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  1. B, I agree with what your saying but I have a deep seated desire to return to the purer days of HS football. I still put a huge emphasis on winning, winning your conference, earning your trip to the playoffs and finals. I Think we have two many teams qualifying for the playoffs and to many champions. Move it back to 4 with an A(4A) and B(1A) champion. Also find a centrally located school or schools to host the games (Elon, NC A&T, LR..etc.), or host them at Campbell or UNCC. Just do something other than what we have now. I have been to to many finals with hardly any fans in the stands. The best turnout I have seen in awhile was at Wake when Mitchell, Robbinsville and Catholic played there.
  2. yes please!!! i love this idea. IT would be played at the host team's stadium. Just like it used to be. IF a game exceeded the capacity of the host team's stadium it could be moved to a larger venue locally. This puts the excitement of a community back into the game. Let Pisgah host a state title game and it would dwarf the Tuscola game we saw together.
  3. They used to sell an event pass, It covered all the games on Saturday, but not anymore
  4. Paul Graham

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    for the Heel out crowd.
  5. Paul Graham

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    Also, I have to agree with MCM! You are the only one making this about the kid and that is wrong. Made the catch, Didn't make the catch. Blown Call or not it IS NOT THE KID'S FAULT! Please consider this a warning about blaming the kid.
  6. Paul Graham

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    it is on page 2 i think. It's a little blurry but you can see the heel in bounds coach
  7. Paul Graham

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    I can only say, WOW
  8. Paul Graham

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    yes, it certainly seems that way!
  9. Paul Graham

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    both the still pic and video look like he was in. Congratulations East,
  10. Paul Graham

    Tarboro 35, Holmes 6 (1AA East Final)

    is this for sure?
  11. Paul Graham

    Tarboro 35, Holmes 6 (1AA East Final)

  12. Paul Graham

    Regional Final Picks

    It is the upset special so......maybe a special game....maybe???
  13. Well, I'm taking a stab at this state wide prediction thing. Give me a little slack all you 4A and eastern teams. 4A EAST #4 Cardinal Gibbons (11-2) vs. #6 Scotland (12-2): 27-24 WEST #1 Grimsley (12-1) vs. #2 East Forsyth (11-2): 31-28 4AA EAST #1 Wake Forest (12-1) vs. #2 Leesville Road (12-0): 34-24 WEST #1 Richmond County (13-0) vs. #10 Vance (11-2): 31-28 3A EAST #1 Southern Nash (14-0) vs. #3 Eastern Alamance (14-0): 27-20 WEST #5 Charlotte Catholic (10-3) vs. #10 Kings Mountain (12-2): 28-18 3AA EAST #1 Lee County (14-0) vs. #2 New Hanover (13-1): 24-21 WEST #1 Weddington (14-0) vs. #2 Watauga (13-1): 38-35 2A EAST #1 Clinton (12-1) vs. #3 Northeastern (11-3): 17-14 WEST #2 Reidsville (13-1) vs. #4 West Stokes (11-3): 45-21 2AA EAST #1 Randleman (13-0) vs. #7 Salisbury (12-2): 26-21 WEST #1 Shelby (12-1) vs. #6 Burns (12-2): 30-28 1A EAST #2 North Edgecombe (10-3) vs. #4 Northampton County (10-3): 33-27 WEST #1 Robbinsville (13-0) vs. #3 Thomas Jefferson (12-1): 42-28 1AA EAST #1 Tarboro (13-0) vs. #2 John A. Holmes (12-0): Upset Special : 30-27 WEST #1 East Surry (13-0) vs. #2 Mitchell (12-1): 41-40
  14. Paul Graham

    Coach of the Year Candidates?

    Glenn, we give one per class. Chris, lets add in 3A Paul Whitiker from West Henderson Brandon Allen from North Buncombe In 2A Ricky Brindley from Smoky Mountain In 1A Mac Bryan at Avery Co.