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  1. redstorm

    West Forsyth at East Forsyth

    East RB Marshall went out with what looked like a shoulder injury early. He didn't return. Does anyone know the extent of the injury?
  2. redstorm

    West Forsyth at East Forsyth

    East scores cuts it to 3. 34-31 West with 10:40 to play.
  3. redstorm

    West Forsyth at East Forsyth

    34-24 West with 3 minutes to go in the 3rd. West has the ball.
  4. redstorm

    West Forsyth at East Forsyth

    21-10 West. West has a solid grip oon this game. 7 seconds till halftime.
  5. redstorm

    West Forsyth at East Forsyth

    14-10 west leading. 2:44 till halftime. East Forsyth home crowd is horrible. It's a bunch of them here but they are not making noise at all. West crowd is giving them more if a home field advantage. #1 for West Wilson is the real deal.
  6. redstorm

    East Forsyth at Grimsley

    Can't play like that next week. West Forsyth will beat them if they do.
  7. redstorm

    East Forsyth at Grimsley

    Shouldn't be close. Int returned for td called back. Lost Fumble inside the 5 yard line for East but 21-14 east.
  8. East played sloppy. Too many turnovers.
  9. Both these teams looked very good.
  10. How do we watch this game in TV?
  11. Most of the games I have watched have been real dogfights. Great games in all classes. But both the 4A and 4AA games were battles.
  12. What I really mean is the school is not big enough to handle the amount of kids in the area these days.where would you add onto either of those schools? It's not like they have space around them. I went to Carver by the way. East by 9 over PR.
  13. Carver and north Forsyth are out dated schools. If any needs to not be opened it's these two.As far as I know the school board doesn't take "football powerhouse" into consideration when deciding to build a new school.
  14. 41-7 final score. East to the 4th round.