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  1. Could be a good 1st RD game to watch. I will say Huss by 15. Any thoughts?
  2. This could be a game to watch. Alexander Central i know for fact can run the ball. They might have a lot of success running the ball on Parkland. I haven't seen a Parkland game in years. So i can't comment on that. I will say this could be a 28-20 game. Either way. Any thoughts?
  3. Mr.Blue&Gray

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    Usually AC Reynolds is a big 3AA. First time i have seen them at small 3A.
  4. Mr.Blue&Gray

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    Page has a great football history for many years, but this might be one of the worse Page in their History.
  5. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Statesville Hounds win NPC title in thriller!

    So far in the Brian Simmons projection prediction. Statesville might get Hickory. We will see if that happens
  6. Mr.Blue&Gray

    East Surry Captures NW Conference Title

    According to Brian Simmons projection. They have East Surry as a 2 seed in the East with Tarboro and Holmes.
  7. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Statesville at West Rowan

    To alot of people you either hate the Statesville Greyhounds or you love them. About like the Dallas Cowboys.
  8. Mr.Blue&Gray

    South Iredell 51, Carson 21

    South Iredell should be able to win this one.
  9. Mr.Blue&Gray

    South Iredell 51, Carson 21

    If it wasn't for the archiecture program at SHS. Statesville would be very close to being a 2A School. East Rowan could very well go 2A next realignment. South Iredell might be on the border line moving up to 4A, but what do i know.
  10. Mr.Blue&Gray

    South Iredell 51, Carson 21

    South Iredell will finish 3rd in Conference and should make the Play-Offs. South Iredell will be 3AA and Statesville and West Rowan 3A.
  11. Mr.Blue&Gray

    South Iredell 51, Carson 21

    South Iredell 34-21 Carson
  12. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Statesville at West Rowan

    Caylon Imes has rushed for a total of about 600 yards for the last 2 games. Be sure to vote for Caylon Imes Charlotte Observer High School football player of the week.
  13. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Is anyone going to beat Myers Park

    We will find out in the 2nd week of December.
  14. Mr.Blue&Gray

    Crest vs Kings Mountain

    Big match in Cleveland County. Crest has been on a hot streak winning streak. Any thoughts?