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  1. 3 Forbush 4 North Forsyth 5 Walkertown
  2. ram4life

    JV scores

    North Forsyth 24- Forbush 14. North is 4-1 in conference
  3. ram4life

    Piedmont 3A Conference

    Parkland should have the best QB in the city and in the conference. Their Jamboree is loaded with Tabor and Mallard Creek expected to attend. Dudley is going to be hard to be but if anyone has the offensive firepower to do it, it's Parkland
  4. First day in the books. So anyone know the scrimmage schedule for the area teams? Anyone team received some significant transfers?
  5. ram4life

    Piedmont 3A Conference

    This conference is stacked. It should be a good one
  6. the 2001 Winston-Salem Parkland has to be near the top of that list. 3,000 rusher in Jed Bines, 1,000 passing and rushing by QB Monte Purvis. A defense that held most opponents to 21 or less. An offensive line that averaged 350 lbs.
  7. East Forsyth and West Forsyth had a 7 on 7 this past Saturday. North Forsyth and W-S Prep have a scrimmage today. I know West Forsyth is having something at their place on Thursday. Does anyone know of others around the county?
  8. Parkland's JV the last two years hasn't been that good. and they lost most of their receiving core. Did they get some transfers in or did they have a lot of young talent on the varsity? I do know that the QB is a BEAST!
  9. So after spring ball what is the outlook for all the teams in Forsyth county? I'm sure just about every team has a representative somewhere in these forums. With the teams ranging from 1A to 4A it should be exciting. The teams are Atkins Carver High East Forsyth High Glenn High Mount Tabor High North Forsyth High Parkland High Reagan High Reynolds High Walkertown High West Forsyth High Winston-Salem Prep Academy
  10. It it definitely set up for North to have a strong season moving to the 2A division. Depends on how many kids are able to be retained.
  11. Sounds like they have some really good options. Hard choice for the AD. A really good problem to have. The thing that might but the current DC over the edge is him being the head wrestling coach. I can't imagine him staying there if he doesn't get it. That means North would have to replace the DC position as well as the head wrestling coach position.
  12. Yeah that does make sense. Coach Gilchrist was a brilliant offensive guy and struggled to move the ball. I wonder what offense he would run. North has some athletes but struggles on the offensive line.
  13. Yes I heard there was a strong candidate from another school that was a DC. My only question is why wouldn't they choose their own DC if they want a DC? Plus their DC is the head Wrestling coach and that Wrestling program is pretty good this year from what I've heard.
  14. After asking around it turns out the DC did put into the job. They did have a few applicants.
  15. I've heard the DC is the top candidate because he was the assistant head coach but it does make you wonder since he hasn't been named yet.