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  1. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Worst Stadiums

    I would have liked to have seen the old Wilkes Central Stadium. It was right next to the river and Downtown North Wilkesboro. It look to be so convenient.
  2. Mr.Blue&Gray

    High school football stadiums

    Alot of nice Stadium out there. 1. The new Davie County Stadium 2. I liked Glenn Stadium 3. West Forsyth 4. MT Tabor
  3. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Mooresville HC Change?

    Since 2003 and now 2020. The next hire at Mooresville will be the 6th HC in 17 years. That is an average of less 3 years.
  4. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Worst Stadiums

    South Iredell vistor side West Iredell vistor side. Not sure, but i think West Iredell showed some improvement. Haven't had a chance to check it out. Bunker Hill Jordan Matthews Wilkes Cental- Their Home side is nice, but the vistor side needs improvement. Alexander Central- the Homeside is decent, but needs alot of improvement on the vistor side.
  5. If that happens that would make 1AA in the East very interesting. SW Onslow was once at the 1AA level several years ago.
  6. Mr.Blue&Gray

    NPC 2020

    If your talking about the OL. He will be playing at App State next year. Statesville RB Chavion Smith missed the 2nd Half of the season to injury.
  7. Mr.Blue&Gray

    NPC 2020

    Statesville could be the favored, but South Iredell and West Rowan will be right up there competing. Statesville will return QB Nebanye More the best QB in the County and the their top RB Chavion Smith, and their top WR J. Gathings. All 3 D1 Prospect.
  8. I would suggest Grimsley or Anson. Might be worth a shot. They might have bye week on October 23rd.
  9. They were looking for a game on October 23rd. It would be awfully hard to find an opponent on that day. Just about every team will be playing their Conference Match ups.
  10. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Non conference schedule

    A couple of changes for Statesville Non Conference Schedule. The rest will be the same. September 18th Statesville at West Cabarrus September 25th Statesville vs Davie County
  11. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Hunter Huss

    Could Mauney the Assistant at Huss be the leading candiate for the HC postion?
  12. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Hunter Huss

    Any upates?
  13. Mr.Blue&Gray

    New North Gaston HC

    North Gaston program hasn't had that much to show for since AJ Blue played.
  14. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Lexington Job Open

    When Chris Deal was the HC at Lexington in 2008 and 2009. He had that program going in the right direction. Lexington players, fans, and parents were very supportive of Chris Deal, but just didn't get along good with the AD. And he resigned after the 2009 season. Don't know if that is the same AD or not I Don't know the story at Lexington. Hope Lexington Higher up need to get it together. I would like to see Lexington football return to their old winning ways.