. The NFL cant figure out what the call should be, how are HS refs gonna do it?
  3. Wrigley


    The flag was thrown directly at the QB after he made the throw. It was a head scratcher but to be fair I thought they called an excellent game last night. Yeah, I get that fans want to scream and yell and talk about biased refs and I have seen some poor ones but they were in postion and kept the game moving last night.
  4. The answer is obviously the Richmond kids came through middle schools. Where else would they go? People move into and around Meck county all the time. People actually want to live there and the population is booming. District lines get redrawn all the time and yes kids transfer from one school to the next because of opportunity all the time. In the end the kids have to live in the district the same as in RC...........zero difference.
  5. Wrigley

    Richmond Lights

    Wake Forest has a pretty cool entrance at Trentini where the kids enter coming down through the home stands. If I was a coach it would concern me with kids in cleats walking down a pretty steep set of stairs that close to fans. Just seems like it would be a potential for a slip and fall.
  6. Yup , time for the amateur analysis is just about over. I hope you are able to make it. I know how passionate you are about the boys in orange
  7. Seeing a ton of predictions of Richmond in the high 20's and 30's. I have been wrong before but will be shocked if either team gets out of the low 20s unless there is a complete meltdown with turnovers.
  8. Win or lose Friday I think it is Till. Program was teetering 3 years ago. If there ever was a community tied to a program it has to be Richmond County for better or worse. He brings an incredible amount of juice to the entire state in football.
  9. Thought the RC defense played much better than the score indicated last week. They dont have the front 7 that Vance does but they tackle well and I thought their DBs held up extremely well considering who they were playing. Think the Vance offense is different though. Little more patient and not so all or nothing. If Grier can keep chains moving with his feet and make the kind of throws under duress that he made against Mallard Creek I think they can keep defense rested.
  10. We both underplayed Vance last week. I thought they might have a let down. Not surprised they won but was surprised by the total whipping they put on the WF offense. I dont think the atmosphere will be an issue for Vance. In fact I think the Lions Den juices Vance. They struggle in low energy environments but play much better when they have their backs against the walls. Now....I do think Mr. Hood can be an issue. I do believe in Raider Magic though. Those kids and coaches didnt get rattled for a second when they got behind last week. I think this is a one score ball game and I think it's the exact opposite of last week. Field position, a turnover or two is the difference. Hard nosed battle like 17-14. Vance
  11. How about #2 from Richmond. Cant recall his name.