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  1. Gotcha. It's happened already in our county. It seems like it could be the way for any athlete to jump to another school. Either have a friend sign a no contact order or mess with someone until it happens. Then you can pick the school of your choice. With a no contact order you don't even have to go to the closest school. Just pick the one you like. I'm just wondering if it's happening here, can it be the Pandora's box for the larger LEA's. It's hard to tell a parent trying to follow the rules their kid can't transfer because of 365. But this other kid can play wherever he wants because of bad choices. In our same county a faculty members kid can go to the school with the parent and use to be able to play sports. It's a rule the lea has had since I was a kid. Seems like it's an LEA issue, but now we block those same kids from playing sports under the premise of the 365 rule. Thanks for the reply.
  2. So can an athlete get a No Contact Order against them and transfer to a neighboring school without the 365 rule coming into play? No legal move required.
  3. Can White Oak end up in this mix? With a forfeit win over West Carteret they are now 4-6 overall and 1-4 in conference. They play a winnable game against Richlands on Friday which would give them 5 wins and 2-4 in conference.