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  1. Mr.Blue&Gray

    High Point Central

    It looks like High Point in general needs major overhaul.
  2. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Northeastern week 2 and week 4 home games

    Anybody that would know it would be Chris Hughes. Might want to message him. PS what does Tarboro have coming up from the JV and how are the Middle School programs that feed Tarboro?
  3. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Forbush Head Coaching Position

    Forbush at one time was in the Foothills Athletic 3A Conference with Statesville, South Iredell, West Iredell, North Iredell, Wilkes Central, and North Surry from 1985-89. They were horrible in football at that time.
  4. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Thomasville HC Search

    Former Forbush Coach Chris Johnson recently resigned? Don't what his story is, but would he interested in the Thomasville job?
  5. Mr.Blue&Gray

    High Point Central

    Glenn should be loaded for next season. I could be wrong. But i Don't think Stevenson will leave Glenn anytime soon.
  6. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Forbush Head Coaching Position

    Jeremy Funderburk - Starmount Assistant. Did good at Wilkes Central. Would he be interested getting back to being a HC? Tom Harper
  7. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Forbush Head Coaching Position

    Not saying this is true with the Situation with Forbush. If a HC don't a good relationship with the higher ups. Chance are your not stick around very long. They Don't care how good you are.
  8. Mr.Blue&Gray

    West Wilkes

    The best West Wilkes team that i know is 2001. They beat Charlotte Catholic 52-0 in the 1st RD Play Off game. That was before Catholic put in their System.
  9. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Thomasville HC Search

    That would be something if Benjie Brown return to Thomasville.
  10. Mr.Blue&Gray

    West Cabarrus & Gentry Favorite in SPC 2020?

    I Don't think West Cabarrus will be next Northern Guilford. I have heard through the grapevine that West Cabarrus will have Statesville on the schedule. We will see if that is true.
  11. Mr.Blue&Gray

    2020 possibilities to win it all

    With 358 days from now more than likley Shelby, Reidsville, Catholic, Weddington, East Forsyth, Robbinsville, Murphy, Tarboro will be back, and look for Vance to make another run for a State Title. Will return to the State Finals.
  12. Mr.Blue&Gray

    If you could add an opponent to Tarboro's schedule

    1. Hertford County they use to be in the same Conference about 25 years ago in Class 3A. 2. Southern Nash - Don't know the story why they stop playing a few years ago. They should kept playing. 3.Northeastern that has already been mention. 4. Havelock 5. Eastern Alamance 6. Bertie 7. Holmes
  13. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Jefferson Boaz Passes for 466 yards

    Not very many. Boaz was about the size NFL QB Brock Owselier, but throws the ball like Tom Brady.
  14. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Jefferson Boaz Passes for 466 yards

    If i was Mack Brown i would be looking at him as a QB. At 6ft 8 very poised. You Don't see many High School QB like at any High School level. Them WR for East Surry especially Stephen Gosnell that going to Carolina they knew were the ball is going before they even turn around making catches.
  15. 7 touchdowns. That has to be a State record for the most yards passing in a State Championship game. I believe the Tarheels have them a true QB for the Future. That connection with Boaz to Gosnell both going to Carolina. They are bad dudes.