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  1. Cagle89


    Good Luck, Coach Ware.
  2. Cagle89


    I know I know 😔
  3. Cagle89


    Us Raiders could only hope lol... Hopefully they turn into a running team.. Good Luck if he goes to App State.
  4. Cagle89

    East Gaston

    SP by 35
  5. Cagle89

    Larry Dowdy

    Come on Larry just choose UNC.
  6. Cagle89

    Larry Dowdy

    Heard he backed out.
  7. Cagle89

    2AA State Finals: Shelby vs. North Davidson

    Let's see if Shelby comes out and puts the game away now.
  8. Cagle89

    2AA State Finals: Shelby vs. North Davidson

    I think HB or SP could've beat this ND team. This might get ugly....
  9. Cagle89

    2A State Finals: Reidsville vs. Northeastern

    Congratulations Reidsville!
  10. Cagle89

    2AA State Finals: Shelby vs. North Davidson

    What about out East y'all know what channels?
  11. Cagle89

    3A State Finals: Charlotte Catholic vs. Jacksonville

    My Rockycord days I just knew I was done for lololol... What ever happened to Concord fans? How's the book club guys?
  12. Cagle89

    2AA West Finals: Shelby 28, Hibriten 21

    I'm still salty we lost to Hibriten. I guess it's better to lose to y'all than lose to Shelby twice in a season lol.... Go on and win the damn thang Shelby... Hold that head high Hibriten great run.