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  1. My alleghany Trojans beat starmount for the 1st time in history 1 and 18 now against them and starmount only drops from 14 to 16? Also how close is Bessemer City to top 20 they beat mountain island last week
  2. KW23

    SMC week 5

    Is cherokee QB hurt? Heard he got hurt vs Polk?
  3. KW23

    Concord vs Mt Pleasant

    I don't think the talent is there...Padgett knew when to hang it up...feel sorry for coach paxton.
  4. KW23

    Concord vs Mt Pleasant

    Concord won't win a game this year. They are horrendous. I went to the game and mount didn't look great either. Concords only points was a kick return. Bell game will be really bad this year as well as all the other games...I don't see them within 3 touchdowns of any of their opponents
  5. I looked for it the 1st week and couldn't find it...all I could find was football Friday extra on channel 9
  6. KW23

    Concord vs Sun Valley

    Concord was 1 and 10 last season.
  7. KW23

    WNC scores Week 2

    According to message boards on the other website that LC coaches were about to beat up the refs said LC had 40 penalties and law enforcement got involved game cancelled with 7 minutes left
  8. KW23

    New Forum Board

    Old way is better...because I could care less what happens in 2a 3a 4a....but it's not that big of deal.
  9. Chris keep an eye on north Surry...there QB is the real deal....I could see them in your top 20 in the near future
  10. KW23

    Northwest Conference 2019

    Thanks what's the deal with mount airy QB? Is he hurt? I've heard he has been..
  11. KW23

    Northwest Conference 2019

    I might could make the one at north stanly but if it's a 7 on 7 I could care less.
  12. KW23

    Northwest Conference 2019

    Are the Mt airy scrimmages scrimmages or 7 on 7s?
  13. KW23

    Northwest Conference 2019

    Always appreciate your scores td....and u have said for 6 or 7 years that u are not going to do it the next year. Your not fooling anybody lol
  14. Appreciate the love for my Trojans but the entire offensive line and a lot of our defense graduated. So you got alleghany too high. Wilkes central has best running back in conference so I think u have them too low...that and them being 2AA they have more kids to pull from