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  1. Owen Stampede

    Owen at East Henderson

    November 12th 2010. Great game and great fun
  2. Owen Stampede

    Owen at East Henderson

    It's the last time we played is all I know. Owen has won as much as those boys have since. Come on over to a game and see if it's like Walmart.
  3. Owen Stampede

    Owen at East Henderson

    Yeah OWEN is gonna win. I guess the last time Owen traveled to Newton Conover and laid the wood to you guys it slurred your speech so that you add letters to the end of your words.😉
  4. Owen Stampede

    Owen at East Henderson

    Lol. I agree...home field will be a plus this year because I really feel the top 4 in the WHC will be tough and will likely be one of the toughest conferences in the state.
  5. Owen Stampede

    Owen at East Henderson

    Mitchell has a good kicking game. I feel confident we have a good kicking game this year. We return a kid who as a freshmen kicked on Varsity last year. He was impressive to be so young and I did watch him kick a 40 yard field goal in middle school as well.
  6. Owen Stampede

    Owen at East Henderson

    I think it's safe to say I have been quiet the last couple years because I knew we were a little behind, but not this year. I'm not gonna say we are BACK just yet but I think it may come to be we are back as the season goes on. We have to compete for the WHC for us to be back because the top is all that matters.
  7. Owen Stampede

    Owen at East Henderson

    I truly think people are gonna be surprised. We have kids that havent played for several years that came out and have a very talented group of returning players. Our line, healthy, will be a big strength for us. Just cant afford injuries. These 4 starters missing early will keep us from hitting our stride till just before conference. It's looking like we will have all of them for North Henderson. I still think we have enough to handle East pretty well. Heck East may surprise me but I have confidence in this Owen team.
  8. Owen will be without 4 starters on both sides of the ball and East is at home with something to prove but so does Owen. Sleep on Owen if you want and pick them 4th in the WHC. No worries, they will wake you up. Owen 35 East Henderson 7
  9. Owen Stampede

    Mitchell @ Erwin

    I say Mitchell wins the 1st and 3rd quarters and tire late in the 2nd and 4th quarters but hold on to win 35-27
  10. Owen Stampede

    WHC Season Opener (Aug 23rd)

    Owen is at East
  11. Owen Stampede

    WNC conference picks

    SMC 1.Robbinsville 2.Murphy 3.Swain WHC 1.Owen 2.Heritage 3.Mitchell WMAC 1. West Henderson 2. ACR 3. Asheville MTN6 1.Smoky 2.Pisgah 3.Hendersonville
  12. Owen Stampede

    WHC 2019

    Providing we can stay healthy Owen is gonna surprise. The first 2 games we will be without 3 starters on both sides of the ball and possibly a 4th but I still feel we should beat East and we shall see about ACR. Then we get those 3 back. We have a handful of guys playing this year whom havent played since freshmen year and have 2 that just moved in waiting for clearance to play. Plus we got Saevion back so we are a new look, much improved squad. This conference is Heritage's until someone knocks them off but I believe Owen or Mitchell can and Polk is a wild card with the new transfers so who knows what Ollis might get done. The WHC might be the toughest conference in the Mountains this year. Its gonna be fun but like I said, at Owen, if we have injuries it can cripple us, the same goes for the rest of the WHC. With 1a and 2a schools you cant overcome to many major injuries. 1 or 2 players make a huge difference and you usually lose a starter on both sides of the ball when someone goes down.
  13. You're welcome my friend. Your league makes it tough. I think you will see improvement week by week and your record might not indicate how good your team is. Brewer will make a competitive team out of McDowell. There has to be talent in that school. Too good at basketball and baseball not to.
  14. McDowell against 1st team defense for 10 plays starting at own 40 was probably minus 10 yards. Against 2nd team defense scored on a 40 yard run. Owen vs MCdowell 1st team ended up at the goal line on 10th play. Second 10 play scored once and ended up inside 15 as it ended. I am not sure how much subbing McDowell did but Owen subbed alot. 12 minute game situation from the 25 Owen scored very quickly on a short pass play that was taken to the house. Probably a 60 yard play. McDowell then scored on a run by number 5 I believe who squirted out around the left side and took it about 40. Then Owen scored on another long pass play maybe 40 yards in the air and 20 more on the run after catch. McDowell ran a few plays and it was over. They were stopped short of first down on 3rd and long and time expired. Number 1 and and number 5 are pretty good play makers for McDowell. There line was decent sized but against Owen first team line Owen dominated. Vs some subs McDowell held up well. Our line is our strength so I expect to win there virtually every night if we stay healthy. Depth is an issue there. In fact 1 of our front got hurt the 3rd play of the scrimmage and I'm not sure the extent of the injury but he didn't play the rest of the scrimmage. Hopefully he will be fine. We were also missing 3 starters for disciplinary reasons that will be out vs East Hendo and ACR too. I sure would like to see us at full strength. If we are healthy come conference I see us contending. After talking to our coach's last night they were being very careful to keep folks healthy which is why the starters played very little. Besides that the play call was very vanilla. Most teams dont want to show much in a scrimmage. I'm not sure how well McDowell will be this year but I believe Brewer will get them on track. Speaking of Brewer he got rolled up on one play and hurt his knee. Hope he is ok
  15. Owen Stampede

    How will the 3A mountains teams do?

    Cool. Glad they worked it out