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  1. Any word on Cherokee vs Swain?
  2. BigDevil79

    WNC Week 4 Picks

    For me it's because it is at the Pit and I would never discount any Franklin team. Until we are about 30+ points ahead will I be confident lmao.
  3. BigDevil79

    WNC Week 4 Picks

    Game of the Week: Christ School at Murphy, 38-28 Camden Military Academy at Asheville School, 21-14 Erwin at Reynolds, 49-17 Enka at Tuscola, 28-27 West Henderson at North Buncombe, 49-42 Owen at North Henderson, 24-19 Roberson at Asheville, 49-28 Brevard at Madison, 56-3 Newton Conover at Hendersonville, 42-38 Mountain Heritage at Stuart Cramer, 28-27 Andrews at North Georgia, 14-12 Asheville Gladiators at Cherokee, 35-21 Hayesville at Lookout Valley, 16-13 Mitchell at McDowell, 42-8 Swain at Franklin, 24-21 Rabun Gap-Nacoochee at Robbinsville, 21-20 East Henderson at Chase, 28-16 Rosman at Smoky Mountain, 56-6 North Wilkes at Avery, 42-16 Once again, i'm pulling for Murphy to win, just not sure at all how the game will play out and CS is the most explosive team they have faced by far. Lets go SMC!
  4. BigDevil79

    WNC Week 3 Picks

    Lord considering how many failed to pick that game, and me picking Georgia Force, we all must've all been off last week lmao. Thanks for all the hard work you put in around here Paul, we greatly appreciate it!
  5. BigDevil79

    WNC Week 3 Picks

    Knights, SMC Observer, titanman47 and wormyone47 didn’t pick a winner for Pisgah vs Tuscola. That’s great news, thanks for the update!
  6. BigDevil79

    WNC Week 3 Picks

    Prayers for them kids, damn I want a healthy, competitive Hayesville, they deserves it.
  7. BigDevil79

    East Surry 1AA looks to be scary good

    We may not be at the level we were in 2011- 2014 but you know damn well we ain’t running away or trying to get out of any game or classification. I can’t speak for any other teams you mentioned but Swain never has played that admissions game.
  8. BigDevil79

    WNC Week 3 Picks

    I may have made a mistake boys!
  9. BigDevil79

    WNC Week 3 Picks

    To clear the air I am rooting for y'all, I just need to catch up to you in this pick em somehow lmao. Stop being an oracle man!
  10. BigDevil79

    WNC Week 3 Picks

    Whats the word? I hope everyone is alright...
  11. BigDevil79

    WNC Week 3 Picks

    Murphy at Georgia Force: 28-24 Pisgah at Tuscola: 20-14 Asheville Saints at Asheville School: 30-20 Swain at Enka: 49-14 Avery County at North Buncombe: 63-48 Reynolds at Owen 28-13 Roberson at Kings Mountain: 42-28 West Henderson at East Henderson: 56-13 Rosman at Madison: 7-6 Hendersonville at Asheville: 42-35 Brevard at East Rutherford: 21-20 Smoky Mountain at Cherokee: 63-0 Trinity Academy at Mitchell: 63-12 RS Central at Polk County: 35-21 Rabun Gap-Nacoochee at Franklin: 28-24 McDowell at Patton: 42-28 Hayesville at Tellico Plains: 35-34 Robbinsville at Erwin: 28-27 Tough week of picks here, really hoping Rosman can get in that win column.
  12. BigDevil79

    WNC Week 2 Picks

    Way to go SMCObserver! Thanks again Paul for keeping score!
  13. BigDevil79

    Smoky at Swain

    True that, #6 Groenwald is a stud to say the least, only a Sophomore as well. He had those guys beat and worried throughout the game, Smoky was real nervous about that post route and he still got em to bite, good head fakes by Lossiah as well to get him some separation.
  14. BigDevil79

    Smoky at Swain

    Hell of a pass...
  15. BigDevil79

    WNC Week 2 Picks

    Friday, Aug. 30 - Week 2 Murphy at Franklin 35-24 Asheville School at Oakbrook Prep 42-20 Erwin at Mountain Heritage 42-24 Enka at Pisgah 49-17 North Buncombe at Madison 35-13 Reynolds at Shelby 35-34 Crest at Roberson 28-7 East Henderson at North Henderson 35-14 Hendersonville at West Henderson 31-24 Asheville at Burns 24-21 Carolina Gladiators at Andrews 35-16 Rosman at Brevard 56-16 Cherokee at Choctaw Central 28-7 Cannon at Mitchell 56-6 Polk County at North Gaston 17-8 Tuscola at Rhea County 35-13 East Burke at McDowell 20-12 Robbinsville at Life Christian 35-8 Smoky Mountain at Swain 26-21 Game of the Week West Wilkes at Avery 35-24 Cooper Basin at Hayesville 21-20