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  1. Reynoldsrocks23

    Catholic schedule for next season

    Hats off to CC, we have a tough start with East Forsyth and Shelby, but damn CC’s schedule is insane! I thought ours was.....
  2. Reynoldsrocks23

    Asheville Job

    That’s more info then I’ve have, heck I haven’t even heard and rumors or names! Seems to be really hush hush about this job.
  3. Our line has improved since Shelby saw us in week 2, against EF and Shelby we were breaking in a brand new QB who had never played in our system. He threw 6 picks in those first two games and has thrown only 2 since. Our OL had 3 new faces back then and we were trying to find our identity on defense as well. We will need to play our best against KM in all three phases of the game no doubt. I have confidence in our staff and players to be prepared. I completely understand people not picking us to win, KM wasn’t highly ranked all year for nothing. I look forward to a great game. Finally I don’t know who “Theboss” is on here but what you are posting just fuels their fire, let’s let our team do the talking.
  4. Reynoldsrocks23

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    Because they deserve it and have proven to beat really good teams over the course of the year. I believe ACR is much better then their scrimmage and first two games showed, however right now Crest and Kings Mountain has earned the talk and hopefully ACR won’t look past a really good NE Guilford team and will get an opportunity to be “in the talk”.
  5. Reynoldsrocks23

    3AA West Bracket Discussion

    Yeah, it should be nice and miserable.
  6. Let's not forget about former Rocket Linebacker Chase Rice also had a #1 song this year with "Eyes On You". Congrats to him as well.
  7. They can’t “leap frog” a team to GET INTO THE PLAYOFFS however once both have qualified as a wildcard then AMPR seeds them.
  8. Reynoldsrocks23

    A.L. Brown 56, T.C. Roberson 50

    AL Brown by 17, we (ACR) didn’t play well last night lots of penalties, players dealing with personal issues, and not firing on all cylinders but we still won by 30. We didn’t pass much worked on running game and rushed for 330 against them.
  9. Reynoldsrocks23

    Teams causing bracket confusion

    Brevard drew the 1, Smoky Mountain the 2, and Pisgah the 3.
  10. Reynoldsrocks23

    I see you Cleveland County

    Great job Cleveland Co., my hats off to all of you. Love playing your teams, makes us a better team.
  11. Reynoldsrocks23

    Football Friday Trivia

    Shuler now has a son who is QB at Christ School.
  12. Reynoldsrocks23

    JV Scores

    AC Reynolds - 36 TC Roberson - 0 ACR finished conference play undefeated. Each game these JV kids showed great improvement. Hats off to the coaching staff and players on a conference title, so well deserved.
  13. I believe last year the SMC 1A had a draw with Cherokee, Murphy, and Swain, the AC-T paper have a video of this on one of their articles.