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  1. Paul Graham

    WNC-West Of Marion- Mountains

    they are considered NW NC. WNC is Clay, Cherokee, Swain, Macon, Jackson, Haywood, Buncombe, Transylvania, Avery, Mitchell, Yancey, Henderson and Madison Counties plus the EBCI and Polk.
  2. Paul Graham

    Statewide Final Scores ( Playoffs Round #1 )

    very good TD
  3. Paul Graham

    North Lincoln vs Smoky Mountain

    Bridley has done a superb job with Smoky and they should be good for the next few years with the youth they have. I am interested in seeing how they react.
  4. Paul Graham

    North Lincoln vs Smoky Mountain

    This should be an intriguing match up. Smoky has defense very well some weeks and not so much other weeks. Offensively they can move ball and can score. I will say this, If they rally behind this seeding slight they can use it to their advantage. If they are typical Smoky and fall apart it will be over quick for them. Don't sleep on this team is all I will say.
  5. Paul Graham

    Final Easier To Read Brackets 1A & 1AA

    Your right. I was writing several things at once. This is just another case for dropping Maxprpeps and using at least a little bit of common sense in the process.
  6. Paul Graham

    Final Easier To Read Brackets 1A & 1AA

    Starmount won their 2A portion of the conference
  7. Paul Graham

    No Wake Forest for NCHSAA

    they played three games there year before last. It is the best championship venue in the state.
  8. Paul Graham

    How can this be

    I was really talking about Brevard and Smoky in 2A. Smoky beats Brevard head to head and is second overall in the MTN6 and Brevard gets the home game at #8 in 2A and Smoky gets to travel in 2AA. Smoky is #20 and Brevard is #27 in the final Maxpreps rankings....so??? No if they finish higher in the conference they should get preference.
  9. Paul Graham

    How can this be

    I think non conference losses should be factored in after the conference schedule. Would they be a better team by playing that schedule, yes and they would prove that in the playoffs. I was really griping about being seeded behind a team you beat head to head.
  10. Paul Graham

    The bracket are out

    Seed undefeated conference champs first, period. Then seed the conference champs with one loss, then the ones with two losses etc. Seed second place finishers with one loss next, then the ones with two losses, etc. being undefeated must be paramount. Use strength of schedule only if the teams have losses. Yes, I know you can load up with weak teams and be undefeated but the teams that do that will be quickly eliminated and the teams that play a tough schedule will be left.
  11. Paul Graham

    #11 Alexander Central at #6 Erwin

    Erwin is really talented and has real speed. It will all depend on which Erwin shows up to play.
  12. Paul Graham

    Final Easier To Read Brackets 1A & 1AA

    a lot of collective head shaking going right now.
  13. Paul Graham

    The bracket are out

    your right there is no perfect solution, but a better solution is less teams in the playoffs. I understand including the coaches but sometimes doing what is right is not the easy thing to do.
  14. Paul Graham

    CP Top-20 1A Power Rankings - Final Regular Season

    Yes. and the East 1AA is stout as well with three top 11 and all four in top 20. Overall 1A/1AA should be fun to watch. I wonder who will step up and challenge Mount Airy in the West 1AA bracket? Will it be North Rowan or MIC? Whoever comes out of the West better buckle up with Tarboro waiting. In the West 1A it looks like titanic showdowns in the 3rd and fourth rounds. I say right now the West wins it all.
  15. Paul Graham

    The bracket are out

    yes it does. I really think that sub-dividing the classes has caused all this luancy. It seems that winning means nothing anymore.