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  1. Reynoldsrocks23

    #15 Kannapolis @ #2 A.C. Reynolds

    Trust me ACR is taking AL Brown seriously, just as we do every team this time of year.
  2. Reynoldsrocks23

    WNC PLAYOFF PICKS (1st Round)

    My Picks..... 4A Mooresville - blowout 3AA Watauga - blowout AC Reynolds - by 14 Erwin - by 10 W-S Parkland - by 10 3A Jay Robinson - by 17 NW Cabarrus - blowout 2AA Pisgah - by 24 Hibriten - blowout Bandys - by 10 Smoky Mountain - by 3 2A Reidsville - blowout Mountain Heritage - by 21 Hendersonville - by 3 Brevard - by 24
  3. Reynoldsrocks23

    WNC PLAYOFF PICKS (1st Round)

    Don't be scared to take a gamble!
  4. Reynoldsrocks23

    WNC PLAYOFF PICKS (1st Round)

    Let's see what everyone thinks about WNC this week, 2A-4A only.... 4A McDowell at Mooresville 3AA Ashbrook at Watauga AL Brown at AC Reynolds Alexander Central at Erwin Asheville at W-S Parkland 3A Tuscola at Jay Robinson North Buncombe at NW Cabarrus 2AA East Lincoln at Pisgah East Henderson at Hibriten Franklin at Bandys Smoky Mountain at North Lincoln 2A Owen at Reidsville Providence Grove at Mountain Heritage Hendersonville at North Surry Eastern Randolph at Brevard
  5. Reynoldsrocks23

    #15 Kannapolis @ #2 A.C. Reynolds

    I just hope we can keep it close.
  6. Reynoldsrocks23

    Bracket Disaster Averted?

    I believe if Cuthbertson had drawn the 4 Monroe and MR both would be left out. After that happens I'm betting conference would then change how they break ties, I bet that would make them use the power polls!
  7. Reynoldsrocks23

    Was there a draw for 3rd in SPC

    I know the SCC posted their results, 4 seed was Monroe, 5 seed was Marvin Ridge, and 6 seed was Cuthbertson.
  8. Reynoldsrocks23

    Was there a draw for 3rd in SPC

    I believe that each conference is required to break any ties, because according to the seeding process no team seeded below another team in their own conference can get in the playoffs until all teams above them in conference finish are in the playoffs. Hope that made sense. In other words, a 5th place conference finisher can't get in playoffs over a 4th place conference finisher.
  9. Reynoldsrocks23

    Simmons Ratings - Bracket Projections

    SCC final standings.... 4. Monroe 5. Marvin Ridge 6. Cuthbertson
  10. Reynoldsrocks23

    Sun Valley at Marvin Ridge

    Any score updates?
  11. Reynoldsrocks23

    ADM's are out!

    New "updated" ADM's are posted on NCHSAA website and it shows Alexander Central at 1409 now instead of 1200, that would make them 3AA and NW Cabarrus would go back to 3A. IF THESE ARE CORRECT. NEW UPDATED ADMs
  12. Reynoldsrocks23

    ADM's are out!

    In 3A 64 teams make the playoffs, half will go large and half will go small, 20-30-30-20 doesn’t affect this.
  13. Reynoldsrocks23

    ADM's are out!

    Asheville will be the 10 seed based. On your projections. Sun Valley is the first wild card, so they will be one spot above them. Sun Valley should be above CC.
  14. Reynoldsrocks23

    ADM's are out!

    You still seed by conference finish first. The 1’s will be seeded, then the 2’s will be seeded, the Asheville because they are the only 3 seed to get automatic big because they come from 9 team conference, then wild cards.