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  1. Paul Graham

    Stack steps down at Rosman

    I completely agree. He got Rosman headed in the right direction and if the kids stay positive they could be alright pretty soon.
  2. Paul Graham

    Stack steps down at Rosman

    I think this is a very upwardly mobile move for Matt
  3. Paul Graham

    Briggs retires from Cherokee

    Braves head coach Kent Briggs, who brought Cherokee out of the shadows of the Big # in the Smokey Mountain conference has retired. Briggs who coached at nearby Western Carolina University led the Braves to a 1A State Title in 2017 and complied a career record of 37-29 for the Braves. Briggs led revivals at Both Cherokee and WCU bring both back to relevance. Also, Rosman Head Coach Matt Stack has resigned, further details to come. https://www.citizen-times.com/story/sports/high-school/hshuddle/2019/04/10/cherokees-kent-briggs-announces-retirement/3424573002/
  4. Paul Graham

    Hayesville HC Search

    Thanks Buddy
  5. Paul Graham

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    No complaints about West Montgomery's INDOOR practice facility? Pick on CC but refuse to schedule them. Put up......simple as that
  6. Paul Graham

    Hayesville HC Search

    McClure is a common name in Clay Co, but I wonder is he Darryl McClure's son?
  7. Paul Graham

    AC Reynolds Schedule

    I will be at Dalton Stadium week 1 for sure
  8. Paul Graham

    Schools Needing Games for 2019/20

    Smoky Mountain is looking for a game to replace Tuscola.
  9. Paul Graham

    Smoky Mtn Grapple

    thats a fantastic finish in a stout tournament. Good job Pisgah, Robbinsville and Enka.
  10. Paul Graham

    2AA State Finals: Shelby vs. North Davidson

    So what! it's a non-conference game. travel a little bit and then no one can say your dodging the better competition.
  11. Paul Graham

    Congratulations to Mt. Airy's Donavon Greene D-1 Signee

    Seems like this kid has his head on straight. Big time academic school and a decent team as well. good for him
  12. Paul Graham

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    With Only 11 teams in bowl games. Tied witht eh SEC by the way, irrelevant might be a bit harsh. Are they great, no, but certainly relevant
  13. Paul Graham

    Tarboro -V- ????

    Anyone who watched Tarboro could see the talent all over the field. Talent equals talent. The reason 3A and 4A is so much better is the number of kids they can draw from, period. I truly believe that Tarboro can play with a good number of 3A and 4A teams. Are they going to beat the top 25 teams consistently, No, but they can play with most 3A and 4A.
  14. Paul Graham

    What Goes Around Comes Around

    Don't have to play....its Murphy
  15. Paul Graham

    Tarboro -V- ????

    Tarboro, by a wide margin, is the class of 1A. I think they can play with both Shelby and Reidsville, can cause problems for Catholic. What I wonder is this, how far up, classification wise, can they be competitive, I mean really competitive. Can they play with some of the better 3A and 4A teams? what do you guys think?