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  1. Paul Graham

    Toughest conference from 1A-4A

    1A SMC 2A Southwestern 3A Southern 4A IMeck
  2. Paul Graham

    The 2020 HS football season

    Swain County has been live streaming games for several years and it has not effected their home attendance. It is relatively easy and can help with income.
  3. Paul Graham

    Since 1972 ...

    The Co-Champions decision was the absolute best outcome under these circumstances. I think the NCHSAA jumped the gun on cancelling the finals, but that ship sailed a long time ago. This is the best outcome and I applaud Que Tucker for leading the NCHAA to this decision.
  4. Paul Graham

    The 2020 HS football season

    I would bet the kids working out are the same ones that work extra in the regular and off season.
  5. A shorten spring season should not have an impact on player safety. why would this really effect the majority of seniors? Coaches know who they want. It will have some effect on late bloomers. IF they sign on the traditional signing day and the season overlaps it overlaps. This is a special case and exceptions can be made. If the kid is signed already it then falls to them to choose. yes they are eligible to play after graduation. That ceremony means absolutely nothing in regards to graduating from school. The kid is still enroll until the LEA releases them. I had kids from my class at SMHS that walked but had to come back for summer school before they graduated. All these things are easy to work around if we want football bad enough.
  6. IT is no where near as hot in May as it is in August and playing in the rain never hurt anyone
  7. Paul Graham

    Top Playoff games you seen

    AC Reynolds @ Richmond Senior in '99. A simply outstanding defensive game. Eastern Randolph @ Franklin in 2000 or so. Horrible rain and a very tight defensive game. Mountain Island Charter @ Murphy '16. Athletes everywhere and a back and forth game ending with a blocked PAT West Montgomery @ Swain County '11. Swain gets railed in the first half and then mounts an epic comeback for the win. Shelby @ Pisgah '06. Massive crowd and the Golden Lions slip by Pisgah in the de Facto state title game. Graham @ Swain County '99. Graham upsets the Maroon Devils after a blown call ends the game. Cullowhee @ Rosman '84. Rebels fall 10-7 in a subzero defensive battle. Burlington Cummings @ Rosman '97. The Tigers wishbone converts 4 fourth downs to beat the high powered Cavaliers. Cherokee @ Swain County '01. Swain beats a loaded Braves team in a SMC rematch Elkin @ Hayesville '02. The Buckin Elks turn Hayesville turnovers and dumb penalties into a trip to the finals Kings Mountain @ Smoky Mountain '89. Five overtime classic in Sylva. The Mountaineers slip by the Mustangs after a blown TD call.
  8. Paul Graham

    Since 1972 ...

    It was not a comparison. Robbinsville was not in the WNCHSAA. Those three titles all were in the NCHSAA. They also won titles in '69, '70, '73, '74 and '76. Won a Region 4 title in '65 and lost in '71, and '15. So that makes them 14-2. He was not running Shelby down at all. We all know just how storied the Golden Lions are so lose a little of the aggressive "It's Shelby or no one else," attitude and recognize the work he put into that piece. Just like I'm going to recognize the work you put into yours.
  9. Paul Graham


    The NCHSAA counts all titles from 1930 until present as state titles. https://www.nchsaa.org/sites/default/files/attachments/Football Record Book 102119_0.pdf
  10. Blue Ridge, Nantahala, Highlands. I want to say Columbia and Creswell, maybe
  11. Paul Graham

    Since 1972 ...

    excellent write up!! Oh, and the Holy Trinity thing.......genius.
  12. Paul Graham

    Mascot name change

    wasn't Stecoah the Tornadoes?? Smoky has a grand total of Zero titles. Sylva on the other hand has 6 if you count them the right way. Three each before and after the "modern era."
  13. Murphy head coach and NC all time wins leader David Gentry has announced he is returning for another season with the Bulldogs. https://www.citizen-times.com/story/sports/high-school/hshuddle/2020/04/20/murphys-david-gentry-makes-decision-coaching-future/5166019002/?fbclid=IwAR0dBWJ2haSyqsL5iYtlBcz8cm7UCzppN0qrxoQfBqBemi1GugXfo3Lu0S4
  14. Paul Graham


    here is the link to the WNCHSAA state titles. No Reidsville that i can see. 1972 begins the modern era of NC titles, so any titles prior to that may not be counted. I actually hate this "modern era" crap. IF there was only so far you could then that was the title game. Reidsville won 12 titles from 1930 to 1970.
  15. Paul Graham


    did Reidsville play in the WNCHSAA with Shelby?