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  1. Slashman

    South Stokes head coaching position

    South's a good job for someone to take, I would apply if I could lol. It's going to take a lot of work but when they have someone dedicated to there and cares for the kids the community helps more and the teams perform better. Holmes I think to a point was in over his head.. he did the best he coulda done but his run was a let down considering the talent they had in house the past couple of years. They had a really hard nosed JV squad who played us and West hard in 2016 and won 7 games, but they never reached their potential. #'s is a solid issue for them now as their low #'ed pee wee classes from a few years back are coming up. Middle school team had less than 25 kids last year total.. it's gonna take a bit. They need someone for the long haul to do that. I don't think Dave wants to coach now.. if it had been Dave of 10 years ago I see him going for it. Davey may get it.. he'd be an interesting pick. I really don't know if he wants to do that yet or not. I think Steve Whitt might would work.. but I don't think he wants to leave East Surry but he would have his son with him, he could be a good talent in a couple of years. I know Horton from West Stokes gets brought up a lot.. several people wanted and brought him up as a main target for North Stokes and McMichael to hire. Anderson had a rough go at North Stokes that one year.. it may turn him off to Stokes county again. An outsider who could work is Jones at Cummings. He played at South in the early 00's for Lawson.. I believe he was on the 2002 team that won a few games. He did a killer job bringing up Patrick County's #'s and ended their 4 year losing streak. Hard to say if he wants to leave Cummings or not but him being an alumni who's experience in rough spots could entice him plus it would be closer to Greensboro. The principal mentioned that they wanted to hire someone within 2 weeks.. they must have a favorite but it's gonna be interesting to see if they can pull it off or if they be stuck like West Caldwell was.
  2. Slashman

    TW Andrews head coaching opening

    HPA should never be in the shape it's in. It's a great and respectable program, HPA's fans deserve better. It's a shame what leadership and their priorities can do. HPA woulda do awesome at the 1AA level. Imagine them and Tarrboro in the eastern finals one year.. wow.
  3. Slashman

    North Surry

    Thanks BD we all appreciate it. Very excited to see what we can do this year. Keeping Coach Taylor on was the best for continuity we won't have a learning curve much that's a major +.
  4. Slashman

