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  1. Should be a classic, I’m not in the know much on either team but the usual cliches apply. Turnovers, penalties, injuries, ect. Thinking a big test will be Reynolds DL vs KM OL.
  2. BiltmoreCANE

    WNC Picks, Week 10

    Congrats to the Panther kids on their 1st W of the season! We are still thin due to injuries but are getting some kids back. The D has shown some things the past 2 weeks & the OL play has improved. These kids have played hard all year regardless of the score. Future is looking bright over in Macon County!
  3. BiltmoreCANE

    WNC Rankings Week 8

    We are basically playing with a JV team due to youth & key injuries. We have more Freshman than Seniors & way more Sophomores than Juniors. We're building for the future at this point.
  4. BiltmoreCANE

    Mountain 6 2019

    Take this with a grain of salt. Here is info on the Franklin vs Tuscola scrimmage from last night. It's from a poster on NCPreps. I have no idea how good the Mounties are. Just passing along for info. Tuscola-franklin scrimmage, I think the final score when the two teams had starters on the field was 28-14 in Tuscola's favor. Tuscola defense needs some work badly, at times franklin moved the ball at will and consistently pushed our line around, they ran out of plays in the early part when I assume they only had a specific number of plays for each team or else they would have scored. The Mountaineers were okay on offense, they scored on two long bang plays, one was a nice run up the middle and the other was a busted QB run around the right side, and I think the others were sustained drives. The QB is going to be good, he is tall, athletic, and will outrun almost anyone on the field, he is good with the short passing game but seems to be inaccurate on deep balls. Number 22 at RB is also really good and quick but tuscola is thin at RB after him, he seems to have a motor that goes 120 all the time. Our line got pushed around a lot by franklin so the QB had almost no time to throw the ball unless it was a rollout. I think the glaring weakness on each side of the ball is the line play, it has got to improve. Franklin is going to be fine, they have a couple of big RBs, 28 and 35, that will run over anyone especially 28 who also wreaked havoc at linebacker. They have a nice short passing game, but they rarely threw deep it seemed, although I believe he threw one interception on a high thrown ball. The Franklin defense is good as well, there line destroyed ours most of the evening, they aren't big but those kids are so physical and nasty up front. That's my takeaway from the scrimmage, but maybe someone seen things differently.
  5. Obvious bias here but, I think Josh Brooks does more with less than any about any other coach in the state. Goldsmith laid the foundation but Brooks has continued it!
  6. BiltmoreCANE

    1st round scores

    Bandys scores after a big int. return from their 10 down to the Panther 15. 2:27 left 4Q 28-14 Trojans.
  7. BiltmoreCANE

    1st round scores

    Bandys 21 Franklin 14, 9:00 left in the 4th
  8. Agree completely, smaller numbers and a different approach from the norm (average more passing yds than rushing) this year for the Panthers. The D can be run on more than normal also. I expect the kids to come out and play with a lot of heart and if they get some breaks it could get interesting, if not it could be a very quick 2nd half.
  9. BiltmoreCANE

    Pisgah vs Franklin

    Hardest Panther team to figure in a long time. We could lose by 50 or the game could come down to the last play. Weather (rain) could be an issue. Unlike most years this would hurt us not help us!
  10. BiltmoreCANE

    Brevard vs Franklin

    Thankfully I missed the radio coverage because of work. Don't know what happened but hats off to Brevard. One of our worst beatings in a long, long time!
  11. BiltmoreCANE

    Brevard Blue Devils off to a 5-1 start

    Should be a great game! Franklin will be sky high after the upset of Hendo last night.
  12. BiltmoreCANE

    Owen vs Polk County open conference play

    Congrats on the win!
  13. BiltmoreCANE

    Hendo @ Franklin

    Was a classic with both teams fighting to the very end. Thought it was over when we had 3rd & 1 inch but they stoned us. 1st year kicker came in and calmly split the uprights from a really awkward angle. Don't want to hear any nonsense about home cooking either. I got to watch the 2nd half and OT with the calls going more for Hendo than Franklin!
  14. BiltmoreCANE

    Hendo @ Franklin

    4th and an inch kicking the FG.....IT'S GOOD!!!!!! 17-14 Panthers Final OT.
  15. BiltmoreCANE

    Hendo @ Franklin

    Hendo with the ball first, misses the FG wide left on 4th down. Panthers up now.