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  1. KW23

    Will COVID-19 affect schedule or season?

    I'd watch highschool football on live stream...better than none at all. Although the refs couldn't hear me yell so that wouldn't be fun. Nothing beats walking along the fence on a Friday night
  2. KW23

    Will COVID-19 affect schedule or season?

    Any chance football could be pushed to 2nd semester after Christmas? I'd rather have that then no football at all. As far as other sports go football pays the bills so forget baseball and basketball and play football 2nd semester in my opinion. Although If I was a betting man I'd say NFL plays without fans and there won't be any highschool or college ball in the fall
  3. KW23

    Mascot name change

    Parkwood is still the rebels
  4. Not sure how many cherokee fans will be there since girls are playin at Lincoln charter...that game is on the radio though so I'm gonna to watch the boys
  5. Thanks...I'm more of a chicken than steak guy but I appreciate the tip
  6. I'm going to the game...I'm a braves fan...is Chatham charter as good as their record? I don't know much about them.
  7. Alleghany 44 east wilkes 31
  8. Cherokee 54 south stokes 51 final
  9. Chatham central vs north Rowan score?
  10. Maybe MTV will bring back 2 a days tv show...It was very entertaining
  11. KW23

    1A West Bracket Discussion

    Game has been moved to Thursday...also east surry game is thursday
  12. KW23

    1A West Bracket Discussion

    GoodKnight is that just a hunch? Or do u have inside info?
  13. KW23

    1A West Bracket Discussion

    Me neither...I think the rain could help my alleghany trojans....and we need all the help we can get.