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  1. KM2ASU

    Busy day in Cleveland County

    The only reason I referred to it as a Juco was their classes are taught through York Tech, so I just assumed if you played 2 years, you could end up with an Associate Degree.
  2. KM2ASU

    Busy day in Cleveland County

    I've heard about the place in Rock Hill for a couple of years, but I don't have enough information about any success stories coming out of there to comment.
  3. KM2ASU

    Busy day in Cleveland County

    KM had a small SR class (14), but these are the ones I know to round out Cleveland County. Ricaylen Mack - Ramah JC DJ Bagwell - Charlotte (enrolled already) Xavier Brown - St Augustine James Ussery - Lenoir Rhyne Bryce Fisher - UNC-A (baseball) Quinton Davidson - Limestone Albert Hope - Ramah JC
  4. I’ll say it.... KM asked Catholic if they would be interested in coming to the Cleveland Co Jamboree to play KM. Of course that has to go through Crest since they are the host school. I told Catholic that a month ago. Tremendous respect between the two staffs. What better way to get your kids ready for the season than to prep for Catholic?
  5. All outside opinions as far as KM is concerned. ACR is a very good program and this years team is no different. Nobody from KM thinks we are just riding up there to “finesse” another win. Should be a good game and a great atmosphere. Looking forward to the challenge of playing a well coached and classy team.
  6. KM2ASU

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    Welcome to Greyhound Hollow.....Home of the Mountaineers
  7. KM2ASU

    3A west playoffs

    You’re right, did not think about any auto 3s. I think the Montgomery Central issue was solved last night.
  8. KM2ASU

    3A west playoffs

    I understand. I just hope the NCHSAA has learned from the past (i.e. Currituck, South Caldwell, etc.)
  9. KM2ASU

    3A west playoffs

    I just found this.....I guess I should have looked earlier. For split conferences, the top team in each classification of the conference will receive an automatic bid. So, in a 3A/4A split conference, the top 4A team will get in automatically and the top 3A team will get in automatically, regardless of where they finish in the overall standings. That means if the first four teams in the overall conference standings are all 4A teams and the fifth team is a 3A team, then the 3A team gets in automatically. The one caveat is that the team must have an overall winning percentage of at least .500 or finish in the top three spots of the overall standings to be seeded as a conference champion. If that isn't the case, the team gets in, but is seeded as an at-large team. at least .500 OR in the top 3 spots. Here's my only issue. I know they are a new school but we're talking about an overall 3 SEED in the 3A Play-offs right? They played one non-conference 3A school (lost)- NINE 2A schools(3-5) - and one non conference 1A school, yet they will be seeded #3 in the 3A play-offs?, IF they beat Mt Pleasant. Possible 4-7 and a #3 seed
  10. KM2ASU

    3A west playoffs

    Based on what Hughes told me....Chris correct me if I'm wrong.....Montgomery Central only gets an Automatic Seed from the Rocky River 2A/3A, if they finish 1st or 2nd in the conference overall, and have a winning record. I think they will finish out behind West Stanley and Anson for sure, dropping them to 3rd at best. Then they would have to be an At Large based on MPAR, which is now 70. The Big South will be determined by a Draw if it comes down to it. (Crest draws 1st, Huss draws 2nd, and KM gets the number left)...alphabetical order, First Place, Second Place and 3rd Place, ...3rd place seeded as an At Large, then MPAR is used to place those seedings. If I'm looking at it right, there will be 2 Conference Champions in 3A West, and 5 second place teams, so the top At Large as I see it now gets the 8 Seed. The last week of the Season will have 4-5 games of interest to watch in the 3A West.
  11. Chris, you have a lot going on...I just didn't want Cagle's popcorn to get stale lol
  12. KM@Crest Nov 8....FV@KM Next week & Crest BYE
  13. KM2ASU


    I’m not counting Catholic out of anything. We scrimmaged Parkwood this year, and I liked the scrimmage they gave us. I’m not up on where they’re at with injuries or anything, but I’m not surprised to see them where they’re at. They were physical and had a different scheme on D.
  14. KM2ASU

    South Point at Burns

    Jan's is the Wiener Works(KM) of Fallston.....we always stop there on JV night.
  15. KM2ASU

    Kings Mountain vs Shelby

    Game Facts: Very Big Crowd and our kids fed off of them. Shelby under 150 yds total offense with a turnover KM 4 1st half sacks, and 6 total and Yes all 3 Shelby WRs played With all that said, Shelby will still be a very tough matchup for most 2A Teams, and I see them still playing into mid December.