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  1. Paul Graham

    WNC Top 20

    Nice list Titanman. I have to agree with Reynolds at 1 and Asheville at 2. Then I put it Heritage, Pisgah, Murphy, Mitchell, Smoky, Brevard, Erwin but it could really change quick. Smoky looks like they are going to be quite good, but the MTN6 is a meat grinder. Murphy, as usual, is a title contender with talent and the best lineman in WNC in Murgharbil(sp). Mitchell will be explosive while pisgah moves up some seriously good players from JV. The next 10 is led by Robbinsville, then Hendersonville, Owen, Franklin, TCR, West, Swain, Polk, Madison and East. East can score but better figure out how to stop teams real quick. Swain will surprise a lot of people this season as will Madison. Polk is always solid and should make some noise in the WHC. Hendo must reload and Franklin is still filling holes left from last season. WNC is the SMC, MTN6, WHC and MAC, always has been. There is also NW NC and the Foothills. If you want to get really technical then CMS is in WNC. We all know where we are talking about so quit splitting hairs.
  2. Paul Graham

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    With what Pisgah has coming up to Varsity this season everybody better look out. The Black Bears should break into the top 15 after tier non-conference schedule is complete. They host Smoky in the first MTN6 game of the season and that could be for the conference title.
  3. Paul Graham

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    Pisgah should be, Smoky could be. Brevard is tough every year. Swain is right where they need to be. They haven't been the typical Swain in several years but I do feel they should be significantly better this season.
  4. Paul Graham

    Mountain 6 2019

    Fine. I only take things down that are about kids, coaches, or inflammatory.
  5. Paul Graham

    Mountain 6 2019

    HUK, send me a PM about this if you would. Thanks
  6. Paul Graham

    Who was the best 2A team ever in N.C.

    Not at all, just not a greatest of all time team
  7. Paul Graham

    Who was the best 2A team ever in N.C.

    They also lost in the regular season to a 4-loss McDowell team.....
  8. Paul Graham

    Realignment Process Delayed...NC Seeks to Add 5A in 2021

    Wouldn't this be a better split? In the East Hoggard Laney Ashley Clayton Jordan Hillside Hoke Richmond In the West NW Guilford West Forsyth Pinecrest Reagan Lake Norman Page Moresville Cox Mill Grimsley
  9. Paul Graham

    Mountain 6 2019

    2nd best team since SW days. Pisgah is the favorite to win the MTN6 but if they stumble any little bit and Smoky can actually convert a laughably weak NC schedule into conference success they can win it. I predict the Pisgah Smoky game in Canton will be a packed house if they are both winning. Hendo and Franklin will battle for third place while Brevard and East bring up the rear.
  10. Paul Graham

    Mountain Heritage Schedule

    There is a crazy rule about fair catching a punt inside your 35 and getting to attempt a free FG??? it happened in an Asheville Franklin game in 99 or 2000. I know its a little ifferent than attempting FG's but it was weird
  11. Paul Graham

    How will the 3A mountains teams do?

    outscored 250-23 before won a game in the series, wow.
  12. Paul Graham

    Could these 1A Schools be sleepers

    is Pursley the new OC?
  13. Murphy Head Coach David Gentry has earned another distinguished honor in his long and storied career. Just 7 wins away from becoming the all-time winningist coach in NC history, Gentry was enshrined in the National High School Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame. https://www.citizen-times.com/story/sports/high-school/hshuddle/2019/06/26/murphys-david-gentry-inducted-into-national-hall-fame/1569166001/?fbclid=IwAR2cbNBUUdRKtMn2cUKDDIDdAozj22KSM26e9two9VYa7MGAmb7P4IBEEx8
  14. Paul Graham

    Who was the best 2A team ever in N.C.

    yeah they did. big offensive and defensive line for the time. As for size then versus now, i think it has to do with all the hormones and steroids in our meat and milk. Kids are simply bigger today than 30 years ago
  15. Paul Graham

    Who was the best 2A team ever in N.C.

    They would contend for a title today. Fast, big, athletic and would knock you head off on defense.