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  1. Reynoldsrocks23

    Dudley at MT Tabor

    Double WOW!!! 😳😳😲
  2. Reynoldsrocks23

    WNC Picks, Week 9

    Congrats to Murphy, Mtn Heritage, and Owen on big wins tonight.
  3. Reynoldsrocks23

    JV Scores Week 9

    AC Reynolds - 42 Asheville - 7 FINAL
  4. Reynoldsrocks23

    Watauga at Alexander Central

    Dang I hate that for him. I know he meant a lot to Watauga’s team, hope the best for him and the team.
  5. Reynoldsrocks23

    Watauga at Alexander Central

    What happened to Satterfield?
  6. Reynoldsrocks23

    WMAC Week 7

    Not a great week of games, but here are my thoughts..... AC Reynolds by 37 (simply because the last two years it was 37-0) Asheville by 40 North Buncombe by 35 West Henderson by 27 and just for fun..... Charlotte Catholic - 20 Weddington - 6
  7. Reynoldsrocks23

    JV scores

    AC Reynolds - 52 North Henderson - 6
  8. Reynoldsrocks23

    WNC Rankings Week 6

    Sorry Paul I stand corrected they are in the same conference with Asheville School so I understand ranking them.
  9. Reynoldsrocks23

    WNC Rankings Week 6

    I agree with most, I think ACR above MH based on common opponent Erwin. Also TCR beat Asheville by 3 TD’s probably deserve to be above them.
  10. Reynoldsrocks23

    WNC Rankings Week 6

    Isn’t Rabun Gap in GA?? How are they considered WNC?
  11. Reynoldsrocks23

    WMAC week 6

    AC Reynolds by 42 Asheville by 20 North Buncombe by 8 Smoky Mountain by 17 West Henderson by 24 I'm going to say that November 1st will be the conference championship game when West Henderson comes to AC Reynolds both undefeated in conference play. The WMAC is really weak outside of WH and ACR, the battle for 3rd place should be fun to watch since that spot gets a automatic playoff birth, not sure the 4th place team will get a playoff wild card spot. WMAC Conference Standings and Schedules..... WMAC Standings and Schedules
  12. Reynoldsrocks23

    Any JV scores

    ACR - 36 Enka - 0
  13. Reynoldsrocks23

    WNC Rankings Week 5

    Heritage, Mitchell, and ACR all have one common opponent and only one of those teams had a running clock to start the 3rd quarter and won 53-0, how are Heritage and Mitchell above ACR??? You can’t truly think either one of them would have faired better against East Forsyth and Shelby. I’m totally confused at how you think both are better then ACR, I agree both are very good, but numbers don’t lie.
  14. Reynoldsrocks23


    I know you didn’t say anything negative about ACR, I was just saying Erwin had no chance against our starting defense. I kinda shocked to read how much an Owen fan is supporting us.
  15. Reynoldsrocks23


    Erwin had 48 TOTAL yards at half before the running clock and subs took over in the second half. So the 160 yards Erwin had is not against our starters, when the game really was being played (in the first half) 48 TOTAL yards.