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  1. Paul Graham


    This is the confusing paragraph in the article. "Proposal No. 2 would require the NCHSAA realign on an annual basis for the state playoffs, which means schools could have teams in different classifications in each sport each year. It also means conferences and the regular season could be less dependent on the classification of schools." The article put realign instead of reclassify, I hope. Also, stating the reasons to not vote is a bit shady. please don't taint the water before we make up our minds if we want to swim in it.
  2. Paul Graham

    Mooresville Wrestling

    I agree. The 3 top three mentioned are light years ahead of the south. It is a cultural thing up there.
  3. Paul Graham

    Mooresville Wrestling

    I would add Oklahoma and Nebraska to that list
  4. Paul Graham

    All Decade

    He would certainly be the top if not tied for the top spot on this list. Three titles this decade and 8 overall (02, 03, 07, 08, 09, 16, 18, 19). He is three behind Bob Colvin (11) and tied with David Gentry (8) on the all time list. Speaking of Gentry, he has four titles, 2 runner ups and a regional final appearance this decade.
  5. You are loosely basing what you think goes on in CMS to the entire state. In the west the middle schools feed the High School, period. For example, Haywood County. IT has Waynesville Middle that goes to Tuscola and Canton Middle that goes to Pisgah. Jackson County has each of its Middle Schools going to Smoky Mountain (they have K-8 schools here). Same in Transylvania, Buncombe, Asheville City, Macon, Henderson, Hendersonville City, Clay, Cherokee, Yancey, Graham, Avery, Mitchell...etc. On the Coast it is the same way. If you think Catholic is recruiting players to build their program you need to spend some actual time at Catholic. I used to think they or "friends of the program" recruited until I spent some time with Catholic. They are not recruiting, period. They are good because when you start a kid in the program in youth ball and they get the same plays, technique, drills, philosophy, ties to the program they are simply better prepared when they get to middle and high school. You can look at example all over the state at how this works. Swain County, Murphy and Robbinsville, Tarboro are great examples in 1A. Call Bobby Poss (former ACR head man) and he will tell you that he turned Reynolds into what it is today by starting with the little one in youth. Everyone is on the same page of the same book. Their academic requirements do not fit a team building a football legacy. Their transfer requirements are punitive to transferring in to play there. I think you are discounting the type of kids that go there.
  6. I understand how placement tests work since I spent several years in the Community College system. But to say that those tests have that sort of impact on athletics is simply not true. If your searching for a singular cohort of students then these tests work wonders. Yes, simply, you can control who attends through selective testing. But Catholic is too good academically and athletically for a single test. Most mountain counties, with a couple exceptions, have single destination middle schools. Not everyone in the state does it like the major metro areas. I understand that it is a population and economics issues. I agree that if these metro area middles school sent those kinds to a single high school it would create significantly better teams there. CC's middle school is good because that system is in place as it should be. I just don't see any of this as an advantage, of any note, especially in regards to athletics. I still say charter, magnet and open enrollment is a significantly greater advantage than Catholic has.
  7. I see your point. Ineligible players fall directly on the coach, leaving the bench, things like that as well. How do you levy an appropriate punishment on a team then? And when does the "I didn't know" reply lose its worth? I agree we need to find a better way, but what and when?
  8. Again a placement test actually hurts the enrollment, unless your saying there are different tests. Also, about every school in NC has a feeder middle school. Yes there are advantages to attending Catholic but D1 athletes are not flocking there like they are at charter schools. I understand they are one of, if not, the best Programs in the state and I would want my son to play there even though I am not Catholic. The cost and having to move Charlotte would be impossible for me. Just like it is for the vast majority of parents.
  9. Surely you can't think all public schools have an equal playing field? Yes the geographic area catholic draws from is different than a "traditional" public school district. Yes they have a different entrance requirements and it can be cost prohibitive. All these things you mention actually lessen the ability and chance of getting elite level athletes. It also creates a situation where scrutiny of the program is high and they compensate for that by having the strictest transfer policy in the state.
  10. J-Heat, how bad did Catholic beat your team this season?
  11. Big T, you know what i was saying. This is a great job for Chris. He gets to come home and rebuild a proud program.
  12. IF the players break the rules they shouldn't be punished?
  13. Chris Brookshire is the new head man at Tuscola.
  14. Paul Graham

    UNC basketball

    It is tough in Chapel Hill right now, but I will not lose faith. As for one and done's, what does the team record have to do with it? They are one and done kids because of talent. I bet Anthony enters the draft this year regardless of what happens with the season.
  15. By dressing she became eligible, thus the forfeit. I doubt they would even mention it if they won, but it still would be in the book and could hurt the team later on down the road.