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  1. TheA-Train2012

    Lexington Coach Resigns

    Any news on Lexington? Hope they can find a good one. I miss the old School days of Lexington football. I guessing maybe they should get assistant from a program like North Davidson or Ledford.
  2. TheA-Train2012

    NPC early projection

    It is too early to tell. 1.Statesville does have what it takes to win the Conference. Time will tell, if the Hounds can do it on the field. 2. South Iredell will be hard to handle as long as they have the best HC in Iredell County Scott Miller. 3. East Rowan, West Rowan don't know at this time. As for Carson 2019. It depends on what the new Coach brings in his first season. 4. North Iredell I would like to see them improve, but I don't think they make it to 3 wins in 2019.
  3. TheA-Train2012

    Statesville Greyhounds 2019 schedule

    Aug.23rd at Hickory Aug.30th at Lake Norman Sept.6th at Alexander Central Sept.13th West Iredell Sept.20th Concord Sept.27th JM Robinson Oct.4th bye Oct.11th at South Iredell Oct.18th North Iredell Oct.25th at Carson Nov.1st East Rowan Nov.8th at West Rowan
  4. TheA-Train2012

    Football schedules for 2019

    I would like to see Statesville pick up Kannapolis. That would be fun to watch. From what I heard Statesville picked up Concord, Robinson, and Alexander.
  5. TheA-Train2012

    Tarboro -V- ????

    Tarboro was a 3A School from the 80s to the mid 90s. They won it all in 3A 1984 at Kannapolis 20-0. Kannapolis was rank 1 in the State that year. Kannapolis offense didn't get a 1st down in that game with 31 yards offense. In my personal opinion Tarboro would compete very well 3A. I would rank them in the top 10.
  6. TheA-Train2012

    State Championship radio broadcasting, & video broadcasting?

    Weddington game will be broadcast on METV tonight at 7:30pm in the Charlotte area.
  7. TheA-Train2012

    State Championship radio broadcasting, & video broadcasting?

    In my area they will broadcast the Vance game at 7:30pm Friday on WCCB. Saturday at 11am Catholic and 2:30 Shelby game. According to the preview guide.
  8. TheA-Train2012

    State Championship radio broadcasting, & video broadcasting?

    NFHS website. Don't know if they will broadcast the games on TV this year. Hope they do.
  9. TheA-Train2012

    1AA East Regional: Tarboro 48, Holmes 7

    If I am not mistaken. Did they build Prep School that might have taken Tarboro students away? Might be one of the reason they dropped to 1A. I have been through Tarboro. I thought it was a beautiful little Historic Town. I was told that most people from Tarboro end up moving to areas like Rocky Mount, Greenville, and Raleigh. The Tarboro population didn't seem to drop? Just curious.
  10. TheA-Train2012

    4AA West: Vance 21, Myers Park 13

    Can Vance get over this hump to get to the State Championship?
  11. TheA-Train2012

    1AA West: East Surry 40, Mount Airy 0

    I can tell you JK Adkins 1st Head Coaching job was at South Iredell in 2005-2006. He revived South Iredell football program. A program that previously had some lean years.He was East Eilkes HC for the past several years. East Wilkes was a program that was in the doormat for years. He built a winner out of East Wilkes. If you can build a winner out of East Wilkes. You have done something really good. Just imagine what good he can do for a program like MT Airy. MT Airy a program that has more athletes and team speed than East Wilkes. Holder legacy will continue with Adkins.
  12. TheA-Train2012

    3A West: Kings Mountain 35, Statesville 21

    I have only met Gusler a couple of times just over a handshake. I do appreciate the things Gusler does at SHS, but I wish he could win more games. It seems like 9 wins is about as good as it going to get under Gusler. Except for 2012. I hope Gusler can prove me wrong in years to come.
  13. TheA-Train2012

    1AA West: East Surry 40, Mount Airy 0

    The boys from Mayberry vs the boys from Mount Pilot. The winners of this game will play in the State Championship. Regardless, of the injuries. Still favor MT Airy in this game.
  14. TheA-Train2012

    3A West: Kings Mountain 35, Statesville 21

    2012 was the last time Statesville won the Conference Title.
  15. TheA-Train2012

    3A West: Kings Mountain 35, Statesville 21

    I hear that Statesville will play Concrd, JM Robinson, Alexander Central next year Non Conference.