    David Pearson

    Crazy thing about Pearson was he did everything on his own. He had no daddy to help him (love Richard but he had everything a racer would dream of to start with,) and he had to fight to get going but he ended up being the rising star no one saw coming.If he hadn't lost his edge to compete full time I see him maybe not getting 200 but 150 wins at least. He more than likely woulda won the 1973 title (sorry Benny,) his season that year was so darn solid.
  5. Not a bad lineup honestly. I'd go with that and include 'Bush. However here are my few cents: The WPAC as a whole has been universally hated. It didn't really need to exist to begin with and it only came about due to internal stuff from the Northwest when it was split from the early 2010's. The first few years was dreadful when Carver was running roughshot but thankfully the conference has more parity since then. However the state continues to try to give the Forsyth schools control over it and it's making the conference messy. The Forsyth schools bring little to no gate every year in Football and the non Winston schools have to rely on non conference. Carver for instance brought a whole whopping 4 fans to our game last October.. it was so sad seeing all the empty silver bleachers in the paper. The Surry/Stokes schools gave a solid effort to redo the Northwest as a split and from I hear they are considering it again but the state wanted none of it. Forbush didn't help us either so it lost. They were willing to let Bush in but they had a fit and wanted to be in the MVAC so it all went down. My biggest issue with the whole post 2013 setup is that they have allowed the MVAC off the hook twice while the Northwest and the non Forsyth schools are having gate issues. The MVAC seems to be untouchable and I really don't know why. It wouldn't kill the MVAC 1A teams to be with the Surry county 1A schools at all in fact I really don't get why they don't. Same for the 2A, MVAC started as a 2A/3A with all the teams plus NS, SC, and 'Bush. So here's how I'd do it: MVAC 2A: Ashe Forbush North Surry North Wilkes Surry Central West Wilkes Wilkes Central NW 1A: Alleghany East Surry East Wilkes Elkin Mount AIry Starmount WPAC 2A/1A: Bishop Carver North Forsyth North Stokes South Stokes West Stokes This setup would solve the issue completely however people just seem to hate Splits and I don't know why. However there also is a lot of ? marks in terms of schools so it's gonna be hard to say if this is even do-able. North Stokes is in danger I hear of being closed as is their middle school due budget issues, it looks like West will get most of their kids and maybe become a 3A unless South gets some. Sadly that whole issue was caused decades ago when West was built. Carver's gonna drop if they keep on losing kids, they may be in danger too. North Wilkes is tugging the 1A borderline currently as they lost a little below 100 kids last year (70,) and have dropped steady since when they won the conference title in Football. They barely had a JV squad last year. If they lose as much this year as in 2018 they will be 1A. That won't kill a 2A MVAC but it will be 6 instead of 7. It's hard to say how North Forsyth will do, they could very well gain enough kids to return to 3A (honestly I think the state moved way to fast dropping them, shoulda waited.) Atkins could drop some as well you never know with Forsyth schools they can be a timebomb or explode for the better. I don't see Starmount rising to 2A; they may toe the line perhaps but they are solid 1A for me. West Wilkes was in danger at one point of returning to 1A but I think they will stay up. As for the new schools IDK if M Charter's ready for the Northwest or not. Granted they had a lot of courage and played some public schools however they got destroyed and I just don't see them playing anyone for a few years. I honestly doubt they will ever do Football it would ignite a powder keg in MA. Another thing I don't get is why the state won't consider putting the Forsyth schools back in the original PAC? They could also include HP Andrews and Randleman and put Trinity and the other schools in a more friendlier place where Jordan Matthews and Trinity could do better. Carver would do better here and I see Walkertown competing too. As for my personal bias I'd really love a return to the MVAC. It's where I played JV ball and I always loved the playing areas of those schools. Granted the travel is a more than the WPAC but a 6 team MVAC would be awesome plus we can have some fun non conference games.
  6. Slashman

    2A Head Coaching Jobs Still Open

    I expect North to hire our new HC before too long . I think they waited for Basketball to finish.
  7. Slashman

    Central Academy New Football Coach

    Quite a risk on his part considering their situation but Hackett's a good coach and I think he could do well there building things back up. He did a fantastic job at Bishop, I was real impressed with him the time I seen him in person.
  8. Slashman

    What's going on at North Surry?

    Not 100% sure but I believe interviews either have started or will start. I believe they are waiting until Basketball is done (we got 2 crap draws so it will be early.) It took a month for Lyons to be hired in 2012 (Hampton left around the end of March and Lyons got hired a day or two before my 19th birthday in early May.) Lyons did us a favor he's the earliest coach we have had resign early in the process in a long, long time. Usually it's late in the year and we have had to make rushed picks like in the 2000's but not this time. Hated he did but I get why. Best I know of 3 of our assistants have applied for it (the 2 coordinators and one of the assistants,) and heard we have had some outside guys from around the area applied. I figured we would get a good number this time we could literally pick anyone we want. My best guess is one of the Coordinators. OC who ran the defense when I played and put in the air raid was an HC in Georgia in the 2000's and did a solid job building up a private school down there went from 0 wins his first year to 8 in his 3rd or 4th year, he has the experience. DC's never an HC job before (didn't think he wanted it,) but he is very old school and did a great job the past 2 years with the defense. He puts the kids in line when they act up and he does well with practices. I'd be happy with either one. Outside wise I'm nervous with that because a bad hire would neglect what all Lyons did for us. We are not in a 2004 or 2009 situation with a lot of drama off a rough season so we don't need a total change at all. But I'm sure we have a few names, know we got 1 we almost hired in 2009. He's the one outsider I wouldn't mind. Internal wise we will be fine. Got a solid senior class coming back on both sides. Swartz and Badgett will be seniors, we have a solid skill player core returning as well as most of the defense coming back. D wise we were much younger last year but the kids grew a ton and offensively we actually improved. I'm excited for the year; new HC regardless of who he is has a solid chance to win some games this year and next. JV wise we got a solid freshman class this year and next coming up. Next year's freshman group is really impressive; this year's will have a heck of an offense but D needs some experience but they will get that on JV. Conference wise who knows where we will go. Personally I'd love to be in the MVAC again. WPAC is too wacky and risky.
  9. Slashman

