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  1. Sam Spencer

    PAC 7 JV teams

    Jordan-Matthews has a JV team.
  2. We are looking to host a JV game on Thursday October 24th, let me know if you're interested. 919-924-3186
  3. Jordan Matthews in Siler City is looking for an experienced assistant football coach, the school does have a PE opening. Chatham County Schools has one of the better teacher supplements in the state. Please contact Sam Spencer if interested, 919-924-3186, sspencer@chatham.k12.nc.us.
  4. Sam Spencer

    Alternative School

    Not in our county, our alternative program is a diploma program. Once they're with us, they stay with us.
  5. Sam Spencer

    Alternative School

    This sounds similar to Chatham County, at least for the early college. I teach at the early college and alternative high school in Siler City, it's two programs in one building. Both programs serve kids from the entire county. Our early college kids are not allowed to play sports for any of the traditional high schools, and are not counted on those ADM numbers. Our alternative school kids are allowed to play sports for the traditional high schools based on the district they live in, as long as they meet the same eligibility requirements the traditional school kids have to meet. I'm not 100% sure, but I think if we get a kid from one of the three traditional schools that plays a sport at the that school, that kid goes on our headcount, not the traditional school. The timing of when we get the kid, or kids, could effect ADM's also. I would guess it's similar in most counties that have an alternative track that operates in a separate building from the traditional schools.
  6. Sam Spencer

    Yadkin Valley Conference 2017

    The county has approved a new high school to be built between Pittsboro and Jordan Lake. It will have about 1200 students, scheduled to open fall of 2021.
  7. Sam Spencer

    2017 1a ranking predictions

    Ever watch Auburn?
  8. My guess is after the next BOE meeting, they'll announce it.
  9. Sam Spencer

    The Demise of the Burlington Cummings program?

    Coached a tennis match there last week, had never been there before. Took a look around the gym and weight room areas, they certainly have a good history in football and track. Championship pictures all over the place, some of the football pictures as recent as 2006 I believe. I hope they can get it going again.
  10. Sam Spencer

    Experience Matters?

    I think it varies depending on the coach, and the situation. No perfect answer really, it is a good question though.
  11. Danny Akins? Just a thought.
  12. Sam Spencer

    Western Guilford coaching opening

    Did either of them apply?