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  1. KW23

    East Columbus info?

    Chris any info on them?
  2. KW23

    East Columbus info?

    Does Alleghany have anything to worry about? or will this game be a blowout?
  3. I know they are somehow seeded higher in adjusted maxpreps but i thought under no circumstances could a team finishing lower in conference standings finish higher seeded than a team finishing higher in conference....alleghany has better conference record and we beat. Elkin last week 40 to 0. Not that it matters bc one winner gets murphy...the other gets robbinsville....but if i had to pick id rather play robbinsville.
  4. KW23

    Simmons Ratings - Bracket Projections

    Bear grass would lose the bye week if they received one
  5. KW23

    ADM's Are out!

    1A cut off?
  6. Ive seen predictions giving them high seed? Seems unfair since they only have 1 other team in their conference and they play the same team like 4 times.
  7. KW23

    ADM's are out

    Not cool
  8. KW23

    CP Top-20 1A Power Rankings following Week 11

    I would say them too but starmount whipped us and won the 1a portion of mvac so they deserve it more than alleghany.
  9. KW23

    CP Top-20 1A Power Rankings following Week 11

    Who will east wilkes be replaced with? bessemer city...they did beat mountain island earlier this season.
  10. KW23

    East Surry @ Mt Airy

    Heard game is moved to saturday at 7:30
  11. KW23

    Rosman is in need of a new Coach

    Rosman could maybe squeek in as last team in playoffs if they blow out hayesville friday. They are currently ranked 46th on maxpreps.
  12. KW23

    Murphy @ Mt Airy

    Dont worry murphy fans. Gentry will get rid of the 2 extra students that pushed yall up to 1aa. And yall will be back dominating small 1a next season lol