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  1. Owen Stampede

    WHC week 8

    For the record, I said I felt Owen could win out if they played to their potential, with that being said even before Brevard I felt we were under achieving and I am still not convinced after thumping Franklin that we are where we need to be. I do fully expect to win Friday but that's not up to me. It's in the hands of kids. I do want to say that I am finished posting, not because of a hissy fit or any thing like that. In fact it is a show of self control. I feel that these message boards are a source of bringing out the worst in myself, so I have chosen weeks ago to put it down. I am a Christian man and want to be the best representation of that, that I can be and despite the fact I dont feel I have done anything that I feel is non Christian like, I still feel I can be better. If you have a drinking problem, you dont go to the beer aisle in the grocery store. So I am done. Yall have a great time on here and I will still go to the games and enjoy myself and enjoy the rest of my life with my beautiful family the other 6 days of the week and leave this stuff behind. I have met alot of folks from these boards that are great people and many I couldn't stand on the boards I actually liked in person. Truth is we are all passionate about our teams and in more ways than not, are alot more alike than we would like to admit. Like I said have a good time ladies and gentlemen on these boards. They have been a source of great entertainment for me for years. I'm sure I will come by and read when I need a good laugh but posting is over. Shame ole Stampede all you want. It doesnt matter. What do you really gain? I'm nobody, but God, well, he is Great!
  2. Owen Stampede

    Wnc scores

    I agree. 10's ball looks better but 8 can run it.
  3. Owen Stampede

    Wnc scores

    Brevard had around 175 yards of O and Owen had around 50 or 60. Great defense by Brevard. Our D played pretty well but didnt get much help from the offense or the kicking game.
  4. Owen Stampede

    Wnc scores

    Brevard is dominating us. Our D has been on the field all night
  5. Owen Stampede

    Wnc scores

    Muffed kick return by Owen. Player who muffed it, this is his first game of the year
  6. Owen Stampede

    Wnc scores

    I'm watching on tv by the way. Gibbs hit right as he released the ball. You cant stop 325 on a dime. I would like to see the refs put on a fat suit and try it. It was a legal hit.
  7. Owen Stampede

    Wnc scores

    They have only had 3 to 4 possessions. That's a joke. 1st possession 3 and out. They were aided by a roughing the passer which is crap and a pass interference or they wouldn't have got the 3.
  8. Owen Stampede

    Owen JV

    And apparently you have not a team that you root for since you are too afraid to use it in your screen name.
  9. Owen Stampede

    Owen JV

    Yet when Stampede says Owen can beat any said team there fans lose their minds because how dare Stampede feel his team could beat theirs
  10. Owen Stampede

    Owen JV

    That's fine. You also played them first game. Teams get better and change. You also narrowly beat Erwin who got drug by ACR which we beat so despite your shot at trying diminish the 4-0 start as if Heritage is better holds no value to me just like your efforts to diminish what Owen has at the varsity level. And dont say that's not what you were trying to do because there is no reason to state what your score was against a like opponent unless that was what you were trying to do. Good day. See you in a few weeks.
  11. Owen Stampede

    Owen JV

    Owen's JV moves to 4-0 with a 22-14 victory over Brevard
  12. Owen Stampede


    Yep. Craziest thing I ever seen. The kids acted like they didnt even want to be there. No effort. QB ran backwards 90% of the time. Needs to learn to step up in the pocket. He has the tools but his head hasn't caught up yet. I feel like we lost last night
  13. Owen Stampede


    True. I remember in 2006 we played similar to this vs Mitchell at Mitchell and lost. Then we beat them in the playoffs. I would have took a win that night if we could have gotten it.
  14. Owen Stampede


    We have played terrible. We score only to get called back. Fumbled the next play. We have 3 or 4 turnovers. Penalties, you name it. Just terrible. 13-0. We dont deserve to win playing like this.
  15. Owen Stampede


    I agree you took what we were giving but with your speed we weren't gonna get in your face plus I think that was the game plan for ACR so that we wouldn't be able to get pressure on the qb. He very rarely tool a drop. Just snap turn and throw. It was a smart move I think. We would have undoubtedly got pressure on him if they had not done that.