    West Wilkes

    They made their hire few days back. It's AD and assistant coach Todd Rutz. He's from Michigan and has 30+ years of coach experience; coached at Christ School at one point. He seemed very determined to change things in the Wilkes paper. He wants to end the stuff that went wild under the last guy and be old school. Says he wants to run an old school packages but be unconventional with it: no huddle single wing perhaps? No much off from the Wing T they ran last 2 years. They will be more experienced this year with at least 20 varsity aged kids coming back. They haven't had much success due to Hunt moving kids up early but with some solid coaching and weight room time they may be okay in a year or two (lot of juniors last year.) They did lose their best skill player to Elkin as he and his bro transferred. He was a sophomore and played JV at QB. Wasn't that impressed by the kid but he's a solid option QB and he woulda done well at West at Elkin he's not a good fit. I see them doing better this year. Maybe not 2016 or Hallock era levels unless they all figure it out fully but I see them winning at least 5 games perhaps. It'll depend on how well the new guy coaches. Hallock had an awful first 2 years then out of nowhere he took of. New guy's as out of a left field pick as Hallock was he may do well there.
  10. Slashman

    North Forsyth coaching search

    It's gonna take NF a good while to get stablized if they ever do due their ADM's dropping so much. The new guy's an okay guy but it's a big job ahead of him and time will tell if he has the will to take it on our not. NF like Carver is in rough shape and shouldn't be as low as they are but it is what is is. They will win at least a game or two this year but it's gonna take a little while to get up in wins because their internal talent's not there. If they keep losing kids to transfers it's gonna stay rough. They lost 3 secondary guys to East Forsyth and their best O lineman to Reagan last year. They lose a solid sized senior class in terms of #'s and they have a lot of ? marks coming back. They didn't have a QB who could throw it very well last year, their o line struggled to block the run quite badly, their D with the exception of a DE who transfered from Atkins were big and slow. They got a lot of work to do. I see them at the least beating Atkins and Carver, maybe Surry Central in conference. Any win is an improvement for that program.
  11. Slashman

    What's going on at North Surry?

    It's a surprise for sure I wasn't expecting it. I had no clue Lyons even had a masters lol. I'm happy for him though; he got what he always wanted the past 2 years, I've been with him since his 2nd year there so we've went thru a ton so it's gonna be weird not seeing him around. Have no idea how it's gonna go. We got 2 really solid coordinators that I think would do well. t 1 has HC experience before if he wants it, the other's very old school and does good with his unit. External wise I expect quite a few people will go for it but that makes me nervous as he could change things and I don't wanna see us go off track. We got talent left so I don't expect us to drop that much. Swartz will be a senior, we got several senior WR's and O lineman and we return a lot of kids on defense who grew a ton last year from start to end; they had 2 shutouts as well which is something we haven't done very much especially not in my 11 years there. We got some solid JV kids coming up and I'm very excited about the next 2 freshman classes. Whoever gets the job will be fine. Biggest ? for us is who they will pick and how the conference is gonna go in 2020. Realignment may be a saga..
  12. Slashman

    North Stokes head coaching job open

    According to NC Preps they decided to bring back Sessoms. He has a meet and greet tonight with the players, familes, and fans. Not a bit suprised with this I seen it coming once he left Alleghany.
  13. Slashman

