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  1. Mr.Blue&Gray

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    Catholic does have good quality coaching, discipline, and most of all team depth. I have never been to the School. I have only watched them play about 3 or 4 times. My ? is if someone can tell me. They might not have alot of super stars that will play at the next level, but do they have any wannabes or scrubs like most other programs do on the team on 60 to 70 man roster?
  2. Mr.Blue&Gray

    1st games matchups

    Reagan at MT Tabor Dudley at West Forsyth
  3. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Hardest Hit

    How about the hit Wilbur Marshall of the Chicago Bears put on the Detroit Lions QB Joe Ferguson in 1985. I am sure some of you remember that hit? It was legal then. In this lifetime he would have been fined and suspended. The best hit on offense was 1990 Philadelphia Eagles Keith Byars hit on New York Giants LB Pepper Johnson.
  4. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Hopewell, North Meck, Rocky River

    Any thoughts or info about the 3 programs? Hopewell- What is going to take for Hopewell to win? They are 1-33 for the past 3 seasons. The Location is Huntersville is a high volume area were people from all over the Country, Especially Northerners like move to. Hopewell enrolls nearly 2000 students. I am sure this program has to have some good athletes to help this program wins some games. I am predicting they will finish 3-8 or 2-9. North Mecklenburg- I have yet to watch a North Meck game. They will probably finish in the Middle of the I Meck. I might go watch them play at West Forsyth. Rocky River- Don't know anything about them. Be interesting to see how they open up vs Hunter Huss.
  5. Mr.Blue&Gray

    If you could change one rule

    When a kid transfers to another School or to another County. They can rent a house or appartment, but you have to stay never full time. The biggest story that I am aware when this kid Jon Cruitt transferred from Mooresville to West Rowan 2008, 2009 his Junior and Senior year played Football, Basketball, and Baseball.
  6. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Who was the best 1A team ever

    That was a great MT Airy team in 08. I would have like to have watch them play Thomasville they were 16-0 that year. That would have been a fun game to watch.
  7. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Could these 1A Schools be sleepers

    If that happens I hope that Tarboro can still keep its mascot the Vikings and School color purple and gold. No disrespect to North Edgecombe, but Tarboro Vikings fans have too much pride in their program. Coming to think of it. If that happens moving North Edgecombe students to Tarboro High would add up to small 2A School.
  8. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Could these 1A Schools be sleepers

    I noticed that North Edgecombe enrollment numbers are down to about 230? Could that be a problem in the future?
  9. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Who was the best 2A team ever in N.C.

    They were 3A that year.
  10. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Piedmont 3A Conference

    Coming to think about MT Tabor do have alot of players returning and a good JV team. They do lose their QB Albright.
  11. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Piedmont 3A Conference

    For the past 2 years Dudley was picked to win the Conference, but MT Tabor took that away from Dudley. Not sure what MT Tabor will have this year, but Dudley is loaded. I don't think Parkland will be as good as last year. SW Guilford losing top players to other programs. Any other thoughts or predictions? 1. Dudley 2. MT Tabor 3. Parkland 4. Greensboro Smith 5. Western Guilford 6. SW Guilford
  12. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Who was the best 3A team ever in N.C.

    Burlington Cummings 1988 to 1990. A total record of 44-1 with 2 State Titles.
  13. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Early thoughts CPC Conference

    1. East Forsyth 2. West Forsyth 3. Reagan 4. Glenn 5. Davie 6. Reynolds
  14. Mr.Blue&Gray

    SPC 3A predictions

    I am surprised this topic hasn't been discussed. 1.Northwest Cabarrus should be favorite. I don't know what Central Cabarrus or Cox Mill have returning. Kannapolis will have alot new faces on Varsity this year. I hear that Concord and JM Robinson will be rebuilding season.
  15. Mr.Blue&Gray

    North Rowan Cavaliers 2019?

    Haven't heard anything about them. What would be the outlook?