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  1. My bottom 10 teams would be Madison Rosman North Henderson Andrews Hayesville Enka McDowell Smoky Mountain North Buncombe East Henderson If it weren't for the last 15-20 years Heritage would have made this list but they have had a pretty sustained amount of success during this time. I almost took Smoky off this list because of the Streeter days and the last couple years but they have been awful in between
  2. Of course in 1a Mitchell has had a pretty good run in playoffs but in the same time of their success in those playoffs, Heritage has won the WHC more and beat them head to head with good runs in the 2a playoffs
  3. No order ACR Asheville Owen Brevard Pisgah Robbinsville Murphy Swain Hendersonville Mitchell/Heritage- toss up due to Mitchell has had a more lengthy resume but though shorter Heritage's resume is pretty good. Meaning their success has been stretched over a longer period of time but maybe not perhaps as good. I'm sure some will argue that my list is wrong but as a full body of work and not just recent memory I think its pretty close. Some other teams I considered were Franklin, Avery, Polk and Tuscola
  4. I dont know if he was necessarily done dirty but the situation was not a good one. He is a good coach and I'm glad he landed on his feet.
  5. Good for him. I'm glad he is getting another shot. His tenure at East Rutherford is good to see. I think he might have been the Owen coach had that been the case when he applied for our job before going to East. Glad to see Warhorses continuing to excel. I believe this is a good hire for East.
  6. Owen Stampede

    Players from the West

    Here it is
  7. Owen Stampede

    Players from the West

    Somebody mentioned him earlier
  8. Owen Stampede

    Players from the West

    Dont feel bad I didnt even know he was from Avery till this year and Avery is in our conference
  9. Owen Stampede

    Players from the West

    Not pro but Roy William's at UNC played at TC Roberson and coached at Owen as his first coaching job
  10. Owen Stampede

    Players from the West

    Jager Gardner at Temple from Owen and Rico Dowdle at South Carolina from ACR could make an NFL roster somewhere. Unfortunately Jager broke his ankle a couple weeks back so that is gonna hurt his chances to show out for some teams but that kid works hard and will bounce back
  11. Owen Stampede

    Players from the West

    Pretty sure he played for a couple NFL teams and played at Hendersonville High
  12. Owen Stampede

    Players from the West

    You're welcome
  13. Owen Stampede

    Players from the West

    I dont know of any. I know there are some in foreign leagues. David Weaver played at Owen and Wake Forest and he play over seas
  14. Owen Stampede

    Players from the West

    ACR hasn't had pro athletes I dont think but they have 2 country music superstars in Chase Rice and Luke Combs