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  1. The numbers (630) bear that out, but it will depend on the restructure of classes and if the NCHSAA puts them back in a 2A to keep geographic continuity.
  2. How many 3A and 4A schools are scheduling Reidsville or Tarboro.? It's not a matter of fear at all, it's a matter of Maxprep ranking. As I said before it does 3A and 4A teams no good to play 1A schools. Maxpreps, despite what you think about your school, does not hold 1A school in the same esteem as larger schools. And East Surry (588) and Reidsville(723) are MUCH closer in size than Tarboro and Scotland(1509), for example. Money aside, its all about seeding and rankings. If it was a fear thing large WNC teams would schedule SMC schools more often.
  3. Nail on the head!!! A loss to a 1A school kills the almighty Maxpreps ranking and no one is willing to take that risk, especially mid level teams that need every single Maxprep point they can get for their playoff seed. Sure, teams like Brown, Catholic or Richmond will likely win that match up, but even with a win it will not help their ranking, so why take the risk?
  4. Paul Graham

    Nick Stevens' realignment plan

    RD, Your right about Scotland, but it is about competitive balance. Myers Park has enough kids to field two or more teams compared to Scotland. It is about depth and available kids to chose from. Take some 1A schools for example. Some of the larger 1A schools have more males than the smaller schools have total kids. This is the crux of the problem. Now before everyone begins squawking about not every kid playing football I understand that but you can't complain about numbers when the playoffs are sub divided and not now. This is the 30/20/20/30 before subdividing and I think it is the best setup right now. It meets the bylaws about classes and still allows for a reasonably equal subdivision and the state still makes money with six champions.
  5. Paul Graham

    Nick Stevens' realignment plan

    1771 vs 3500? That is an interesting match up??
  6. Paul Graham

    Nick Stevens' realignment plan

    I have heard worse plans. This should be really paid attention to as we move forward.
  7. Paul Graham

    matchup 2021

    I give Richmond Senior serious props, but for one game a year nothing beats Milltown.
  8. Paul Graham

    matchup 2021

    It is the best atmosphere for a game in the state, period. I predict the largest 50/50 ever and it should be a much better game than last year. The place will be rocking for sure.
  9. Paul Graham

    BREAKING: State Championships

    yep. I just got back from a cruise and my wife and i were told by our school to stay home for two weeks. There are plans being discussed by a local university to just call this semester a wash and end it if this gets worse.
  10. Paul Graham

    Elite 8

    three charters and one open enrollment in the West Final 4. The direction we're heading.
  11. Paul Graham

    Sleeper 1a teams for this upcoming season

    yes they did. I would love to see a Columbia or Perquimans get on a run and surprise some folks.
  12. Paul Graham

    Sleeper 1a teams for this upcoming season

    both Southside and Northside could be. they have some talent at both schools. I agree about Washington County and Manteo.
  13. Paul Graham

    Sleeper 1a teams for this upcoming season

    Well they will be 1AA for one. Also they are rebuilding this season. I see them making the 2nd round, maybe the third, depending on their seed. They need to finish higher than 3rd in the SMC to get the decent seed they need to make a run. Define over the hump? They won it in '11 and played in it in '12, with regional final appearances in '13 and '14? 93 playoff wins, second only to Shelby's 108?
  14. Paul Graham

    Sleeper 1a teams for this upcoming season

    Robbinsville is 1A. look out for Avery and Polk County this fall. They could join Mtn. Island Charter, Mt. Airy and East Surry as the favorites to advance to the finals. Mentioning Mitchell and Swain here is really not the right place.