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  1. jacks2start

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    Sure hate to see the REAL grass go.. it want be the same
  2. jacks2start

    A.L. Brown’s Terry Berryman passes away

    Praying for the Berryman family and the entire AL Brown community.
  3. jacks2start

    SPC early review

    have to wait and see who takes the field, not sure coach doesn't move some players around at Qb, what hurts kann and concord now is the size at Qb, yall at 5-9 150lb, us at 5-8 135lb. At least for the next few years the days of the tall gunslinger Qb's at both schools are gone, No 6-7 Beecher or 6-3 Medley,, no real rush attack from either team at the Qb spot will make it much easier for teams to focus on there gameplan better against each school. Kann always has a little more size than concord, but also have a better strength program, (young)game experience I think will be a bigger problem for kann than what the fans are use to seeing, flags have been another problem that has crept up for kann over the last two years. Don't worry the program is still miles ahead of what others will bring to the table for next year.. I really put no stock in the JV win numbers kann always does well there, but it doesn't carry over to the Varsity like people would think it would because the other 5 jv schools programs against kann are never really good to be honest.. Everyone knows that those win numbers don't mean much against low player teams that are depleted already because they have the better players already moved up to the varsity. Only time will tell but I think it will turn out Northwest followed by Kannapolis, CC, Robinson, CM and then Concord. With nobody going past the 2nd round of playoffs next year.
  4. jacks2start

    SPC early review

    1)Northwest will be a easy favorite with the QB and RB both being the best at there spots in the conference 2)Concord loses about 15 or 16 Sr's, the RB is the only returning true point producer, sheer numbers and sheer size will again be a problem, they drop Hough and Berry and add Sun Valley and Statesville, another 1-10 or 2-9 likely. 3)Kannapolis loses 28 or so Sr's, all the skill spots, QB, RB's, LB, a few O and D lineman. Return about 3 on the O side and 4 or 5 on the D,, most all the Seniors were the point producers and starters on both sides of the ball and special teams, they drop Marvin Ridge and Hopewell, not sure who they added. Basically the JV team moving up will be 90% of the starters for next year.. 8-3 is my guess for next yr. 4)CM,Robinson,CC still about the same, maybe a game better or worse either way on a given Friday. With only a 5 game conference, next season is already decided, the game winner of Northwest vs Kann will be the champs..
  5. Direct-Tv ,, chan. 18 for the Vance game
  6. jacks2start

    3A West: Charlotte Catholic 28, Hunter Huss 7

    last I heard was CC 6-0, but that was a while ago
  7. jacks2start

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    news broke , they have let him go
  8. jacks2start

    3A West: Kings Mountain 49, NW Cabarrus 28

    😀 waited all yr for that ,lol …
  9. jacks2start

    3A West: Kings Mountain 49, NW Cabarrus 28

    For anyone who hasn't been to NW the last 5 or 6 weeks and saw them live I can tell you they have on many on those games pulled the starters late in the 3rd or so and finished the backups, the scores could have been much higher, just this past Friday against Tuscola after scoring 3 td's the starting rb blake was taking out after a small injury before halftime and the 4Q was played with a ton of backups,, and a few were just moved up jv players, not the current varsity backups.. KM can be beat, it all keys around there rb Mack and then around Wade, contain those two and this game could be very well even. I agree at this time on the year any team on any given night can win,, with injury's, the weather or field condition anything can happen. NW better be ready, 2 slow all running mountain teams they faced so far aren't what KM will bring to the table.
  10. jacks2start

    3AA West: A.C. Reynolds 22, Sun Valley 14

    think he is a East Carolina commit
  11. jacks2start

    3AA West: Watauga 49, Parkland 26

    I'll have to also take Parkland here.. they have 4 or 5 guys who are just really good at being really sound players, They will be the bigger faster team. With Watauga being a very run heavy team I think that plays more into the hands of Parkland.. But the Mountain can be like the Bermuda triangle sometimes for some teams..
  12. jacks2start

    3A East: Havelock 64, Franklinton 30

    Havelock 35-7..
  13. jacks2start

    4AA West: Vance 34, Ardrey Kell 0

    4 to 5 TD win....rout
  14. jacks2start

    3AA West: Weddington 33, South Iredell 6

    I think this game could be a Weddington win by 3 td's, it may not get full blown ugly but Weddington moves on easy
  15. jacks2start

    #13 Southwest Guilford at #4 South Iredell

    33-21 SI,, I believe