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  1. Maybe it killed 50 million people worldwide because people were doing stuff like this.
  2. Superkase

    The 2020 HS football season

    If you haven't seen it yet, check out Franklin's live stream. It's top notch. The old radio guys left and went to a production company that streams most of Franklin's sports in addition to other things. I can't bear to listen to the new radio crew, but the streaming is where it's at. I guess the question is if there is a better way to monetize the streaming for the schools.
  3. Superkase

    The 2020 HS football season

    I'll differ with you here. Whether I watch it or not, those kids should have a chance to play if it is feasible. Obviously those of us on this website gain personal enjoyment from high school football, but that is secondary to the opportunity to learn life lessons from coaches and be a part of a team. It's not about us, it's about them.
  4. Superkase

    Mascot name change

    I could be wrong, but wasn't Swain County (or one of the schools that became Swain County) called the Ridgerunners at some point?
  5. As for the other Lil' Smokies, I think only Highlands has the numbers but that culture is so far removed from football it would never happen. Blue Ridge had 91 last year and Nantahala had 28. The only way it happens in the mountains is charter schools.
  6. I don't think it would kill Murphy, but I was going to make a comment that it would take some kids that normally might switch districts to play football. I don't know how many of them do that, and the Murphy fans would say it doesn't happen, but I know (anecdotally) that it has.
  7. Can't think of the year, but when Asheville had Johnny White and Crezdon Butler in the backfield they were pretty scary.
  8. UNC is rebuilding and rebranding now, but by the time Maye could/should be the starter, they will be higher. Maybe not Alabama high, but those expectations are already growing.
  9. If that is intentional, then I'm also calling a conspiracy on the abstentions counting as no votes. In all of the jacked up things about this situation, that is one of the most frustrating things.
  10. Superkase

    NCHSAA 1A- 8 Man?

    Are you referring to American Football, Australian Football, Association Football, Gaelic Football, Rugby Football, Canadian Football, or some other football? Just let the kids play. Edit: I forgot Arena Football. That's probably the closest analogue of what they would be playing here.
  11. Superkase

    NCHSAA 1A- 8 Man?

    It's also hypocritical considering these are the same people that are always accusing Murphy of hiding numbers to compete against inferior opponents. It seems this thread is threatening to shrink the pool of little guys for Robbinsville to pick on.
  12. Superkase

    NCHSAA 1A- 8 Man?

    Unless some charter schools that currently don't play football join in, I don't think too many schools in the west are interested in this. However, more power to those schools that are looking for a way to keep their kids involved. We need less gatekeeping when it comes to encouraging our kids to participate in constructive activities of all types.
  13. Superkase

    Most poupluar schools in NC

    did yall just revive a ten year old thread? holy crap.
  14. Superkase

    SC realignment

    What's different about the regional system vs. what we're doing now?
  15. Superkase

    SC realignment

    Interesting that they regularly go as low as five teams in a conference. It sounds like their league has a lot more control of the schools than the way NC goes.