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  1. This one should be announced soon.
  2. la15

    Head Coaches

    Great article! One stat that stood out to me is dissatisfied with administration 81%. Trying to not over generalize, but speaking with a lot of my Black colleagues, this is what I hear a lot. I will be honest, I may have said this a time or two as well. I think this has to do with not having enough Blacks in leadership position. I truly understand the "pay your dues" mentality when it comes to school administration, Athletic Directors, even head coaches in a majority of sports. It is difficult when a majority of Black educators only get a chance to be in leadership roles in schools that are under performing. There are so many other politics and social economic things that go it to this topic. Reading the thread on TW Andrews seems to be a current situation that is relevant to this discussion. Another stat that may go along with this is that in 1954, there were 80,000 Black educators. After segregation ended, that number was cut in half. The past does influence the future unless there is a conscious effort to make change.
  3. This is a good move for Cedar Ridge. I think they will be fine for future seasons. East Chapel did this last year, but I feel they did it two years too late. Orange High School seems to be the only school in both Orange County School districts constantly fostering a football culture in the community. I think with all the medical field workers in the area, concussions scare parents from letting their children play football.
  4. The Wildcats will have a new coach this season.......
  5. Not a big football area at all. Between the three schools, whoever get the most kids from the feeder middle schools will have a decent season. Carrboro and Chapel Hill seems to do well with rotating the middle school kids who are interested in football. The kids who are true football players in the district rarely chose East as the school they want to attend. East had Butch Davis as an assistant coach (from the stands), and they had the best record in school history (5-6). Very tough place to have a consistent football program. They do lead the state in AP scores. They pack both gyms and the wrestling room for AP testing day.
  6. I don't know all the facts, but I have a strong gut feeling that this is going to affect PC ability to compete with Scotland and Richmond in football. Right or wrong, when it came to getting to the level of the top teams in their conference in football, it was what had to be done. Now that the curtain has been pulled back, you may see this football program go back to what it use to be pre-2006.
  7. Hey Coach I didn't get your last message.

  8. You mind shooting me an email when you get a chance? lamontrobinson@msn.com. Wanted to ask you a question.