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  1. KM2ASU

    South Point at Burns

    Jan's is the Wiener Works(KM) of Fallston.....we always stop there on JV night.
  2. KM2ASU

    Kings Mountain vs Shelby

    Game Facts: Very Big Crowd and our kids fed off of them. Shelby under 150 yds total offense with a turnover KM 4 1st half sacks, and 6 total and Yes all 3 Shelby WRs played With all that said, Shelby will still be a very tough matchup for most 2A Teams, and I see them still playing into mid December.
  3. KM2ASU

    Kings Mountain vs Shelby

    It will be a big crowd, but all Cleveland County teams have live broadcast on KTC Broadcasting. Even though we still get huge home crowds and good following on the road, IMO broadcasting live has hurt the gate at some of these big games. KM does not embrace the live broadcast like the other 3 county schools. Our radio crew is not the crew that does the broadcast. Once everyone finds parking and gets in, it’s going to be a great environment. This game, barring injuries, will only make both teams better.
  4. KM2ASU

    Any JV scores

    KM 48. - Shelby 19
  5. You saw right. A couple of fumbles, snap over the punters head for a safety, and a couple of Ints....one being a pick 6. Settled down and started rolling in the 2nd qtr, and went into halftime up 21-20. Monroe is a good looking team. We had to keep pounding the ball to get them wore down. I think we had a 15 play 8 min drive in the 2nd half.
  6. KM2ASU

    Final Brackets Posted

    And if you do have to have split conferences, then don't guarantee a 1 or 2 seed in a classification if you don't finish in the top 4.
  7. KM2ASU

    Top Ten Offenses and Defenses

    Is this list from MaxPreps stats? Through week 8? KM 348.5 Offense (the last 2 weeks without a running QB)
  8. KM2ASU

    Poster Roll Call

    C'mon Man......You didn't give the Southside Eagles any love?
  9. KM2ASU

    Kings Mountain at Hunter Huss

    I can guarantee that last nights game will not be forgotten. I hope KM draws Huss in the playoffs....it was a route with our back up qb. I'd love nothing more than to end their season.
  10. KM2ASU

    2017 BIG SOUTH

    I may be wrong, but is it possible to have a scenario where there is at least a 3 way tie for first, #1 and #2 Seed is determined, Odd man out is seeded at large, and then draw one of the teams they tied with in the first round?
  11. After years of re-alignment, where teams had Non-Conference scheduling issues, and then top/bottom heavy conference play, the 2017 version of the Big South should be giving fans their money's worth. 4 teams sitting undefeated in conference play.....all play each other this week, then flip around and play each other next week, and in 2 weeks after that flip around and play each other to end the regular season. Like I said early in the season, I see all kinds of scenarios....One team could win out, or all 4 could beat up on each other until the end.....the scenario that doesn't end up well for one or two teams, is a possible tie, then being seeded as an At Large by (whatever method), and possibly having to match up with a Big South team in the first round. No Predictions....just saying as far as....Huss, KM, Crest, and Ashbrook....I think all can and will play better, and I think injuries are factoring in with all four.... Whoever makes the play-offs out of the Big South will be battle tested this year.
  12. With move in weekend at App, I wonder what a 321 trip might be like on Friday night?
  13. KM @ SC in week 2. Both open this week. Does anyone happen to know if either Watauga or TCR video stream their games? Thanks
  14. Unfortunately this event has become an after thought in the County, because of the unavoidable conflict with the American Legion World Series. With that said, tonight's line-up for the 19th Annual Cleveland County Jamboree @ Kings Mtn High School. 6:00 CREST vs West Forsyth 7:00 BURNS vs AC Reynolds 8:00 SHELBY vs JM Robinson 9:00 KINGS MTN vs Newton-Conover Gates open at 5:00 - Admission $10.00
  15. Personal favorite. Kings Mtn Homecoming 2010 vs Ashbrook. KM down 21-6 at halftime. Early 3rd qtr, shot gun snap sails over QB head into endzone to put Ashbrook up 27-6. Around 4 min mark of 3rd qtr, Ashbrook player has to be carted off the field. KM regroups during the break, and scores 5 TD's over the next 16 min to pull out the win 41-34.