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  1. cowboys1987

    Bracket wizards

    The biggest problem with predicting now is not knowing the most updated AMPRs before the final bracket comes out. It is fun to try and you can get fairly close but there’s a lot more that goes into now.
  2. cowboys1987

    Montgomery Central High School

    As I said before, that would be a lot of moving parts. Monroe and Parkwood were denied their appeal so they will stay 3A. Leaving them in the Rocky River makes the most sense for now. After two years, they will go into a 3A league.
  3. cowboys1987

    Montgomery Central High School

    I would think they would allow them to play in the Rocky River just so that 3 conferences are not affected, instead only 1 (Yadkin Valley). It would only be for 2 years until the next realignment takes place.
  4. cowboys1987

    Blurred lines

    This wouldn't be correct bc of the number of academies/charters left in 1a. With this model, you would only have 50 or so football playing schools. There are more schools in 1A than what plays football. This is why 1A went back to 64 teams in select sports playoffs.
  5. cowboys1987

    ADM's are out!

    That is correct. As of right now the cutoff would be between Northwest Cabarrus and Ashebrook, depending on whose projections you look at. There are still a few games this week that could adjust that number. If Monroe becomes eligible to make it, then Northwest would go big.
  6. cowboys1987


    Not on the adjusted rankings. You ha e to use the NCHSAA adjusted rankings. Monroe is 52 and Cuth is 69
  7. cowboys1987


    Well there is a rule that says they will not put a team in above a higher finishing conference team regardless of their adjusted maxpreps ranking.
  8. cowboys1987


    So with Monroe and Cuthbertson tied with the same record in conference, even though Cuthbertson won the head to head, will the NCHSAA allow Monroe to go to the playoffs? Or will they still consider Cuthbertson to be the higher finishing team in conference play?
  9. cowboys1987

    Maxprep adjusted rankings

    Thank you for explaining this. I by no means think the adjusted rankings are accurate, but I feel like so many people do not understand the process and believe we will just seed the teams 1-64 or 1-48 and leave the rest at home.
  10. South Stanly is looking for two games for the 2017/18 seasons. We weeks 1,3, and 5 open. We need for them to be home games in 2017 to balance out the schedule. One could possibly be away but if week 5 has to be a home game. Contact Coach Frodge at bradley.frodge@stanlycountyschools.org or (980) 581-6876.
  11. The hardest part of being hired in Stanly County right now is you do not know what the future holds. Will you even have a school to provide you with a team in a year or two? Or will you be forced to combine two teams into one? Will there be two co-head coaches at the new schools or will one coach be asked to step down to be an assistant? Coach Johnson did an excellent job at West Stanly. The mentality of the program changed under Johnson, as has previously been stated.
  12. cowboys1987

    More news from Albemarle.

    What's the title of it Buddy?
  13. cowboys1987

    More news from Albemarle.

    I believe it is difficult to shut Albemarle down too based on its central location, but sadly enough education today is tied to money. I personally believe that the school board has the best interest of students in mind when making these decisions. I do not believe they are out for vengence or greed. From what I have seen and heard, this is going to happen and it will happen fast. The worst parents can do is not send their kids to the new schools. How many parents can afford to do that? Someone in this deal is going to be hurt, but I don't think it is the students in the long run. Jim you said it, athletics may suffer to begin with, but in the long run this could be good for athletics as a whole in Stanly County. Yes, you leave some students out because now they are cut, but if they get cut, should they have been playing the sport anyways? Btango said it as well, Albemarle struggles fielding sports other than football and basketball. They will not have jv softball, did not have wrestling this year. South Stanly struggles fielding all sports. No mens soccer, no jv girls bball, maybe no jv softball. North can't even field a jv football team. To me, these changes help boost numbers at these schools and maybe more kids can play. If you can't even field a team then no one plays that sport.
  14. cowboys1987

    More news from Albemarle.

    I feel like too many people are hitting the panic button on an issue that is yet to be resolved. The board has yet to fully explain their plans. The biggest hitch in either plan going into effect will be travel of students and athletics. I think people should be patient and see what the official plans will be before jumping to conclusions. I work in Stanly County Schools, so this is most definitely a time of turmoil. I think we need to consider the education aspect of it first, and then worry about where athletics fall. I am also a coach, so to me the concern is will I have a coaching job at one of the new schools or a teaching job for that matter. I would like to think I would. Like I said, I feel that instead of jumping to conclusions about what MIGHT happen, SHOULD happen, or COULD happen, we should hear the board out. Remember, we did vote them to lead our school system. If you don't like it VOTE!!
  15. What can you tell us YVC guys about him? (I.E. offensive/defensive systems)