    Western Piedmont 2A Prediction

    Besides that I say out of the orginal lineup the most solid programs are West Stokes and North Surry. Then followed by Forbush and Central those will be the ? marks. West and North has went a combined 41-18 between 2014 and 2016 on JV. This core all plays hard with very solid coaches who get a lot out of their kids. West will have up from the JV's a very athletic QB who is a great option back and a solid RB but he's only a sophmore.They have a big boy who transfered from South who will be their FB and LB'er. Their main problem is that they will have a lot of young kids. Line play will be key for them as injuries hurt them last year among other things. North on the other hand brings back a very deep in #'s senior class who got playing time last year and some the year before. NS could have as much seniors as Surry Central did last year. Their biggest ? mark is finding the QB. Smith graduated and North has 2 kids to pick from who are opposites. It will take until the opener perhaps to name 1. WR's will be young but return two 3 year players, O line won't be so inexperienced. Defense looses two 3 year starters but a pretty solid core who gained experience last year will be back. Surry Central will more than likely have a transition year. They loose all of those hard headed seniors who led the team deep last year and their young kids have to take over. They've had their struggles in JV play the last few years. I think Central should be a team to watch though due to their coaching and suprise nature. Ultimatly they makes them dangerous if a squad isn't properly ready. They can upset anyone with their option. Forbush lost while not solid in #'s a very hard willed senior class who helped the Falcons to beat Starmount for the first time in ages last year. How they will replace those kids (especially the QB,) will make or break their squad. They have a stud of a FB in Johnson who more or less carried their offense. He got hurt with two games left and they struggled to find their idenitiy after. They will more than likely ground and pound it this year as a result. Their QB situation I see being a challenge and possibly their main detriment..Last season the starter was hurt before the North Wilkes game and it led to North Wilkes destroying them as their offense couldn't function without the QB. They stopped Johnson and that was that. The Falcons need to find more weapons. Then there's Atkins. I have a lot of respect for Coach David Hamlin; he's done a lot despite not impressive numbers. He took over a program that was more or less nuked the previous season with various dramas and repaired them to at least fighting teams hard in games. He got rewarded last year with the forfit win over North Stokes on Varsity and two JV wins vs. Bishop McGuiness and in the finale vs. North Stokes. A lot of the said JV team will be up on the big team this year and I expect they will be improved again with a very solid senior class who's endured a lot of hits and pains. Their main issue is what will their offensive identity will be? They struggled to move the ball in the non conference slate with the hybrid wing/pistol offense they ran. They switched to a more pass oriented offense later in the year in northwest play and started putting points up. Will they keep the more passing oriented ways or will they run it more. Or will they do something odd entirely and run the I like the JV team did? I see Atkins winning 2-3 games this year potentially with the non conference schedule they have. They got Central/South Davidson, and Bishop early.
  14. Slashman

    Western Piedmont 2A Prediction

    I think so personally. In fact I have a very hard time picking a favorite here; it's like chemistry it will depend on a ton of different factors. Most people will pick Carver but they are so hard to predict so that I can't do so myself. Crowell's gone and so is his talent especially his son. Coach Scales will have a lot to make up for. They barely fielded a JV squad last year and didn't play until conference time even losing to South Stokes. The main ? is what in house talent do they have? They had a decent JV squad in 2015 but from the way one of their coaches told me when we played them last year they lost a lot of them to other schools. Combined with probably one of the hardest non conference schedules in the state for a 2A school it may be a rough start for them. We probably won't know until when they line up to start conference play vs. Forbush if they have it or not. Then for 3 weeks after that they have the gauntlet of West Stokes, Walkertown, and North Surry. Walkertown's also very hard to figure; I know very little about them besides their records and what film I've seen on Hudl.I expect them to play hard and have athletes but I don't know much besides that. 2016 was a rough season for them so who knows how it will fare when they go up a class. Their ADM's stalled last year after steadidly rising since 2013.
  15. Slashman

    Central Carolina Conference 2017 Outlook

    I agree about Salisbury; I wouldn't be suprised if they overperform this year. They need a catalist to get the program going again and I belive they have it in their new HC. Central and South will both do better in 2A. Might not win a ton of games but being at their natural ADM level does a lot to help a struggling program. Central was a great chance to get a win off the bat in Week 1 vs. Atkins. I seen Thomasville on JV last year and they have raw talent which has potential; it just has to be cultivated the right way.